#SisterWives Sneak Peek: The Browns Go Boat Racing and Meri Disappears!

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Sister Wives Preview

Sister Wives rolls on tonight, with some silly sponsored boat race as the TLC highlight.  Really TLC?  If this is the most compelling subject this network can pull out, this show has truly jumped the catfish ravaged shark. While Meri and Robyn Brown continue their numbed Twitter silence, the polygamous show must go on. The preview clip that the network released does have one nugget of interest, and that is the absence of Meri Brown on the TLC interview sofa. Where did Mare go? Did TLC send her to her happy place, aka her wet bar, to ponder things, until she could manage to turn her frown upside down?

If you have kept up to speed with the careening catfish scandal that is casting a seedy shadow over this show, keep your eyes and ears sharp! LOTS to keenly observe here, as “Sam” has unofficially joined the cast, as a new and unidentified resident in Mare’s heart. 


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