RECAP: #TeenMom2 Jenelle Evans Is Arrested for Domestic Violence

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Chelsea Houska

We kick off with Chelsea and Cole baby talking their way through a waltz, while we learn that Aubree has two daddies now.  Aubree makes a Fathers Day card for Cole, and for some reason, Chelsea makes presenting it a  romantic moment between she and Cole.  Aubree is nervous, but why not wait for the tot to feel inspired to share it with him herself?  Chelsea finds out that Adam is leaving town rather than spending Father’s day with his child, and sits down to dish to Papa Randy.  Randy reminds her that Cole is a better dad, and Aubree agrees with him, and  Chelsea wishes that Adam would just leave town permanently.  Chelsea and Cole are hanging with Randy at the family cabin for Father’s Day, where she shows off Aubree’s card to Cole to her dad.  Chelsea explains that while Aubree was with Adam’s parents, she never saw her dad on Father’s Day.  Chelsea reminds Aubree that her new daddy will be moving in soon, and Aubree is excited, and wishes that her deadbeat dad could be as swell as her mommy’s new roomie.

Kailyn Lowry

We check in with Kailyn and her terrifying thigh tattoo, and sit in on a convo between she and pal, Sterling.  Kailyn and Javi are moving, Jo has been reasonable thus far, and Kailyn really doesn’t want to deal with either of them.  Kailyn auditions to be part of her school’s news team, and the teacher responds by asking her if she ever cracks a smile.  She assures him not often, while forcing a pained grin.  She gets the job nevertheless, and shares the news with Javi.  We hear that Isaac’s final soccer game is that evening, and then hop over to the gym. Jo calls and has misunderstood the time of the game, causing Isaac to miss the whole thing.  Javi is disappointed that the boy he coaches for isn’t there, and collects Isaac’s medal at the end of the game.  Thank goodness, Kailyn didn’t lose it in an acoustically closed space.  Jo doesn’t show to Isaac’s preschool graduation, a ceremony that was emotional to Kailyn.  Jo is failing big time, but Jo claims uncomfortable tension between he and Javi and Kailyn.  Javi asserts that Jo needs to man up, and they want to take him to court for child support, and make him pay for being a big weenie. 

Leah Messer

Leah jumps on the chance to video chat with her three girls from treatment, when they are visiting with her enabling mother.  The girl jostle and whine, and the whole scene is sad, stressful, and definitely not helpful.  Over at Corey’s there is another bun in the oven, and this time, Miranda is pregnant. The girls aren’t thrilled about more baby puke entering their lives, but the fact that Corey and Miranda are married, makes the news oddly refreshing.  We check in with Leah at her two week period, and she claims that the treatment center is nailing her anxiety and depression issues.  No mention of how she is managing, as a floundering junkie.  Back at Corey’s, Corey speaks to Miranda through a revolting wad of tobacco, about their parenting challenges.  The girls act bratty, and Corey thinks that they need more rule enforcement, luckily missing the frolicking tots with his tobacco drool.  Corey and Jeremy meet up to dish about their mutual first wife horror.  A freed Jeremy feels like his old self again, and Corey nods his head, sharing that he was sick and puking, until a blond angel named Miranda rescued him from the Leah abyss.  They speak openly about a PILL PROBLEM, and the secrecy of where her treatment center is.  They are both afraid for what this means to their girls, including the likely danger that their junkie mother is putting them in.  Corey insists that he will go to the mat being a dick for his girls, and Jeremy agrees to be his cheerleader, in an inspiring moment of bro-bonding.  Corey thinks that this will be a long process, and commits to being a dick as long as it takes.  Leah and Jeremy’s divorce is finalized, and the judge agreed to the terms of the mediation.  Over at Dawn’s, Leah checks in and shares the news.  Dawn thinks that Leah sounds better, due to her newfound “coping skills.” Leah assures us all that she is all but cured. 

Jenelle Evans

We join Jenelle, who lets us know that she and Nathan have been hooking up, but he may be hitting it with Jessica, as well.  She decides to stalk the gym where he and Jessica rub muscles, and she and Nathan stand outside the entrance and bicker obnoxiously.  Nathan reminds her that they are not together, and Jenelle accuses him of triggering her chronic panic attacks.  The sobbing begins, and Nathan appears to comfort her.  Jenelle challenges him to make up his mind, then launches into a TMI rant about Nathan not keeping his junk to himself.  Nathan yells that he wants her to leave everything but his junk alone.  Jenelle is lonely and calls faithful Babs to meet up for a Jace fix. Jenelle wants Babs’ sympathy, but not any of her opinions.  Jenelle doesn’t know what to do, and Babs reminds her that Nathan is not to be trusted.  Jenelle’s life is hard, and regrets the stupid decision to have a baby with such a loser.  We later hear that she and Nathan got into a huge fight during a Kaiser exchange, because Nathan came to her place with the other woman.  Krista shows up to lend an ear, and Jenelle tells the story of a scuffle at her house, followed by a scuffle at his house. All this address-specific wrestling triggered Nathan to press charges, and another arrest warrant was issued.  Jenelle is bummed, because Nathan is preventing her from achieving her goals, by actually being at his house when she showed up raging.  Krista reminds her that custody problems could arise, and Jenelle insists that she is trying “SO BAD” to keep a clean slate.  We then join Jenelle in a meeting with her lawyer,  to discuss Nathan shoving her into lawlessness.  Jenelle could land in jail again, and her lawyer reminds her that a criminal domestic violence conviction comes with a felon label, which may make the job hunt difficult, unless you work for MTV.  She tries to get through to Jenelle that breakup upset tends to trigger both parents to use children as pawns, and Jenelle listens, but avoids eye contact. She dodges responsibility for her behavior, lamely asserting that she and Nathan have “much to work out.”  The lawyer encourages her to stay apart from Nathan, and Jenelle has a sadness in her eyes that I have never seen before.  Her expression seems to reveal a deep disappointment in herself, which I consider a healthy sign.   

We wrap with a glimpse of an especially adorable Jenelle mugshot, and hear that the season finale is next week.  Don’t miss it!


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