Leah Messer Hints at Corey Simms Affair During #TeenMom2 Reunion [VIDEO]

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Teen Mom_Leah

Teen Mom 2 wraps tonight with Part 2 of the check-up send offs with Dr. Drew.Leah Messer’s segment looks to be particularly interesting, with lots of buzzing innuendo cluttering the dialogue between Leah, her ex-husband Corey Simms, and Dr. Drew.

Corey and Miranda squabble during the interview, and things get heated when Leah cryptically implies that Corey stepped out on his wife Miranda, now pregnant, during their first few months of marriage. It has been widely reported that Leah and Corey hooked up during one, or both of their marriages. Leah and Jeremy Calvert have since divorced. 

Corey went where no man dare trod, when he challenged Leah about her stint in a facility, supposedly meant to aid her “depression and anxiety” issues.  Corey and Jeremy both spoke openly during the season about their suspicions of drug addiction, but Leah wasn’t allowing such an accusation on this televised reunion. A “safe word” was utilized, as you will see when “monkey!” is hollered from off-set, when Corey crosses that invisible, verbal line.Monkey? 

Tune in tonight, as the cast of TM2 waves goodbye for now. 


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