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Gretchen Rossi & Shannon Beador Fight About Tamra; Gretchen Says Meghan is Vicki Gunvalson’s Karma

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Watch What Happens Live - Shannon and Gretchen

Gretchen Rossi and Shannon Beador joined Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live Monday night, and the best scene was one the viewers didn’t get to see. During a commercial break, Gretchen and Shannon got into an argument. When the show returned from break, Andy said the two women, “Just got into it like two cats in a bag.”

Gretchen accused Shannon of “drinking the kool-aid” served up by Tamra Judge. Some one named Ricky, who used to be bff’s with Tamra, is now bff’s with Gretchen, and stirring up trouble. Gretchen has been burned many times by Tamra, and warned Shannon about her friendship with Tamra. Remember the bracelets? Gag. Currently, Shannon is not friends with Vicki, so any friend is apparently better than no friend.

Shannon said, “We’re not speaking,” and revealed that she doesn’t think her friendship with Vicki will recover from this.

Next, we learn that Gretchen and Slade still aren’t married. There was a date set. Then the date was cancelled. And it hasn’t been rescheduled. The good news is Slade has a j-o-b and his finances “are doing much better.” When asked by Andy about her opinions on this season, Gretchen gave a long-winded answer.

“Vicki and Tamra had so much to say about my relationship with Jeff and they beat me up all the time about everything and I was attacked all the time and I find it interesting that Vicki is now coming on the show with a family member that is sick with cancer when they said I shouldn’t be on a show with somebody that’s sick with cancer. They also had a lot of false accusations about me and now Vicki is in that same hot seat. Part of me feels compassion for her, but part of me feels like karma has shown up and her name is Meghan.”

That last sentence is the gem, don’t you think? A caller asked Shannon if she knows why Brooks and Vicki broke up.

“Well I don’t know because I wasn’t speaking to her before it happened, but from what I know they’ve had struggles within their relationship. I think they’ll probably get back together if you look at history, but I don’t know the inside info.”

Back to Brooks and his cancer, which was the main theme of the night, Gretchen had this to say. “I’m not a doctor.”

Stop the presses! Gretchen’s not a doctor? Even Andy was #notshocked.

Gretchen continued, “I don’t know whether he has cancer or not, but I do have to say there is a lot of shady shade coming out of what’s happening. For me with Jeff, I wanted help from everyone around me. If someone was questioning me, I would have brought out the medical records in 5.2 seconds. I don’t blame the women for questioning it.”

The poll question was: Should Brooks show everyone his medical records? 66% said yes.


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