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RECAP: #BigBrother17 – It’s Been A Long Summer  [Episode 39]

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We’re almost to the finale. It’s been a long Summer. This recap will be full of flashbacks and celebrations. The Final HOH Competition begins!

We start out right after JMac was evicted. The final 3 (Liz, Vanessa, Steve) celebrate making it to day 91. Vanessa opens a bottle of booze. Vanessa says her plan has always been to take one person from Liztin and one person from the JMac/Steve duo to final 3 with her. Vanessa is sure both Liz and Steve will bring her to final 2. She wants them to feel confident in their relationship (with her,) so it cements her final 2 position. While Vanessa and Liz partake in the booze, Steve decides it’s not a great idea for him to drink alcohol. He says everytime he has, he’s regretted it. Liz asks him if he’s ever drank champagne. Steve says he has. Steve is torn. Vanessa evicting JMac is upsetting because he was Steve’s ally, and Steve was sure they would go to the end together. On the other hand JMac has friends on the jury/he was an underdog, so he would’ve been hard to beat at the end.  Liz is so stoked when JMac was evicted. She’s worked closely with Vanessa, and they’ve worked well together. She would love nothing more than Vanessa and Liz to make final 2. She doesn’t want to take Steve to the finals because he took out her sister. (Have fun in 2nd place Liz!) Vanessa says they’re going into finals without stepping foot in the jury house. That’s a blessing. (UM Vanessa if you step foot in the jury house it usually means you’re donzo. With the exception of Shelli, Becky, and Jackie)

Vanessa starts misting again. She starts with Liz. Vanessa asks Liz if she was nervous. Liz talks about messing up on her speech. Vanessa tells her she did great! Vanessa says evicting JMac must be so hard on Steve. She says Steve realizes he’s in a weak position going into final 3 now. Liz says she has a deal with Vanessa. She’s sure she can trust Vanessa, and she’ll go through with their deal to take eachother to final 2. “Girlpower.” Vanessa changes the subject and starts talking about sleeping arrangements.

Now that Vanessa is on solid ground with Liz, she moves onto Steve. She talks about JMac’s speech. How she expected a better one. Steve says “He knew he was going.” Vanessa says ok. Steve says again he knew. It made sense. Vanessa looks at Steve and says “We’re going to do this.” Steve says he knows she made a final 2 with Liz. Vanessa asks “With her?” Steve says “With Liz.” Vanessa shakes her finger and says no she didn’t. Steve looks at her like yeah right Vanessa. Vanessa then gives her word she didn’t. Steve says you made a deal to take eachother. It would’ve been foolish of her not to, and vote to keep her. Vanessa says she didn’t make any promises. Steve asks “Why not?” Vanessa says “Why would I?” Steve says you asked something from her. Vanessa says if she did it’s private between her and Liz. Vanessa says she didn’t promise her anything. Steve: Right, you made her promise you. It would be the only intelligent thing to do. Vanessa shakes her head. Steve says he can’t blame her for it. Vanessa says we have to win. Steve says it would be easier for Vanessa to beat him over Liz. Vanessa asks “Round 1?” Steve says “With the jury.” Vanessa says Of course. Obviously. That’s why she made the promise she did. Steve goes on a little more until Vanessa interrupts. She says she’s not stupid. Vanessa says she’s just telling Steve what he wants to hear, so they stay solid. They still have all 3 parts of the final HOH Comp left to play. She needs everyone on the same page. Taking her to final 2. Vanessa thinks he has a good chance of beating her. Steve says thank you. Vanessa says she’s done a lot. Either people A) Don’t know about it or B) Do know, but it involves them going home. Which they didn’t like. Steve says it would be foolish of him to go to the end with someone literally good at everything. If he’s sitting next to Liz, and he can take credit for taking Vanessa out, it could be a good step at winning favor with the jury.

Lightening up this recap, Big Brother gives the final 3 a big Breakfast. There are orange roses, Liz’s favorite. Just had to throw that in. Liz says she feels like she’s in a little 5 star Hotel. Vanessa opens another bottle of booze. They toast to final 3 and Scamper Squad. As they sit down, Vanessa says can you believe there were 17 people in the house? Now they’re down to 3.

