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Bye #DWTS! Kim Zolciak to Undergo Another “Procedure” After Mini Stroke

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Kim Zolciak Biermann announced via her Instagram page that she is undergoing another “procedure” today, after suffering a mini stroke, or TIA (transient ischemic attack) on Wednesday night. The Don’t Be Tardy star is currently competing on Dancing With the Stars, and has kept the media train rolling, by sharing the medical developments with her followers. 

“Going in for one more procedure, things are looking up!” she wrote. “Don’t let the oxygen scare you its just protocol.”

“I wanted THANK all of you for the love!” she added. ” I feel so overwhelmed with all the texts, comments etc. I’m so grateful to have all of you! #TheyDontCallMeToughieForNothing.”

Her dance partner, Tony Dovolani spoke about the situation on Friday, via an issued statement. 

“After spending only a few weeks with Kim, it is evident of how much of a fighter she is,” he said. “Her humor and positivity are still shining through, and it’s amazing to see the love and support of her family. We are hoping for a speedy recovery.”

Kim posted a photo along with a gushing message to Dovolani, on Thursday. 

“This guy @tonydovolani has been by my side for 2 days!” Zolciak wrote. “He even brings me my favorite coffee. Although he is always dancing around the room lol he keeps me smiling! So blessed to be surrounded by such great people. Want to go home so bad! Hopefully tomorrow! #GoingStirCrazy #BlessingInDisguse.”

Kim described the TIA as one side of her body becoming numb, and losing her ability to speak.  Evidently, her ability to take cryptic selfies kicked back in quickly.  Brace yourselves, because Radar Online is reporting that Kim has decided to quit Dancing With the Stars, because of this medical scare.  Maybe that explains the huge grin on Tony’s face!  Break out the wine, cigs, and botox, because it looks like Kim is going to cha-cha-cha back to Atlanta for good.


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