RECAP: #BigBrother17 Finale The Winner Steve Moses & Much More!

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It’s been a Summer of ups and downs. After 98 days (The longest in BB History) we’re down to the final 3. Liz, Vanessa, and Steve battle it out for final HOH. One of them will win BB17! Welcome to my finale recap!

There’s a little montage of the entire season. They highlight how the final 3 played the game. Steve played the nice guy, Vanessa was ruthless, and Liz rode Austin as long as she could.

Julie says 3 members of The Scamper Squad have made it to the finale. She says they’ve gone down different paths to get to the finale 3. Tonight the final Chess move will be made. Someone will win 500k. Who will be crowned the winner of Big Brother 17? We will find out live.

We left off on Sunday with the final 3 battling it out in part 1 of the final HOH. They have to hang on to the apple the longest without falling off. It’s like a human carnival. They get dipped in some kind of sauce, they get thrown into a wall, and powdered sugar/whipped cream are splattered all over them. What actually crowned Vanessa the winner of Part 1? Psychological warfare. Steve fell off, and the 2 girls were hanging on. Vanessa starts telling Liz she could hang out on that thing all day. Why not fall off? She promises Liz she will take her to final 2 if she wins the final HOH. Liz jumps off. Vanessa wins part 1. Liz and Steve will face off in part 2.

We move onto Part 2. Liz vs. Steve. The comp was a giant crossword puzzle. Steve feels right at home. He solves puzzles for a living. He does mechanical engineering. He says Liz will be scared. Once they figured out the answer to a clue (The clues are related to this season of BB) They have to grab the letters then climb onto the crossword puzzle, and place the letters in the correct spot. After they complete the puzzle they need to press the buzzer. The hg who completes the puzzle in the fastest time wins the second part. Steve gets stuck on the clue “What happened twice this Summer?” Of course Double Eviction. Liz says Steve is a smart cookie. She has to move faster than Steve if she has any chance of winning. Liz gets stuck on “OTEV dairy product.” She guesses Yeast, pizza? She figures out it’s “BUTTAAAAA” Butter. Steve finished in 28 mins 27 seconds. Liz finished in 31 minutes 11 seconds. Steve wins part 2. Part 3-Steve vs. Vanessa. Vanessa thinks her relationship with Steve is strong. She’s sure he will take her to final 2. She doesn’t want to leave anything to chance. She has to win part 3 so she controls her own destiny. Steve needs to win part 3 because he knows he can’t beat Vanessa. He’s sure if he evicts Vanessa the jury will respect him. Liz is “so mad at hersellllfffff.”

The final jury roundtable is moderated by Dr. Will Kurby. Every year they drag out Dr. Will to “guide” the jury. Yes, Dr. Will is a legend. Dr. Will tells the jury he’s there to dissect the games of the final 3. Before they can do that, they have to determine who made final 3. Bitter Austin would like to see Vanessa “So bad he would cut his ponytail beard off tonight.” Will asks Becky who she DOESN’T want to see. Becky says she doesn’t want to see JMac or Steve. Will says let’s bring him or her out. JMac comes out saying “Why is it that I always find myself surrounded by a bunch of losers!?” Julia is over excited. Not because JMac joined them. She’s happy Liz made final 3. Austin asks what happened. JMac says they pulled off a great blindside. Vanessa grabs Liz and starts brainwashing her. As soon as Vanessa won the Veto, Liz starts celebrating. Austin asks “Wait a minute. How can Liz trust Vanessa again?” JMac says “I don’t know.” Will asks Austin what he’s thinking right now. Austin says he can’t believe Liz is trusting anything Vanessa is saying, and it’s pissing him off. Will says if Vanessa didn’t kick him out Austin would have really liked her.  Austin says “It was like chewing nails to pretend to be Vanessa’s best friend.” Austin says it was tough. Backstabs and betrayals are part of the game, but he could have put shoes on. He’s going to be bitter about that. Will calls Austin a hypocrite. Austin would’ve taken Liz to final 2 and evicted Vanessa. Austin says if they made final 3 the deal was he was going to step out, and let the girls battle it out. Will asks who believes that? NOBODY.

