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Reality or TLC Fiction? #SisterWives Caught Filming FAKE Scenes

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TLC and the Brown bunch are at it again.  Last season All About the Tea caught the network scrambling to smooth over the Sister Wives divorce shocker, with Meri and Robyn swapping royalty spots under the radar of the press.  Kody and Robyn were married in December, and TLC production had to work overtime in FEBRUARY to give the impression that they knew about the whammy all along. Producer Christopher Poole admitted to late night editing, in an obvious scuttle to pull together an add-on episode, to an already wrapped season.

Sister Wives

New season, same alleged shady antics by a network who appears in cahoots with a struggling “family,” working to sell their viewers a selfless and rosy picture of group harmony.  it didn’t take past the first episode for even a weakly attentive viewer to smell a two-timing rat. Last week, we supposedly witnessed Kody and Robyn sneak away and get legally married, in a cozy, no cameras allowed, civil ceremony. The cameras were actually present for the only moment of likely story-telling relevance, a parking lot scene, where Kody and Robyn excitedly meet to tie the knot. 

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A quick look at their surroundings revealed leaves on the trees, clearly not a scene from last December. Vegas has seasons, according to all of the Vegas “House Hunters” episodes I have put away. Robyn wept with joy, supposedly post ceremony, or more likely 5 minutes after they filmed the firmly established wife, greeting her groom. Nice ugly cry topper Robyn, and snappy reenacted ponytail, Kody! Let’s not forget, TLC allegedly caught on last FEBRUARY that the marriage had even taken place. The marriage was a done deal before TLC could even blink. 

Sister Wives Marriage Record

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A second sign of alleged fakery is evidenced by some photos tweeted by Women’s Health Associates of Southern Nevada, dated June 2nd. Meri and her doc are posed in a giddy, starstruck embrace, a far cry from Meri’s dramatic and doomsday-like TLC preview, with the very same doctor. Maybe Meri is just bummed that she chose her manliest Hanes-chic top for a filming day?  After all, no place is more camera-friendly than a gynecologist’s office! Don’t worry Brown cheerleaders, ignore the TLC histrionics, all is thumbs up, for ol’ Mare.    

Sister Wives

Sister Wives

TSK, TSK, TLC….you are looking sloppy!  Stay tuned reality hawks, because the season has just begun!


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