RECAP: Married To Medicine Reunion Part 2: Mariah Joins The Stage

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We return to the conclusion of Married to Medicine Reunion Show and Mariah Huq has just entered stage left. Now the show can really begin. Mariah is wearing a tasteful and flattering white gown with sparkly shoulders. She tells Andy that she’s amazed by the amount of drama and division this season. After flashbacks are shown of Mariah and Quad, Andy asks if they are on the road to friendship recovery. Mariah says forgive, but never forget. Quad thinks she was this season’s sacrificial lamb and is tired of being blamed for pushing Mariah out of the group. Sacrificial lamb? Puh-leeze. Mariah says that Quad was a divider, not a uniter.

More flashbacks are shown of the trip to the Bahamas. When Dr. Eugene says he felt they were all family, it really struck a chord with Mariah—a bad chord. Because once again, family visits people in the hospital or at least sends flowers. Dr. Jackie, having suffered a miscarriage herself, says it’s hard to know when to reach out because everyone handles grief in their own way. Word. After Dr. Simone checks her modulation issue, she then checks Mariah for not reaching out after several of the ladies recently lost their fathers. 


Andy asks Mariah who she considers a friend. Mariah says Simone. Simone says the Huq came out when Mariah’s husband, Aydin, got all over her husband, Cecil, and sent a bunch of negative texts. Then Lisa-Nicole tells Simone that she is out-right mean with the negativity toward her family. Girl, ain’t nobody talking to you. We are talking to Mariah. But then Toya tells Lisa she’s being out-right fake. And then it’s Heavenly who is being out-right mean. She tries to save herself by telling Andy that poor Lisa went through the most shit this season, and don’t nobody reach out to her. Andy then tells Heavenly they aren’t talking about her, they’re talking about Mariah—or trying to. Mariah says she’s unsure if she’ll return to the group, but wants everyone to be happy and healthy. Sure she do.


We learn that Jackie’s father, Robert Leroy Walters, passed away on August 7. Jackie chokes up as she describes how the family made the decision to stop CPR, and the pain of not being able to be by his side. Jackie recommends that families dealing with Alzheimer’s get a strong support system. Quad recently lost her father, too. Lot’s of tissue going round.


Next, the husbands join their wives on stage. According to Andy, Lisa’s husband, Dr. Darren, backed out one hour before filming. Apparently he really wanted to be there but the “stomach virus” is keeping him away. Dr. Gregory also was unable to attend due to a death in his family. He is missed, but Darren, not so much.

Married to Medicine_Andy_Grills_the_Husbands_About_Strip_Clubs

Andy asks Dr. Damon about the nicknames “Daddy” and “Buddy” for he and Heavenly. Let’s face it, these aren’t very sexy, but he defends it. Simone points out that not many people are having sex with their buddies. For a second, I hold my breath. I was worried Simone was going to mention the other nickname. Awkward!

The conversation moves back to the strip clubs, specifically the Cheetah Club. Heavenly says she doesn’t think of it as a strip club. For her, real strip clubs have women like Toya in them. Oh, snap! Andy asks the men if they are required to tell their wives when they are going to a strip club. Oh, hells no, Andy! Real men don’t ask permission. They just apologize for it later.

And what about that stripper that supposedly knew Darren? Lisa says she and the stripper discussed many, many, many things. Supposedly, Jill told the stripper that Lisa was being nasty, so that’s why she said she knew Darren. But for the record, Darren is not a regular. In fact, Lisa doesn’t believe Darren has ever cheated on her during their entire marriage. Bless her heart. Andy offers to take the ladies to Swinging Richards, a gay bar in Atlanta, but the ladies aren’t interested and neither are the men. But maybe Darren’s interested. Andy should definitely check with him when he’s over his “stomach virus.”

Next, flashbacks are shown of Toya being all greedy, wanting a bigger ring, bigger house, but not a bigger husband. So for motivation, Toya prefers to emasculate her Eugene. Eugene gets Toya, but Dr. Daddy Damon gets the award for best line of the night. He said, “What’s wrong with a black man busting his ass for his family?” Andy applauds and recommends Damon run for political office. Heavenly is most likely planning his campaign right now.


Curtis was asked by Andy if he likes Jackie’s thin figure. It works for him. Heavenly’s digs at the other ladies were briefly discussed. Damon admitted that sometimes his wife says things that just don’t make much sense.

Dabbing her eyes, Lisa explains that Darren took a lot of heat this season. And he’s not on the down-low either, so get that out of your head. Lisa is vouching for him. Quad claims she had nothing to do with that boy. Fine. Not sure everyone believes that, but then Heavenly says the only person they know for sure is gay is Andy…and Toya because she “do women sometimes.” For the record, Toya says she’s not bi-sexual. She had a “creative” sexual life prior to marrying Eugene. Girl, bi!


Andy says it’s been a great reunion and asks the ladies for their final thoughts. Mariah feels okay about being there. Simone says the ladies need to accept that there’s going to be drama. Toya thought the season was good. Quad thought the season was dirty and dark. Lisa-Nicole found the season to be extremely stressful. Heavenly says she’s grown with her husband. And Jackie thinks she has evolved with each of the ladies.

Tell us what you think. Did you like season 3? Do you think there should be a season 4 of Married to Medicine?


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