Prelude to Chaos! #RHOC Tamra Judge’s Son, Ryan Vieth Cracks On Camera Prior to Arrest

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The gang of The Real Housewives of Orange County have been so entrenched in the Brooks’ Ayers cancer debate, a revealing scene from this week’s show, passed under a distracted viewer’s radar. 

Tamra Barney’s son, Ryan Vieth, and his fiancee, Sarah Rodriguez, were shown checking out their new OC rental, with four kids in tow. A move was in the works, and Ryan appeared ready to blow.  Vieth was arrested in late June, accused of allegedly striking his baby mama, and possibly breaking her finger. He was booked and later released. When I watched this week’s scenario with Ryan, it made me wonder about the timing, and if we were actually watching Vieth becoming unglued, right before our eyes. 

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In the previous episode, a seemingly panicked Ryan told Tamra that he was unsure about marriage, and admitted to ongoing emotional struggles. Ryan and Sarah moved into the OC at the beginning of April, arranged and  orchestrated by his faithful, enabling Mom.

We witnessed Tamra speak to her husband Eddie the week before this post, expressing worry and fear that her son was in way over his head.

“He gets really grouchy and moody.  Ryan’s always had it pretty easy.  He’s got big boy problems now.  It’s a lot of stress. He’s struggling.  He’s just trying to figure life out right now, and like always, he does it the hard way.”

Judge spoke to the viewer, further emphasizing the point.

“I’m happy that Ryan is opening up to me, but I am also a little scared.  Because I know that Ryan is not the type of person who talks about his problems.  So his problems have got to be pretty big, if he’s opening up to Mom.” 

Anyone could see that Ryan was splintering during the scene at the rental house. He spoke of his new family making him “claustrophobic,” pouted over logistical travel concerns, acted bratty about a pricey home that was set up for him, and claimed he was “withering away” from stress. He looked pale and gaunt. This was two months before the reported meltdown. On the day of his arrest, June 28th, Tamra posted a proud granny photo of baby Ava

Nice cover, but her true reality leaked out a few days later.

Approximately a week before her son’s arrest, Tamra posted a pic of Ryan and Ava, and while Tamra gushed, Ryan appeared flat, and even disconnected.

A misleading photo perhaps, but all of these things put together seem to point to a spoiled, entitled, and ill-equipped “man” who jumped into bed with a whole lot of crushing responsibility. Vieth was served with a temporary restraining order by an ex in 2009, so he has a history of losing his cool. 

Do you think that we just witnessed a portion of Ryan’s unraveling, or simply a bad day in the life, of a stressed out young dad?  


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