RECAP: Survivor Second Chance “The Brazilian Drama Queen” [Episode 2]

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Previously on “Survivor,” twenty former castaways get a second chance to win A million dollars. Ta Keo kicked their unity off with a bunch of drama. Abi-Maria lost her bracelet, and made a huge deal out of it. The Survivors are separated into  New School vs. Old School players. New School players wanted to jump into the game as soon as they hit the beach. Old School players were all about survival and relationships. Varner maneuvered his way into the middle. Over on Bayon beach, the alpha males bonded. Stephen was the odd man out. His tribe became suspicious he was looking for an idol. Kelley Wentworth found an idol. Joe found success. Ta Keo had a date with Jeff at “Tribal Council.” Vytas was the first one to go.

We start on Ta Keo beach. Day 4. Kelly Wiglesworth says Tribal Council was devastating. She didn’t expect Varner to flip. The bottom was not how she wanted to start her second chance. She says her alliance needs to get their crap together before they’re all wiped out. Meanwhile Wentworth wants to take a peak at her immunity idol. (The idol she found and swiped during the last immunity challenge.) She doesn’t know what it looks like. She sneaks away to check it out. Wentworth thinks the second chance season is already getting crazy. She’s happy to get a little security. She takes a minute to get excited and celebrate her immunity idol. She wants to play more aggressive and play differently. Everything she didn’t do the first time. It’s important to her. “Go big or go home.”  She hides her idol somewhere in the jungle.

Wentworth, Spencer, Varner, and Shirin talk about their next move. Spencer says it looks like “New School” got the upper hand on the “Old School.” Varner wants to decide ASAP who goes home next. Terry, Wiglesworth, and Woo were blindsided by Varner. Varner says he hopes that shows some loyalty. Everyone agrees it does. Spencer says with Abi, they have 5. They shouldn’t worry. Varner says both Spencer, and Shirin feel too comfortable. He’s not sure they should feel so comfortable. Varner says his reason for getting rid of Vytas was to 1) Teach the Old Schoolers to jump into the game. 2) Set it up to get rid of Spencer and Shirin. They are playing too hard. He wants to get rid of one of them.

Varner and Terry go for a little walk in the jungle. Varner says he doesn’t want Abi to go. It’s not time for her to go. The game has started at lightning speed. He says all of the threats have to go ASAP. He wants the Old School players to catch onto the new school way of playing. He doesn’t want them to look like they don’t know what they’re doing. Varner says last night’s vote was a wake up call. Get off your ass, and get into the game! Varner tells Terry he wants Spencer or Shirin to go. Varner swears he’s going to the end with the Old Schoolers. Terry says leaving Tribal Council last night, he felt like crap. Varner is playing the game. The game has changed. Terry says he has to play a social game, or he will see his butt voted out. They agree and hug it out. Varner says he’s looking for a spy shack. (HI TONY FROM CAGAYAN!)


Over on Bayon Beach. Day 4. Joe the “Survivor MacGyver” decides he wants to make their camp a little more comfortable. He makes hammocks. Steve is the first one to test it out. Joe says last time he played the game he was seen as a threat. This time he wants to play the role of provider. He wants to be someone people want and need around. Ciera hands out food to all her tribemates laying in hammocks. Stephen says it’s interesting being on a tribe with Joe. He’s always doing or building something. He’s too much of the “golden boy.” Stephen says Joe is the guy who’s great in the beginning. He builds the shelters, catches food then you slit his throat at the merge.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 7.39.01 AM

On Ta Keo Beach, Spencer checks in with Abi-Maria. He asks how she’s feeling. She says she feels good. Abi says she got 4 votes last Tribal Council. If it was “Survivor Philippines Abi” she would’ve flipped out. She says she’s working on it. She wants to change. Spencer asks Peih-Gee how she built a fire chimney on Survivor China. She starts explaining how they did it when Abi rudely interrupts her. Spencer calls Abi a drama queen. He says it’s frightening he has to trust her. He calls Abi the permanent liability. She wants to go interrupt another conversation Varner, Terry and Woo are having on the beach. She asks Spencer if she should. Spencer laughs and says why not? She admits she’s going to be a little annoying. Spencer continues saying Abi is there to start fights. It’s a Cancer to a tribe, and Cancer for an alliance. Varner calls Abi their “Brazilian Soap Opera” they can turn on and watch. He says there are buttons you push to get various levels of entertainment. Varner says he sees Abi as the person everyone hates which means she’s the person he can beat. He calls her the tool to help him win a Million Dollars. Varner says who needs food when you have Abi? Terry jokes with Abi if she follows him around she’ll hear a little more, but he’s sure she can’t run that fast.

