RECAP: Ladies of London – Juliet and Julie’s Argument About an Argument [Episode 5]

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On this week’s episode of Ladies of London we are still feeling the ripples from the New Year’s Eve fallout. Juliet pops in at Gift Library to see Caroline and explain how she’s blabbed the “wiping the floor with her” comment to Lady Julie. And now Lady Julie has blabbed it to Annabelle. Those Americans. They’re your problem now England! Caroline could actually care less and has much bigger problems right now. She is a woman on the verge of losing it all. And by “it all” we mean, someone else’s money. Caroline wants Juliet to fix this before Sophie’s birthday party when all of the ladies will be together—because that way drama won’t ensue—lol.

Marissa and Matt are dining at a restaurant, at the chef’s table because that’s how they roll. The hot dog joint is behind schedule due to a pesky pest problem. Is your mouth-watering for a Top Dog?! Marissa is torn between not disappointing her husband and missing bath time with her kids. Matt assures Marissa she will do both.

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Annabelle is trying her best to give Lady Julie a pep talk about dealing with confrontation, but Lady Julie thinks it’s Juliet who needs the tongue lashing when in fact it’s Caroline. It doesn’t matter how much Annabelle tries, Caroline is Lady Julie’s mentor whom she both admires and fears. Lady Julie’s HSP (if you recall, she suffers from Highly Sensitive Personality-or something like that) can’t process such an altercation.

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The next scene is the funniest of the night. Carol is home and happily answers the door. It’s Caroline—another completely different Caroline—her therapist who makes house calls. But anytime the therapist tries to talk and conduct real work, Carole interrupts her. Carole explains that a fortune-teller has told her that she will meet a “really important love.” And Carole has met him. She is glowing when she speaks of this “really important love.” Who cares that he’s so young, he has a big…heart and that’s all that matters. Love conquers all. Spoiler alert: Carole has already had his baby and broken up with the “really important love.”

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Lady Julie is getting ready for her big meeting and is nervous. She dumps her lack of self-confidence on a 16-year-old who advises Lady Julie not to confront anyone. Ever. Next, Sophie and Caroline meet for coffee. They discuss the #headstand-gate that won’t go away. Caroline admits she can’t remember the last time she cried over anything.

Marissa meets with her “brand expert” Damian to discuss clever tee shirts. Say what you want about Marissa, getting this extra exposure for her restaurant is genius, and there’s no way Top Dog can fail—unless the Brits hate hot dogs—or Marissa goes way over budget. Like how they were supposed to lease an 800 sf space and instead have 4800. That’s a lot of hot dogs to sell!

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Lady Julie is off to her business meeting with the investors. Can I just say that she should wear that royal-lace top every day. Dressed for successful ball selling! In the beginning of her pitch, Lady Julie is rambling, but soon channels her inner-Caroline, and pulls it together. The investors sample the balls. They love the balls! The balls are delicious! Cheers to the balls! Lady Julie lands the deal, and though she was asking for $150K, has received “enough to kick-start” JUB. I think that means less, but it’s still a victory for Lady Julie and Mapperton!

Juliet is getting ready for Sophie’s birthday party with her adorable little girl acting as her stylist. And she nails it. Juliet missed out by not wearing the sparkly earrings. Annabelle and Lady Julie are riding together to the party. Lady Julie informs Annabelle that she’s brought two gifts; one for Sophie and one for Caroline. Annabelle is surprised that Lady Julie is rewarding bad behavior. But again, it’s no use. Lady Julie is determined to teach Caroline it’s okay to trample on her feelings.

Sophie’s party is at Mexican-styled restaurant. Only beautiful, sophisticated women are in attendance. Oh, and Juliet. She’s there, too. Lady Julie’s HSP is in high gear, but she gives Caroline a peck on both cheeks and her gift—a shirt that says Kale. It’s an inside joke that Caroline doesn’t find all that amusing.

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The women start pounding the drinks, unwrapping sex toys, playing games, and setting a napkin on fire. Do these women know how to party or what. But of course, drama must ensue. Even though Juliet is not fighting with Caroline, she picks a fight with Lady Julie over repeating the “wiping the floor comment” that Caroline said, to Annabelle. Poor Lady Julie, her HSP must be off the charts. Annabelle watches, and says nothing, except in a private interview that “Caroline has slithered away scot-free.” Happy birthday, Sophie!


Tune in next week when the ladies go bowling and Caroline’s business troubles won’t slither away.


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