Will asks “How many people are here because of Vanessa’s influence?” Almost everyone. Julia is the only juror who thinks Vanessa didn’t influence her eviction. Will asks Jackie what she thinks about Vanessa’s game. Jackie says she’s back and forth a lot. She’s not ok with Vanessa playing dirty, but Vanessa’s still there. Vanessa fighting for it everyday, and she sees that side too. Shelli says Vanessa has been winning comps and changing the game every step of the way. Vanessa is still running the game. Vanessa’s not out of gas, and she’s impressed with her game. James says Vanessa was coming to work everyday. Vanessa didn’t go on Big Brother to hang out by the pool and be everyone’s best friend. She was up in her room strategizing. Will says it sounds like you respect that. James says he does. Meg doesn’t think Vanessa is fooling everyone. She just wins comps. Shelli says sometimes she fools us, and when she doesn’t fool us she wins. Becky says Vanessa has made unnecessary moves. Swearing on the Gay community. Swearing on her mother. Becky thinks you don’t have to do all that. You can just say “I swear.” Austin says you don’t have to say all that stuff about swearing on things and not compromising integrity. Becky wants to feel good about the winner.

Will asks what Steve is doing right. James says since week 1 everyone has been hurling grenades at eachother. Steve has stayed out of the line of fire. Shelli says if it means Steve has to get unnecessary blood on his hands he immediately throws the comp. As soon as Steve needs to win either for a strategic move or saving himself with the Veto he wins. Shelli thinks Steve was pretending to be awkwardly social because he connected with everyone. He was being “brilliantly social.” Meg says Steve saw what was going on in the house. He knew he had to stay out of the way. JMac says “Steve’s a rat.” JMac didn’t like Steve’s game AT ALL. He had protection from Aus-twins. He had protection from JMac for awhile. Everyone opened their arms and brought him in. Vanessa had to fight. Vanessa can think on her own. Steve went to JMac for game advice. Julia brings up the Double Eviction Steve evicted Jackie. He was hysterical. She thinks Steve couldn’t own up to his decisions. He was a little cowardly. 

Will says Liz had a large bullseye on her because the twin twist was busted really early on. Then she made the bullseye bigger because she hopped into a showmance. She survived that. Jackie says she thought she had a large target on her back because she was in already in an Amazing Race duo. That’s even harder. She made it through all that. She’s been HOH. She’s taken large targets out. (James and Becky) She’s gotten blood on her hands. Liz is still in the game. It’s impressive. James says Liz should win because she’s in the house, and all of them are sitting in the jury house. Will asks JMac why Liz should win the game. JMac says Liz should not win the game. He feels like she rode someone else to the end. Austin asks “Literally?” JMac says “Pretty close.” Her nominations weren’t good for her game. During her first HOH who goes on the block? 2 people targeting Vanessa. Meg says all of Liz’s moves made sense because she was trying to protect her alliance. Meg is a cheerleader for Liz. Becky says she thinks of Liz as a duo. She wins competitions, but when it comes to strategizing Becky thinks of Austin. As an individual, she didn’t see it. Austin says Liz is playing on her own now. These are crucial weeks. Final 5 to Final 2. Let’s see what she does.

Will asks if Liz or Steve wins the final HOH comp and evicts Vanessa does that change the temperature? Almost everyone says “Absolutely.” Will asks Austin if Steve evicts Vanessa will you vote for him? Austin says he would strongly consider it. More than he ever has before. Will says “Julia, your head just snapped.” Will asks Julia if she’ll vote for Liz no matter what. Julia says that’s her twin sister. Of course she will. She can do no wrong in Julia’s book. Will ends with some advice. Make your own decision, and vote for who you think deserves to win.


Final part of the HOH comp is being played live. The winner will immediately have to decide who they want to evict, and who he/she wants to face off against for the 500k. The comp is called “Scales of Just Us.” How well do they know the jury? Steve and Vanessa stand on big scales. It’s pretty much like every other final HOH comp ever. Julie will read the beginning of statements made by 8 members of the jury. Julie will give them 2 possible endings. They must decide how the sentence is finished. Either A or B. Each correct answer gives them a point. Whomever has the most points wins the final HOH. Steve wins by 1 point. The audience clearly wanted Steve to win.

Steve must decide who he wants to evict. Julie quickly recaps what happened before the commercial break. Julie goes to the living room. Steve is promised at least 2nd place, and the 50k prize. Julie reminds Steve this is a half million dollar decision. She asks “Are you ready?” Steve says NO. She says too bad. We’re on live TV, so please stand, go to the head of the room, and cast your vote. Steve rambles a bit. He says over 17 seasons he’s convinced Vanessa is the best female player ever. She’s a talker. She’s charismatic. As a fan, he admires her game. He knows she could talk her way to the half million. She told him he has to make a move he can justify to the super fans, and his family. He can’t justify taking a strong player to the end. He apologizes to Vanessa. Then he evicts her. She hugs Liz and Steve before she practically runs out the door. Meanwhile Liz is flipping out. She’s thanking Steve. She needs the money, and blah blah bitty blah shut up Liz. We don’t care. 

