Sophie Stanbury Defends Caroline Stanbury’s Actions in the Humpgate Debacle

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Sophie Stanbury

Sophie Stanbury isn’t one of the official Ladies of London, but as Caroline Stanbury’s sister-in-law, perhaps we can consider her a lady in waiting. Or, as the night of the New Year’s Eve party, one of Caroline’s minions. After all, she, along with Caroline, taunted Juliet mercilessly over #Humpgate.

“As I had drunken way too much champagne I honestly believed that Humpgate was a joke and I hadn’t realized how seriously Juliet was taking it until the last part of the night when I was winding here [sic] up.”

Did Sophie feel bad about teasing Juliet? Um, sort of?

“If I had had less to drink and was more aware of her feelings then I would not have wound her up as much. I still believe it was all a joke as we were all drinking and dressed up but I would not ever intentionally go out to hurt or upset someone.”

Well, I guess we can commend Sophie for not snatching back her apology. So…well done, British minion.

“…The next day was painful in everyway [sic], I was feeling sheepish as I knew I’d drank too much and probably behaved fairly outrageously as well as having a terrible hangover…”

And of course Sophie had to show up at brunch the morning after #Humpgate. Otherwise she wouldn’t get air time might cause offense. Because, you know, it wasn’t rude when she told Juliet that Gregor LOVED having his face humped by Caroline, the unicorn.

“I had to face the music and go and sit round having a polite conversation which felt very fake… but of course I didn’t want to be rude or make an issue of anything by not turning up.”

Next, Sophie talks about her upcoming birthday party. Why? I don’t know.

Listen up, Bravo. I can deal with former Housewives having a blog, but Sophie is such a non-entity on Ladies of London, she’s a mere extension of Caroline. I don’t even get the sense of her as an individual. Now, maybe we’ll see more of her personality pop through on future episodes, but for right now, I give not one shit about how drunk Sophie gets on champagne or who blows her hair out like a beauty pageant contestant.

I call foul, Bravo! Give us a blog from Noelle Reno. At least she used to be a cast member.

What do you think? Is Sophie a real character or simply Caroline’s puppet?


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