Shocking! Meghan Edmonds Compares Her Childish Investigation of Brooks Ayers’ Cancer to Abolishing Slavery

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Meghan Edmonds_RHOC

The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Meghan Edmonds marches on, in her gnat-like quest for truth and justice. While most viewers are so over Brooks Ayers’ cancer controversy, that their only desire is for a merciful plot shift, Meghan just doesn’t get it. She is either childishly stubborn, or the most clueless Bravo personality to date. Her proud contention that her obnoxious antics aimed to prove Brooks a liar are somehow admirable, has morphed from irritating to disturbing. According to a recent tweet, she aligns herself with the most epic of American efforts.

She decided to take to Instagram, to rock her Caitlyn Jenner aesthetic, and keep pushing the exhausted investigative storyline. Evidently this detective has WAY too much time on her hands.  Many followers agreed, and just wish that Meghan would move her life’s work away from Bravo’s OC.

“I don’t understand how people can devote all their energy on investigating what’s quite frankly not their business while they clearly have their own set of obvious issues. Her husband told her to, “Shut her mouth.” I mean really?!?”

“The OC housewives used to be the oldest and best. Now they are reduced to this. They feel like they can’t have a the OC without having one dumb blonde ambition less gold digger.”

“I’m just catching up on the show but good lord you called twice?! Please tell me this is all scripted and you aren’t this awful monster.”

Brooks Ayers recently sent Edmonds a cease and desist letter, urging her to back off, and mind her own beeswax. Meghan is unfazed, and evidently isn’t going anywhere, until her rookie season reaches it’s climactic height of idiocy. Meghan jumped from a mission described as providing a  desperately needed guiding light to an orphaned teen, to a selfless soldier, battling for irrelevant, contrived justice. Meghan appears fiercely in need of life purpose, and Bravo has indeed blasted a reality spotlight on a trophy wife struggling for importance. 

It has been made abundantly clear as to why Jim Edmonds steers clear of the drama, and stays blissfully at peace in St. Louis. His strength is baseball, not keeping strong-willed adolescents in line. 


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