Survivor Cambodia

It’s a new day for Bayon Tribe. Andrew says when he was with a firm in Chicago one of the clients was Playboy Enterprises. He says when his wife first came to his office, there was a bunch of Playboy Magazines on his desk. Kass asks how he met his wife. Andrew starts telling the story about how he met his wife. His wife was a top model and law student in South Africa. She won a beauty contest. The prize was a trip around the world. When she was in America she stopped to hang out with his roommate. They were friends. He was coming home from a trial in his suit, and the most gorgeous brunette he’s ever seen sitting in his living room. He almost fainted. You could cut the chemistry with a knife. She went to California then came back. He tries to blink back the tears as he calls her his world. When she came back they were married 3 months later. Kass actually shows some emotion. (Stop that Kass we like you evil.) Kass says last time she played, her tribemates were awful. She calls some of her current tribemates great people. If they make her a better person, and a better player she’ll take it. Kass says you have to express emotions in this game. That’s what she did wrong during her last game. She thought it was a poker game. Not everyone thinks that way in the game. They are real people and she’s a real person. Jeremy takes off after Andrew’s story. It touched him. His wife is currently pregnant, and he’s not there to watch her grow. He thinks telling his tribemates his wife is pregnant will make him a bigger target. They will come after him for being a physical threat. If you combine that with his wife being pregnant, no one will want to take him to the end. He has to control his emotions. His wife knows how much this means to him. It means a lot to her as well. She’s the reason he’s playing again. His tribemates ask where Jeremy went. Fishbach asks if anyone is concerned Jeremy took off alone. He asks if Jeremy might be looking for idols. Andrew says Fishbach’s first response is asking about Jeremy looking for idols. He thinks Jeremy might have been affected by his story. Andrew says he thinks Fishbach is all about the game and finding idols 24/7. Andrew goes down to the beach to check on Jeremy. Jeremy admits being affected by Andrew’s story. Andrew understands Jeremy having a little cry. Andrew tells Jeremy about Fishbach wondering where he took off to. Andrew says Fishbach is lacking what he sees as important. Morals, values, dignity, and courage. If it’s up to him Fishbach’s time on the island will be limited.

Survivor Cambodia

Night 5 on Ta Keo island. Drama between Shirin, Peih-gee and Abi is stewing. Here’s what happened. Abi was on the beach. She overheard Shirin and Peih-Gee complaining about her. Shirin says they are dealing with crazy over and over. They have to babysit her. Peih-Gee complains about how earlier she asked Abi to help her out with something, and she said she was tired. Abi decides to confront the 2 complainers. She asks why Peih-Gee didn’t just complain straight to her. Abi says sarcastically she’s sorry Peih-Gee doesn’t like her and she’s annoyed with her. Shirin explains she’s having a conversation with Peih-Gee, Abi overhears and it turns into a fight. Peih-Gee says come on, Abi’s been starting fights with everyone. She brings up how Abi went to everyone else about Peih-Gee stealing her bracelet. Shirin says Abi started talking about the votes against her for the millionth time. Shirin says she got upset and walked away. She called it painful, and awkward to watch. Peih-Gee says she was a little embarrassed she was caught talking crap about Abi. Everyone is fed up with Abi. She doesn’t have a friend on the island. Some of the other tribemates ask Peih-Gee if she’s ok. Peih-Gee says it felt good. The others start laughing.

Abi is all down and out now. The people she was aligned with are laughing at her. Boo Hoo I’m a victim. She feels like Shirin didn’t have her back. The reason Abi wanted to work with her is because Shirin thought no one back on her season had her back. Abi says she feels weird now. She feels alone. Terry to the rescue! He feels bad Abi is on the beach alone while her “people” are laughing at her. No one stood up for her. Terry says she’s annoying, and a train wreck. He can’t leave another human alone like that. So, he goes out to the beach to check on poor poor Abi. Abi explains to Terry how betrayed she feels by Shirin. Terry explains Shirin and Spencer are only out for themselves. Abi says she didn’t feel like they had her back. Abi says she’s open to whatever will protect her. Terry says something clicked between them. (Abi and Terry) They clicked personally and strategically. Terry proposes an alliance. He says if they align, he has her back. It was an opportunity sprung by people caring about eachother. Abi says she was sitting on the beach alone. Terry was the only one who took time to talk to her. Terry says Varner lit a fire under his ass. He knew he was going to have to play a social game. He was slow at first, but it’s coming together.

Early the next morning Varner is on the beach smacking himself with his clothing. Abi joins him. He asks if she had a good talk with Terry last night. Abi says yes. Varner says Terry’s a nice guy. Abi agrees. Varner and Abi agree they want to align with him. Varner lays it on a little thick. He says he doesn’t want Abi to leave. She’s fabulous. Abi calls it music to her ears. After her alliance made her look like a fool, she feels good aligning with people who want to work with her. She feels good aligning with people who enjoy her. Varner lets Abi in on her plan. Get rid of Spencer or Shirin. Varner starts naming people they can align with. Varner pitches to Abi the whole revenge on your former alliance strategy. They shake on their new deal.

After all that drama, it’s Immunity Challenge time. The challenge is played like this. It’s a giant obstacle course. Tribes together will climb over “A Frames” carrying rope. They will use that rope to pull a giant crate to the finish. Inside that crate is puzzle pieces. 2 tribe members will use the puzzle pieces to solve the puzzle. First tribe to finish the puzzle correctly wins immunity. They will also play for a reward. “A Survivor Tool Kit.” Hammer, chisels, axe, rope, bamboo nails etc. Also back at camp there will be materials to improve their shelter. It will make sleeping better, and protect them from the rain. Ciera volunteers to sit out because Bayon had 1 extra member. First “A Frame” everyone gets over easily. Second and third were harder, and a couple of the tribe members fall down. Ta Keo and Bayon both doing their puzzles. Ta Keo starts having a lot of communication problems. Ta Keo finishes their puzzle first, but their puzzle isn’t correct. Bayon finishes. Bayon wins immunity, and reward.

