EXCLUSIVE TEA: Married to Medicine Season 3 Reunion Spoilers!

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Grab your teacups….All About the Tea has EXCLUSIVE piping hot reunion tea to share. The ladies of Married to Medicine gather tonight for the first of a two-part reunion and they do not disappoint!

Mariah, Quad, Toya, Lisa Nicole, Dr. Heavenly, Dr. Simone and Dr. Jackie all meet tonight in a modest set to rehash their drama filled season.

Here’s the tea…..

  • Quad Webb-Lunceford‘s hubby, Dr. Gregory and Lisa Nicole Cloud’s hubby, Dr. Darren didn’t attend. Darren traveled with Lisa to NYC but got sick at the hotel.
  • Jill Conners is a no-show at the reunion…predictable considering she’s going through a nasty divorce and facing domestic violence charges for fighting her husband, Dr. John in front of their kids.
  • The Married to Medicine ratings were dismal this year and the reunion almost ended up in the Watch What Happens Live Clubhouse. Ouch!
  • Mariah Huq was not planning on attending but was BEGGED by production to attend. I don’t blame her one bit, they did her wrong!
  • At the reunion, it’s revealed that Lisa Nicole not only ran a background check on Quad but she also conducted background checks on Mariah Huq and Dr. Heavenly! Going into the season 3 reunion, Lisa Nicole ran a background check on Quad. At the time, Lisa claimed she did it because she was considering doing business with Quad but the real tea is she wanted ammunition IF any of the ladies came after her.
  • Quad goes after Lisa Nicole relentlessly!! Quad was very negative throughout the whole reunion — she was giving off evil energy to everyone and would NOT listen to reason or accept Lisa Nicole’s repeated apologies. She was out for BLOOD and wanted to keep the drama going. The source adds, Quad keeps the drama going to deflect from issues in her own marriage.
  • During the reunion, Quad emphatically tells Lisa Nicole she brought her into the circle and introduced her to her friends then Lisa Nicole turned on her! Good GAWD…Mariah did the exact same for Quad in season one and Quad turned on her.
  • The reunion focus a lot on the ladies being upset with Mariah for being the creator of the show and calling them BORING! Well, if the cap fits….
  • Heavenly throws minor shade but primarily goes after Simone and Jackie. Nothing new there.
  • The reunion takes an emotional turn when Jackie talks about her now deceased dad.

Have an exclusive look at part one of the Married to Medicine Season 3 Reunion below:


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