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Kim Zolciak Continues Her Reign of Terror After Poor #DWTS Performance – Attacks Twitter Followers!

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Kim Zolciak_DWTS

Kim Zolciak-Biermann staggered, crashed and burned on her debut performance on Dancing With the Stars. It appears that industrial strength spanx inhibits movement, probably playing a role in the Don’t Be Tardy star’s robotic, statue-chic jerk-fest. Poor Tony, he must be longing for the good ol’ days of Kate Gosselin.

We all know that Kim has a trashy temper, and a Delta airline clerk felt the wrath of her humiliating failure, when flight details didn’t go her way. 

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The rage continues, as Kim took to her Twitter to take on followers who dare question her tantrum unleashed on the Delta airline clerk, who evidently scored the sucker shift that day. 

Kim Zolciak_DWTS

Could a crash diet be making Kim cranky…or maybe just an allergy to physical activity? After all, what the viewers saw clunking around the dance floor looks nothing like the photos on her Instagram page! 

Kim Zolciak_DWTS Kim Zolciak_DWTS

Kim angered followers by her choice of words, her predictable vocabulary even worse than her alleged photo-shopping skills.

Kim Zolciak_DWTS

Monday night can’t come soon enough for me! Maybe her performance theme will fit perfectly with her unique slab of cement with a side of flab aesthetic. 

Don’t be tardy, Kim…because I can’t wait!


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