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Kim Zolciak Booted From ‘Dancing With The Stars’ After Suffering Alleged Stroke

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Don’t be Tardy star, Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s dance career is KAPUT, and the injustice of the production forced Dancing With the Stars elimination is simply heartbreaking, according to her partner Tony Dovolani.  After all, what pro wouldn’t fight to the death to reinstate a compression bound stumbler, who rakes in scores that guarantee a two-week proven, bottom of the pack standing? Nonetheless, Dovolani spoke to US Weekly, commenting,

“I think the producers were fighting until the last-minute to keep us in the competition,” he said. “I want to continue so bad it’s not even funny. That’s why I put a tweet out there saying, ‘Bring us back!’ The producers want us back, I want to be back, Kim wants to be back — so the only people they needed to convince was the lawyers.”

#DWTS pulled out the BIG dramatic guns, to break the earth shattering news that the season’s biggest flop, was being forced to withdraw. Tony commented that he didn’t want Kim “risking her life.” Kim was brought on mid-show, via a scary and gigantic screen, whipping out her Insta-pout to express that she was “sad.” While she claimed that she was not allowed to fly, she assured us that she was willing to drive from Atlanta to LA, crawl through the desert, hop on one foot for a solid minute, WHATEVER it took, to Foxtrot once again. Alas, a mini-stroke, a mysterious prolonged stay in the hospital, courageously illustrated by a couple of freaky selfies made such a journey IMPOSSIBLE.  Another jiggle around the dance floor was now a literal matter of life and death.    

Kim was axed because according to the rules, health issues are a no-no, especially a heart weakness, even a dramatically manufactured one. Dovolani appealed for a bending of the rules, while Kim begged “Please! Please!” in the background. 

I was waiting for the dancing queen to passionately drop to her knees, but that would have taken effort and agility, certainly not Kim’s forte. No legal team is going to risk a heart glitch declaration on a show that allows spanx that make your eyes bulge, or requires clunking around like a twirling “Jeannie.” Nicely played, Kim, nicely played. An intentional injury would have brought pain… now you can go back to the red solos and cigs, none the worse for wear. 


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