“Married To Medicine” Season 3, Reunion Part 1: Quad Confronts Lisa Nicole [VIDEO]

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Season three of Bravo’s Married to Medicine has been without question the most dramatic seasons thus far. The highlights included dueling background checks, gay affairs exposed, rumors of lesbian lovers, a physical fight between Quad Lunceford-Webb and Lisa Nicole Cloud, and cast member Mariah Huq’s return to confront the women for their poor treatment of her. The women will reunite to discuss all the drama from this season for the show’s two-part reunion special starting tonight.

The Married To Medicine reunion looks explosive! First of all, the ladies are très chic in their black and white gowns. Behind the scenes, Simone promises they won’t be boring. Andy tells her not to be messy, but as ladies take their separate sofas, things go left real fast.

Quad and Lisa Nicole are still going at it. Lisa is upset that her family was dragged into the fray, and she’s laying the blame at Quad’s designer-clad feet.

Toya discusses her wild sexcapades pre-Eugene. I’m sure Andy will use the words “lady pond” at least once.

Simone outted her husband as a titty bar connoisseur. What is it with the strip clubs in Atlanta? Do they offer a punch card? Buy ten lap dances, get the eleventh free? They seem to be the new Starbucks.

Toya tears up when Jill is discussed. As you know, since she went Fatal Attraction on her husband, she lost temporary custody of the kids.

Jackie talks about her father’s death and the difficult decisions that had to be made.

Mariah comes out last and make an entrance. It takes two men to hold her train as she seats herself on the Jackie/Simone sofa. Once again, Toya goes after her like a rabid dog.

Heavenly has an opinion on everything. Have an exclusive look at part one of the Married to Medicine Season 3 Reunion below:


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