Vanessa meets Julie. She is the last evicted houseguest. Julie says “Vanessa I see your mind working. What are you thinking?” She says it wasn’t impossible for this to happen. She never fully trusted Steve in the game. He stabbed her in the back quite a few times. He proved he was not trustworthy. Steve made a final 2 with her. She didn’t fully trust it. Julie asks if Steve made the right move for his game. Vanessa says she’s not sure. It comes down to the mental state of the jury. Julie asks if she would’ve taken Steve to final 2 with her. Vanessa says no. Julie compliments Vanessa. She says her fingerprints are all over every single eviction. Vanessa says she fought. Julie says she worked it. Vanessa says it wasn’t meant to be. Julie ends by saying “You played an amazing game Vanessa.”

Julie calls the jury “very bitter.” She says they have some tough questions to ask. The live interrogation is here. Julie brings out the jury. Just to go over who’s on the jury. Shelli, Jackie, Becky, Meg, James, Julia, Austin, JMac, and Vanessa. Julie welcomes them back. She says there are only 8 of them. Just moments ago the 9th person was evicted. Julie asks Julia who she thinks the 9th person is. Julia looks like a deer in headlights. She’s so nervous. She refuses to guess. Austin of course wants it to be Vanessa. Julie says “Juror number 9 come on out!” Vanessa comes out and sits with them. Some of the jurors are shocked. Others (like Austin) are OVERLY excited she was evicted. Austin says he’s very glad to see Steve made an excellent decision. “The boy became a man.” Julie says “JMac, I may regret asking you. What are you thinking right now?” He says “I’m really glad to see my best friend again. I’m really happy right now.”

Julie catches the jury up to speed. Steve won the final HOH. He chose to take Liz to the finals, and evict Vanessa. Julie says they all agreed to come up with 3 questions for the final 2. Have they agreed on the questions? Everyone says yes. She says alright. Let’s get things started. She addresses Steve and Liz. She says she’s with the jury. They will cast their vote for the winner. Before they do, they have some questions for them. JMac goes first. JMac’s question is for Steve. JMac’s Question- Steve, you were my best friend in the game. From my perspective you relied on me or Vanessa for a lot of your game decisions. Tell me why I’m wrong. Steve Answers- He says JMac I was always making my own decisions, and doing what’s best for me. STOP! Audio problems interrupt them. Twice. #liveshowprobs OK good to go. Steve says it was his moves that got him through the game. It started with his friendships on week 1. His friendship with Vanessa and Austin got him into the Scamper Squad. When he won HOH, he decided to break up The Aus-Twins because they were a powerful force. He decided to evict Jackie because he was doing what’s best for the Scamper Squad. Becky’s Question- Some people on the jury felt when it came to game talk Austin was the one influencing all your strategies. What strategy was your own? She says she came in with a huge target on her back because she had a twin. She had to do a lot to get the target off her back because obviously the twins are a threat. She made an alliance with Austin and Vanessa, but she felt like she held her own. She did her own campaigning. Austin helped her out a lot, but she held her own. James Question- Steve you’re sitting next to someone who played the game hard from day 1 while you floated through half the game. Why should we give you a half million dollars over her? Steve says he thinks they are incorrect about him floating through half of the game. He battled his way off the block the first 2 weeks. He made alliances. He was creating layers around him, so he could be protected. He by no means was floating through the game. He was building protection, and building bridges around him. Julia’s Question- Liz other than winning competitions, what was your biggest game move as an individual? Her biggest game move was aligning with strong competitors. She aligned with Vanessa who got her far in the game. Thank you Vanessa. She aligned with Austin. Austin made them a trio people were scared of. Jackie’s Question- Several people on the jury felt you didn’t talk strategy with them at all. The people in your alliance thought your biggest function was as a vote. Proves us wrong. Tell us why your strategic game wasn’t weak. He worked with Austin all Summer. People didn’t know the Scamper Squad was working together. His relationship with Austin helped him hide the Scamper Squad. When James was HOH, he didn’t go after the Scamper Squad. He went after Clay and Shelli. Austin’s Question- After saying she looked beautiful. (gross) He says he’s so proud of her. Why does she deserve the money over Steve? She says she came into the house with a huge disadvantage. Having a twin was a blessing, and a curse. She did a lot to make everyone see her as less of a threat. Even though Steve is a Superfan she needs the money badly. She’s happy she made it this far.

