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Jenelle Evans Hits New York Fashion Week Scene Hard! Drunk Stalker or Glamorous Star?

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Jenelle Evans_Teen Mom2

Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans is living in a land of extremes. In her everyday life, she is a post-teen train wreck, struggling to hang on as a single mom while managing to compile an impressive collection of mugshots. Bad decisions and stormy reactions plunk Jenelle into trouble over and over, and the MTV cameras are often there, ready to catch the dramatic fun. 

The latest hit in Jenelle’s playlist involves a fond memory shared on social media, between two rascally besties. Jenelle and roommate and long time cohort, Tori, fondly reminisce, remembering the night the duo stalked Jenelle’s baby daddy, Nathan Griffith’s then girlfriend, Jessica Henry.  The pair “rolled up” to Jessica’s that night, “turnt up.” Jealous stalking and drunk driving….and who knows what else?  Great to know that stardom hasn’t changed this drama queen a bit!

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans_Teen Mom2

Stardom?  Who would have thought that a big-mouthed, struggling punk would be attending the VMA awards, and now Fashion Week in NYC? Jenelle has enjoyed both, and her Instagram is loaded with shots of her hobnobbing with celebs and basking in the artistic ambiance of runways, media and fashion.  Who is watching the baby anyway? Like it or not, Jenelle has morphed into a quasi-celeb, albeit an unstable, and often noisy one. 

Jenelle Evans_Teen Mom2 Jenelle Evans_Teen Mom2 Jenelle Evans_Teen Mom2 Jenelle Evans_Teen Mom2

No wonder so many young fans of the show love to blast her. The treatment she receives appears to be a reward for wreaking havoc for the MTV cameras, and wearing out the local police department. 

Tune in tonight to see which Jenelle stands up…a messy wreck, or a glamorous it-girl.  I’ll give you one guess!


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