Meghan Edmonds Responds to Vicki Gunvalson Defending Brooks “All of the Evidence Is There”

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The Real Housewives of Orange County’s super sleuth, Meghan Edmonds, is taking a break from her investigative pursuits to pen her blog from sunny Cabo this week.

“…I’m actually relaxing on the beach… After all my traveling lately, with my trip to Cambodia and filming the reunion, Cabo is just what I needed.”

Because digging dirt on Brooks and finishing her step-daughter’s homework is so time-consuming!

And speaking of Hayley:

“The facial…was a lot of fun and such a good bonding experience. I love when we get the chance to have fun step-mommy/daughter moments like that.”

I’m not going to hurl stones at Meghan and her step-parenting skills. She’s had a tough year, taking on responsibilities without much day-to-day support from Jim. But comments like the one above scream “trying too hard” and my eyes glaze over.

Moving on now.

Since Meghan didn’t blog last week, she touches briefly on the Dubrow infomercial viewing party. In typical Meghan fashion, it reads like the journal entry of a fourteen-year-old girl.

“…that was such a fun girls night! And how funny was Cinnamon?!”

Um…not that funny?

Of course Meghan can’t stay away from her topic du jour for long: Brooks and his daisy petal (does he/does he not) cancer diagnosis.

“Onto Vicki and Brooks… She said, “you can’t fix stupid” when referring to me and the girls talking about Brooks and his cancer, which is quite an ironic statement.”

Can someone in Meghan’s camp please give her the definition of ironic? Stat?

“All of the evidence is there, yet she’s [Vicki’s] completely throwing religion in our faces as if we are bad people. How can she possibly keep portraying herself as a victim when all of this evidence is adding up against them?”

Damn it, Meghan! Your powers of deductive reasoning have left me no choice but to agree with you. I really hate it when that happens.

So should we give Meghan a pat on the back for all of her conniving? She may have gotten the win for driving a major plot point this season, but somehow, I feel like we’re all losers in this cancer storyline.


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