RECAP: Married To Medicine – The Huq is Coming Out [Episode 15]

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We are still in the Bahamas conducting the love circle therapy on Married to Medicine. It’s Toya and Cecil’s turn to discuss “their” arguing. Toya goes first and speaks using only the letter “D.” She’s disheartened that they’ve disallowed the disruption of their marriage and discouraged their kids. Dr. Heavenly, thinking it’s a game, throws in her opinion that Toya has been disrespectful.

Dr. Eugene can’t never resist a chance to speak his mind. He tells Toya that she’s a mean girl. He knows it. Her friends know it. Everybody knows it. Dr. Darren explains to the group that people who lash out at others are hurting. Speaking of hurting, Dr. Damon has been hurting like hell since he attacked Dr. John at an event to help women who’ve been attacked. Damon apologizes for selecting the wrong event to call Dr. John out for his shady disregard toward Heavenly. In a private interview, Dr. John says he holds onto a grudge forever – poor Jill. Forever is a long time. The men agree to reset the clock and be besties again.

All About the Tea_married-to-medicine-season-3

Suddenly, Mariah and her husband, Dr Aydin, start jumping around, claiming it’s all a hypocrisy that she was voted off last year’s vacation. When Toya tells Mariah that’s because she’s hurt everyone it the group, Dr. Aydin tells Toya that she’s fake. Then Eugene tells Aydin not to call his fake-ass wife, fake. Curtis shuts it down and calls it a night. If only Simone had ended the session ten minutes earlier, the vacation wouldn’t have sucked.

All About the Tea_married-to-medicine-season-3

Back in Atlanta, Toya and Dr. Eugene are soaking their feet to detox their bodies, which is not a parallel for their marriage. Okay, y’all. No way. So get that out of your minds. They are there to get their feet washed and reflect on what Toya brought up in the Bahamas about arguing in front of the kids. Eugene wishes Toya would cry more than yell, but he doesn’t mean that. He loves her bitchiness spunk. Toya confirms Eugene’s worst fears that if she’s passionate about it, he’s gonna hear about it. (Enter three snaps here.)

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Lisa Nicole is at her office, discussing the mommy juggle/struggle she is afflicted with, when in strolls Dr. Darren and a large bouquet of flowers. This is the last time we see Lisa, as she’s not invited to the season finale charity event. Quad saw to that. Lisa waves goodbye like the pageant princess she is and fades into the distance.

All About the Tea_married-to-medicine-season-3

Quad is getting ready for the Heroes for Healthcare awards where she will be the hostess with the mostess. She is concerned that Mariah and Toya have not left their drama in the Bahamas, and will steal the limelight ruin the event. Dr. Heavenly doesn’t want to go to the damn thing. She tells Daddy she’s tired of these messy ladies. Daddy says it’s okay by him if they hang out and watch movies. And that’s the last we see of Heavenly. Buh-bye. Mariah is apprehensive about going, but that won’t stop her and her attitude. They will both be there. Toya is at the event, but not happy the bar is out of the wine she wants.All About the Tea_married-to-medicine-season-3

After the awards are handed out to the castmates, it doesn’t take long for Mariah and Toya go at it. “Are you going to apologize for your husband’s behavior?” they ask each other. “Hell no,” is basically the answer. Mariah is intoxicated with indignation. Or alcohol, it’s hard to tell. Mariah says she’s happy her husband has her back, unlike any of her so-called friends, and breaks into her familiar song – nobody visited me in the hospital, da-do-run-run, da-do-run-run.

All About the Tea_married-to-medicine-season-3

Flashbacks are shown of Toya telling people that Mariah’s daughter was not Aydin’s real baby daddy—oops—from two seasons ago, but Toya is d-o-n-e apologizing. However, Mariah wants to hear it again. And again. And Again. Aydin tries to check his wife from checking Toya, but Mariah is checked out. Quad comes into the room and removes Toya from the situation. Mariah keeps repeating that Quad came and got Toya. I guess she expected Quad to go to her side. Mariah tells her husband that nobody likes her, loves her, or wants to be in a relationship with her. As Toya would say, was that a fraudulent slip?

All About the Tea_married-to-medicine-season-3

The end of season three has arrived. Dr. Jackie thinks the little sisters need to own it, rise above it, learn from it, or shut up about it. Simone doesn’t know what to expect for the future of the group. But we’ll get to see for ourselves next week on the reunion show. From the clip I saw, Andy Cohen looks really scared.


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