Final speeches. They have a chance to plead their case to the jury. Why do you deserve to win Big Brother. Liz goes first. She came into the house not as a superfan. Not as a gamer. She’s grown to love the game. She came into the house with a twin who she loves. It is amazing how they made it 85 days together. She fought her butt off. She won 3 HOH’s, 1 Veto, 1 BOTB. She came in with a great attitude. A strong personality. She’s had the most amazing Summer. She loves Big Brother. Steve goes next. 98 days ago, he walked through the door. As Zingbot pointed out he’s a socially awkward, nerdy trombonist who loves his mom. He’s made a lot of moves to help him win the game. He points out the twin twist. Liz spent 3 weeks in a hotel room while he worked his booty off. She had someone she could blindly trust to be on her side. No one else had that advantage. If you’re voting based on comp wins, he’s had 4 full HOH reigns. Liz only had 2 because she was dethroned on the third. During his HOH reigns he made moves that didn’t copy others. Jackie was his own move. He was the first person to take a stab at The Aus-Twins. He just took out Vanessa. The strongest player in this game. Liz copied moves others made before her. He took out Jackie. Then Liz took out Becky. She copied Vanessa. Vanessa took out James. Liz took out Meg. He made his own moves, and won comps. He thanks everyone for being apart of his experience. Voting time. Each juror will step up to the jury box and vote for who they want to win the game. JMac says “Guys, I can’t believe you’re doing this to me. I have to choose between the worst alliance member ever or the twin….Liz, I couldn’t come up with a good insult for you. Sorry, but um..good job guys.” Vanessa says “Steve no hard feelings.” She’s voting for the person who best represents what this season stands for. The voting is complete.

The first 6 evicted houseguests come out. Da’vonne, Jeff, Jason, Jace, Clay, and Audrey. Julie welcomes them back. Julie asks Da’vonne what the most surprising thing she saw. Da’vonne calls Austin out on not being “Judas” enough. She says Austin said Judas was going to dominate, and take over the season. “Where he at?” He says “You got me.” He says Judas was his weird way of playing the game, but he liked everyone too much. He didn’t want to “Judas” them. He says it was nonsense in the Diary Room. Da’vonne says he was Austin in a hat. Vanessa announces to the other houseguests how she’s an amazing poker player. She’s won 4.5 million on the poker scene. Blah blah it doesn’t matter you lost. Julie asks Jason what surprised him. He says everything! He loved how Vanessa played the game. She played like some of the greats. He wishes she would’ve owned her moves, and owned her game. Jason said she cried too much instead of saying she was going to backstab the other houseguests, and be a brutal game player. Julie checks in with Audrey. She made history as the first Transgender houseguest. She says she’s having the time of her life. It’s emotional. It’s huge. Overall she’s had a warm response from the entire country. She’s gotten letters from people telling her how she’s inspired them. She’s inspired them to come out to their families. She didn’t win Big Brother, but she feels like a winner. She feels like she’s changed lives.

The moment of truth is here. Who will walk out with 500k? After a record breaking 98 days, it’s time to crown the winner. Julie says she’s dying to see who Vanessa voted for, so she’s going backwards. Vanessa voted for Liz. JMac voted for Steve. Austin voted for Liz. Julia voted for Liz. James voted for Steve. Meg voted for Steve. Becky voted for Steve. Jackie voted for Steve. (After everything calms down Julie reveals Shelli’s vote. She voted for Steve) Steve is the winner of Big Brother 17! Steve runs for the exit after he stops hyperventilating. He immediately starts hugging the jurors. Including Vanessa. Liz comes out. She hugs Julia and Austin. Clelli reunites with a hug!

The last part of the season is revealing who won America’s Favorite Houseguest. They will receive 25k. When they come back from the commercial break, all the houseguests are standing together. Steve, and Liz are right next to Julie. It’s between Jason, JMac, and James. James wins 25k for being America’s Favorite Houseguest!

Finally, Julie asks Steve what he plans on doing with 500k? Steve says he didn’t imagine winning. He plans to save, and be smart with it. Julie thanks the houseguests for an incredible season!


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