Survivor Cambodia

Ta Keo beach is chaos. Varner says Spencer and Shirin just sealed their fate because they sucked at the Immunity Challenge. Spencer says second challenge, and they’re getting their asses kicked. He’s happy he has control of the game with Shirin. Spencer relates to Shirin more than anyone else. Varner is out in the water with a couple of the girls. Varner wants to get rid of the threats as soon as possible. Spencer is a huge threat because he’s the smartest kid Varner has ever met. Shirin is smart, but she’s also emotional. She’s like a salesperson. She knows how to talk to you like you’re her best friend. Varner says they are 2 heads on 1 snake. It doesn’t matter which one they chop off. Varner asks Peih-Gee and Wiglesworth if they would vote out Shirin or Spencer. Peih-Gee says she’s voting with the numbers. Peih-Gee prefers voting out Abi-Maria, but she’s going with the majority. The majority is everyone except Spencer and Shirin. She thinks they’re both dangerous. She doesn’t want to be on the wrong side of the vote. Varner and Wentworth agree their tribe is a mess. Varner says Abi was devastated Shirin didn’t stand up for her. Varner says Terry stayed up with Abi like her dad. Now she’s completely loyal to him.  Wentworth and Varner agree. Everyone is against Shirin and Spencer. Varner asks if she’s onboard with that. Wentworth says she’s completely onboard. She’s not going to talk to Shirin. Wentworth doesn’t want to vote against Shirin or Spencer because they were her original alliance members. Unfortunately, things over the last 24 hours has shifted. She finds herself in another alliance. She may not like it, but she has to go with the flow.

Shirin and Abi decide to walk down the beach to maybe hash things out. Shirin says they may have lost the immunity challenge, but she feels good. She thinks they still control the vote. Shirin wants to make sure Abi still feels good. Abi is all over the place. Shirin apologizes to Abi for not sticking up for her. Abi says she wishes Shirin did stand up for her. Abi says when she gives her word to an alliance, she’s loyal. She wanted at least one of them to check on her. The only person who did check on her was Terry. Abi says she tried to have Shirin’s back. You fu*k with her, you’re dead. Abi lays it on thick, She was alone. No one cared. Boo hoo I’m a drama queen. Shirin says she gave Abi her word. She voted with her. She doesn’t know what she can do. Abi opens her big ole mouth. She says everyone wants Spencer or Shirin to go. Shirin asks if they’re still in it together? Abi laughs at her. She says no. “It’s not her style.” Shirin realizes she’s screwed. She says last week they were in the majority. They got Vytas out. They should be riding high. Somehow they ended up in the minority.

Shirin talks to Spencer. She says they’re screwed. Spencer asks her to explain. Shirin says Abi and Varner are voting with Old School. Spencer he’s swinging between frustration and exasperation. He thought they were in a good spot. He now has to worry about keeping himself safe. They pull Woo aside. Shirin says Old School will keep him around for challenges. If he makes it to the merge, Woo will become the biggest threat. He’ll be picked off as soon as he doesn’t win immunity. Woo says Shirin and Spencer think he’s going to jump in with them. He says sorry, majority rules. Shirin says her only option is voting Spencer out. She doesn’t want to do that. Woo points out to Shirin she’s never talked game with him. Now she’s begging for his vote. Absolutely not. Spencer says he wanted this experience to be different. He’s being brought back to his first experience hard. Everything goes well. All the sudden it collapses. Spencer says everyone is against them. (Spencer and Shirin) He tears up. He says Shirin has been his only solid person. His only option is screwing over the person he wanted to play with.

Ta Keo meets Jeff at Tribal Council. Jeff asks Varner about the vibe of the tribe. Varner says everyone is exhausted. Today took a lot out of them. Spencer talks about having Survivor amnesia. They forget how hard the game actually is. Shirin says she doesn’t remember the Survivor experience as being awesome. She had a hard time during her first experience. She’s starting to have a hard time her second time around. Jeff asks already? Shirin says there was fighting. People lost trust in her. She knows she’s at the bottom. She hopes she can fight her way back into the game. Jeff asks Wentworth about the fighting. Wentworth says there was a disagreement between Peih-Gee and Abi. Jeff asks Abi about it. Abi paints herself as the victim. Shirin says she’s in trouble. Spencer admits he’s concerned with his game as well. Spencer says he talked too much strategy, and didn’t take enough time getting to know his tribemates. Jeff asks Varner if Shirin and Spencer should be concerned. Has it been narrowed down to those two? Varner says yes. Spencer and Shrin both make final pleas. Spencer says he’ll work with anyone who wants to work with him. Shirin says she’ll be loyal. Voting starts. Shirin is the second person voted off  Survivor Cambodia. Spencer thanks his tribemates.

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