Shannon & David Beador Dish About The Affair on Watch What Happens Live

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This week on a very special episode of Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen interviewed Shannon and David Beador of The Real Housewives of Orange County about The Affair. It was uncomfortable to watch and made me feel a little squicky inside as they hashed out the details of David’s infidelity.

The Beadors were both clothed from head to toe in black, as befitting such a serious topic. Shannon clung to David’s arm, leaning toward him throughout the interview, while Andy grilled them for approximately twenty-three very awkward minutes.

First of all, why would they put themselves through this? According to David, he was tired of Shannon getting skewered like chicken satay. It’s unfair that she’s been taking the blame when he’s the one who stepped out, saying, “There’s been an amazing backlash to Shannon…” True. A good deal of the Twitterverse has been blaming Shannon for bludgeoning David all season. The accusations struck a nerve with Beadors, and Shannon took this opportunity to set the record straight. Yes, she was a nag last season, but she’d caught David whispering on the phone to another woman. When Shannon confronted him about it, he told her she was being stupid. And as for getting over his affair and moving on? His cheating was “like a death.” She’ll take as long as she needs, thank you very much.

Okay, let me break down the timeline for you:

  • David didn’t go looking for a sidepiece, y’all. It just happened. (Excuse me while I roll my eyes for a minute.) He claimed he wouldn’t have had an affair with anyone else—only this woman would do.
  • David began his affair the day after Shannon started filming The Real Housewives of Orange County. The mistress’s daughter played on the same basketball team as the Beador girls, and this woman befriended Shannon. When David found out about it, he put a stop to the friendship.
  • At this point in the story, Shannon piped in and defended David, saying he was “thrust” into the situation.
  • Last season, when we learned about the email David sent to Shannon, asking for a separation, he was in the middle of this sordid business.

As previously reported, Heather knew all about it (she and the mistress shared mutual friends), but didn’t breathe a word to anyone, even Terry. Shannon called that “the girl code.” After watching that scene in a new light, I call it cold. Heather had zero compassion for Shannon when she threw her out of the house. Was she trying to spare Shannon from the truth? You’ll have to draw your own conclusions.

At this point, Andy asked David about getting caught red-handed. Again, Shannon butted in. Turning to her husband, she asked, “David, you were ready to leave, right?”

David looked like he’d rather be anywhere but in the clubhouse.   

It turns out David had one foot out the door. He left Shannon for two weeks, and during that time he handed his wedding ring over to daughter Stella, telling her he didn’t want it.

That. Is. Harsh. Andy called it a “dick move” and I concur.

During his hiatus, The Mistress phoned Shannon, claiming she barely knew David, even though he was obsessed with her. He even wanted to marry her. Shannon called bullshit and told this woman she wanted her husband back. Pronto!

Fast forward two weeks: David came home.

Oh, by the way, David had something he wanted you to know. He didn’t have sex with Shannon on her birthday and then leave to “be intimate” with the other woman. He wouldn’t do that! He left Shannon to go see The Mistress, sure, but he DID NOT have sex with her. Got it?

Fine, so what turned the relationship around? Shannon credited couples’ counseling. During the retreat, which was filmed this season, she saw remorse in his eyes for the first time.

And what about all the flak David’s been getting? Why doesn’t he look more invested in his marriage? Andy read one tweet that called him a robot. David claimed he never wanted to be on TV, and though it looks like “…I’m completely removed from the marriage. That’s not true. I love Shannon.”

How about their kids getting dragged into all this? Shannon again defended her choices. Her girls are learning that “family is worth fighting for.”

For his part, David claimed he’s totally committed to Shannon.

Let’s hope so.

What do you think? Was this part of David’s punishment or do you think he’s publicly trying to defend Shannon’s honor?


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