Vanessa starts the final 3 reminiscing. She says in the beginning they thought Liz was 1 person. They found out she had a clone and she was going to sprout into 2 people. “Insane! Did not see that one coming.” Flashback to when the twins started switching places on day 2. During one of those switches, Liz says she doesn’t think she’s hitting it off with any of the guys. She’s definitely the prettiest one in the house. They show a few more switches. Julia telling Liz about who she loves. (Jeff, and Austin. James likes a little Liz action.) Liz asks who James is. Julia says he’s the HOH. Liz thinks if it wasn’t for Jason and Da’vonne they would’ve maybe fooled the other houseguests a little longer. Flashback to day 20. Da’vonne and Jason first notice the differences in Liz. Da’vonne tells Jason “Liz has a damn twin.” Da’vonne noticed “Liz” weighed more this morning. “Slim fast don’t work that fast.” Da’vonne noticed one of them is friendlier. Jason noticed they wear a lot of glasses and hats to hide their faces. Day 22- Da’vonne and Jason tell Jeff the big secret. Jason says Liz has a twin. Jeff jokes about which one he should be going for. Some of the houseguests run to the memory wall to look at Liz’s face. They all get excited about discovering the twin twist.

Vanessa says she couldn’t fathom how long and stressful this process has been. She admits she’s had her struggles, and confrontations. They show Vanessa’s confrontation on day 24 with Austin. Vanessa is convinced Austin threw a comp. On day 25- Vanessa’s confrontation with Jeff. The planned one that set up Jeff’s eviction. “Operation expose Jeff.” Day 32- Vanessa’s confrontation with Audrey. The confrontation when Shelli was HOH, and exposed Audrey’s many lies. Audrey called Vanessa a master manipulator. Audrey was backdoored. Day 44- Her confrontation with Shelli and Clay. Vanessa says she took all the blame for Jason’s eviction. Shelli and Clay say they took the blame for Jason’s eviction. Shelli and Clay sat on the block together. Clay quit to save Shelli. Day 73- How can we forget her argument with James. Vanessa tells James she expected to be a target, but she thought he would come to her. James says Vanessa takes in and remembers everything. She’s playing too hard. Vanessa went batsh*t crazy on him. She tells him he’s sealing Meg’s fate.

Vanessa talks about romance in the house.The Liztin relationship. Liz says Austin worked his way into her heart. Steve says there’s a contrast between Clelli and Liztin. Liztin came out of left field. Liz says Julia called them “Beauty and the Beast.” Starting on Day 38. The first kiss. Liz wasn’t that into him then. He was just her bestie. After he kissed her she said she hates him and he’s so annoying. Day 62- The hammock date. They talk about how much they “like” eachother. Liz talks about what she likes about Austin. She admits she likes him. Day 66- Zingbot’s visit. Zingbot gives Liz the “zing” about Austin’s girlfriend. Then after Zingbot leaves, Liz talks about what she thinks about Austin being in a relationship. She doesn’t care. She’s single. Liz asks Austin about his relationship. She says “You stink, and I’m hooking up with a guy who has a girlfriend. Whatever.” Day 67- Austin officially asks Liz to be his girlfriend.

Steve Austin worked her and he worked his way out of the friendzone. James wasn’t so lucky with Meg. He tried every night to get into Meg’s bed, and give her kisses. She denied him over and over. Steve says even in jury, James is probably still getting denied. Day 61- James walks in on Meg getting dressed. He announces to Big Brother they’re getting engaged. Meg admits James is not only good for her game. He’s also good for her sanity. They show a little montague on James trying to get out of the friendzone with Meg.

Liz moves into the “nerdmance” between Johnny Mac and Steve. Steve says they clicked because they’re both geeks and nerds who like to do Science and Math. Day 62- Steve and JMac playing pool. Steve makes a comment that could be interpreted as dirty. Steve says they joke back and forth because they are very comfortable with eachother. Steve says there’s a bromance going on between them. They show a little bit of the JMac/Steve bromance. JMac says you have to flirt to get ahead in the game. You have to find people you’re comfortable to be around. Everyone likes to be flirted with, so why not flirt with everyone? JMac says there have been bromances, and showmances. Steve and JMac have a nerdmance.

Liz says “Every girl wanted Clay.” Steve corrects Liz, almost everyone. Shelli won his heart. They start a “Clelli” segment. Starting from Day 1. Clay introducing himself. Shelli drools all over. Shelli admits Clay is going to get her in trouble this Summer. She’s 10 years older than him, but she doesn’t really care. Age is just a number. Day 2-Clay asks Shelli if she has kids. Shelli replies no, but I was married. Clay says he’s into Shelli. She’s divorced, and she’s older than him. He’s into older women. He enjoys getting to know Shelli. Day 19-The fake podcast. Jeff asks Shelli about Clay’s favorite restaurant. Would it be an acceptable first date? Go to Clay’s favorite restaurant, and she has to pick him up. Shelli replies any first date with Clay is acceptable. Day 48- Clay and Shelli seal their love with a kiss. Shelli thinks it was definitely worth the wait. Liz talks about Clelli being on the block together. Clay almost got into a fight with James. Day 50- Vanessa/James/Clay/JMac all that mess before Clay’s eviction. Someone told Vanessa about James allegedly talking about Vanessa being in Shelli’s head.

