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Lying Liar! Wendy Williams Calls Out Kim Zolciak For FAKING Mini-Stroke To Get #DWTS Votes

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Kim Zolciak_DWTS_Faking Stroke

Kim Zolciak-Biermann is currently recovering from her fake medical drama that went down last week, and All About the Tea is first to report that Kim appears to be back in trashy, fighting shape. The Don’t Be Tardy star is flying off, and noisily taking issue with Wendy Williams, after Wendy insinuated on her show today that Kim may be faking the over-hyped ordeal.

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Kim has been described as a “pathological liar” by her own father, yet is righteously incensed when anyone calls her out on such a perfectly timed, and dragged out collapse?   Kim posted her outrage on her Instagram account, accusing Wendy of being pissy because she rejected an offer to appear via Skype, on her show this morning. 

Kim Zolciak

There has been no formal announcement as to the merciful demise of Kim’s ballroom dancing career, but I would bet that Tony is enjoying some MUCH  needed me time today!  She keeps floating the nonsense that she may be back tonight, commenting,

“I want to thank everyone for their love and support over the past few days.” She added, “I am now home with my family, resting and taking care of my health. I can’t express enough how much I love dancing and this whole experience, and I hope this will not be the end of dancing.”

I am expecting an extra waif-like, half naked Instagram shot of Kim any minute now, convalescing, while staring longingly at her dancing shoes.. maybe with a single tear balanced on her waxy, sculpted cheekbone.  Don’t forget your breasts, Kim!  Did Wendy Williams touch a nerve? WHY the big reaction? Unfortunately Kim’s character has been revealed over and over, and today’s rant certainly speaks volumes! 

Tune in tonight, when DWTS rolls on, minus the biggest and shiftiest flop of the season.   


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