EXCLUSIVE: Lizzie Rovsek Dishes on Brooks Ayers’ Cancer and Meghan Edmonds Investigation “It’s Borderline Stalkerish”

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Lizzie Rovesek_RHOC

The presence of Lizzie Rovesek has been a breath of fresh air on The Real Housewives of Orange County. The question over Brooks Ayers’ battle with cancer has remained paramount, with most of the endless arguments coming from Meghan King Edmonds. 

All About the Tea caught up with Lizzie Rovesek recently, and she exclusively dished about #CancerGate, Meghan’s controversial investigative skills, and her friendships on the show. Lizzie spills her take on the never-ending cancer storyline, that has taken over the show. 

“It’s difficult for me, because Vicki is my friend (as are the other women on the show), and I have a hard time seeing them diving so deeply into Brooks’ cancer.  Brooks’ is not even a housewife. Trying so hard to condemn Vicki and Brooks for faking cancer has become the biggest theme of the entire season. I think some of the women have gone too far with it. You can believe it or not. Ultimately, if they are faking cancer, that’s something they’ll have to deal with themselves — with God — that’s the final judgement. It’s gone way too far, and it’s overstepping privacy boundaries.”

As viewers witnessed on RHOCMeghan has been on a pursuit of “justice” in order to discredit Brooks’ assertion that he’s suffering with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Meghan has claimed exposing Brooks’ truth as her mission, even going as far as seeking out his doctors, and an ex-girlfriend. Meghan’s main source of skepticism surrounds Brooks’ decision to stop chemotherapy, and seek alternative treatments for his cancer. Lizzie shares her thoughts,

“I like Meghan, but seeing her call all these doctors and call the ex-girlfriend — I just don’t get it — I don’t do that kind of stuff. I feel it’s a little borderline stalkerish. She doesn’t know Brooks, and she hardly knows Vicki. Vicki has been friends with Heather, Tamra and Shannon for a long time, and they are not the ones taking these actions. They obviously have their opinions, but they are not going to these lengths. I think it’s very strange. I feel maybe there is more that we don’t know about Meghan, and maybe that’s why she’s going to these lengths to try to condemn someone.”

Meghan seems to be going after Brooks (and Vicki) as an odd sort of revenge, after Vicki offered Meghan parenting advice.  What were your observations, as you navigated through all of the chatter? 

“We’re on a reality show, and if you bring up a topic, she obviously wanted everyone to weigh in on it. She obviously wanted to be the center of attention at that moment, and have everyone talk about her and her step-parenting; so everybody did. But you don’t see Vicki stalking her, trying to catch her doing something bad and continually bashing her. Meghan can have her two cents about it, but at this point, it’s time to let it go! Get a hobby or spend some time with her children.”

Meghan has ricocheted between supposed emotional concern for Brooks, and maligning him behind his back.  I asked Lizzie what she thought was going on, and what her thoughts were on Meghan’s contradictory motives. 

“Meghan came in like she was VERY concerned for Brooks, but meanwhile you see her telling her husband that Vicki is a con-artist, and she’s going to expose it to the world. So which is it? Are you really concerned for Brooks, or committed to making Vicki look like a con-artist? You’ve got to pick one side, and if you’re trying to do both, it doesn’t sit well.”

I wondered how Lizzie planned to approach a reunion that is sure to be explosive. She explains,

“I’m not going to be at the reunion. I definitely have my opinions about stuff that happens this season with Vicki and Brooks but I really wasn’t around it as much; so you don’t get to see my opinions as much on the show. I’m still close friends with Vicki and Shannon, and I wish them all luck. I hope that Vicki is strong, because I feel like she’s in the hot seat this year.”

Shannon and Vicki used to be close, but with Shannon tying herself to the anti-Brooks campaign, their friendship appears to be battered.How does Lizzie, as a mutual friend, see the struggling friendship?

“Shannon is my closest friend in the entire cast, and I think she feels that Tamra has changed her life. Shannon feels that Vicki has not been truthful to her, and she’s entitled to her opinions. I hope she’s making the right decision. Shannon is a good person, and she’s very loyal. I hope her loyalty is received well. I wish that she and Vicki could mend their friendship — I hate to see them apart —  it’s sad. They were like yin and yang together.” 

Lizzie somehow managed to find her way through a season where distinct teams were formed, and emerge a winner. She provided a mercifully level-headed presence, while navigating a mind-boggling season. We wave goodbye to the OC this Monday. Lizzie will be one of the few women that I will miss! Thanks Lizzie!


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