Vanessa starts this segment with “Wow what a mix of people. I can’t believe we made it work.” Steve thinks the one thing that draws him most to the show is the mix of people. Liz says like Becky. She can’t believe Becky was able to kick butt in comps after everything she went through. Flashback to Day 4- Becky tells her trainwreck story. Liz talks about Clay being so hard to understand. Liz calls him “The Mumble Master.” They replay the Clay mumble segment from earlier this season. Steve talks about Audrey being the first Transgender houseguest. Steve and Audrey talk about everything she had to overcome. Flashback to Day 2- Steve and Audrey talk about Audrey’s decision to come into the BB house. Audrey talks about being a spokeswoman for the Transgender community. She’s “representing a suppressed minority.” Steve asks what the proper term is. Audrey says Transgender, but she’s a woman now. She prefers to be called a woman.

Liz talks about all the trouble Audrey caused in the house. Day 13- Da’vonne, Vanessa, and Audrey in the HN room. Vanessa brings up how she cried. Vanessa was hurt because Audrey told her Da’vonne said she’s in an all girl alliance. All hell breaks lose when Da’vonne denies she ever said that, and Audrey says she did. Da’vonne calls a house meeting and asks the group if it was Audrey who was telling people Vanessa is in an all girl alliance. Jason confirms it was Audrey who was waking people up saying Vanessa was the problem.

Liz talks about all the fun times they’ve had in the house. Vanessa says they had James the house prankster who was always scaring people. She adds “Especially if your name is Liz and Julia.” Day 66- James hides in the closet. Julia goes to bed. James knocks on the door then jumps out and scares Julia and Vanessa. James hides in a garbage bag in the storage room (Audrey is in on this prank.) Audrey brings Liz in to talk. James jumps out and scares Liz. James hides in Julia’s bed and scares her when she gets in. James hides behind the toilet door. Steve walks out and James scares him. James hides behind the HOH door, and scares Jackie when she walks in. James hides on the floor next to Julia’s bed, and scares her. James favorite people to scare was Julia and Liz.

Steve says his favorite moment of the season was The Wackstreet Boys. Vanessa asks 1 Wackstreet Boy left, solo career? Liz says she had to trim the fat. Day 30- Wackstreet Boy week begins. JMac’s pager goes off, and they start dancing. Jason says “The Wackstreet Boys. Making all your girls throw their panties!”

Diary Room breakdown segment. Audrey doing her best insane homeless person impression. Vanessa crying a lot. Da’vonne calls the houseguests dumb. Clay acts like he’s dumb. Liz and Julia saying they hate everyone. Jace…who remembers him? Jason talking about Big Brother being his life, and his dream. He also thinks Vanessa is a scumbag bitch. Becky jokes about a 2 for 1 deal. Getting rid of Audrey and Jace. Steve throwing a fit about not wanting to win HOH. Shelli cries and says she’s a tough girl. She’s having a hard time (with her nomination?) Meg says she’s horrible with emotions. Vanessa complains about sleeping in a Dentist chair. You get the point. Crying, temper tantrums, breakdowns, and Audrey’s epic meltdown.

Liz talks about fights. She talks about her “food fight” with Austin. Day 88- Liz complains about the chicken Austin made. Not the chicken. The marinade. Austin tells her to make her own next time. Liz says she will. Austin asks her why she’s being a bitch. Liz says she’s not being a bitch. She’s voicing her opinion. Austin says she should be nice. He made the chicken for her. Austin insults Liz’s veggies. Liz calls him a liar. Austin throws food at her. JMac tells Liz she has stuff on her boob. Austin moves closer, and Liz throws food back at him.

Vanessa says ok. It’s down to final 3. One person wins 500k, another wins 50k, and the third wins nothing. Steve says this has been fun, but only 1 person can win. It’s time to start part 1 of the 3 part HOH. “How Bout Them Apples.” They have to hang onto their “apple” the longest. It’s like a human carnival. It dips and slams against the wall. Steve needs to win the final HOH. Liz wants to win and take Vanessa. Vanessa is sure both Liz and Steve will take her to the final 2, but she can’t leave it to chance. She has to win, so she can decide.

Wednesday is the end of the Summer. The Big Brother Finale. Who will the jury crown as the winner, and who will America choose as their favorite? Tune in at 9:30pm immediately following Survivor.


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