Yikes! Kim Richards and the Booze Guzzling Brandi Glanville Reunite

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The dysfunctional dynamic duo is at it again. The former star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been entrenched in a whirlwind of drug addiction,  escapes from rehab, psychiatric meltdowns and brushes with the law.  No worries, because she has been chatting it up on Twitter, a maniacally happy Kim Richards letting her followers know that all is well.

Kim Zolciak

Fans are happy to see Richards’s sparkly personality back on Twitter, even if a ghost tweeter is behind the crazed joy. Kim is getting back into her junkie rhythm, and that means reconnecting with her bestie partner in crime. Kim and the booze guzzling Brandi Glanville are back together, and Brandi proudly announced the rekindling on Twitter. 

Brandi Glanville_RHOBH

The middle-aged Thelma and Louise are back ON, careening and stumbling through Beverly Hills. Vavoomshabang, indeed.


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