RECAP: #BigBrother17 – Vanessa Mists Her Way To Final 3 [Episode 38]

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BB17-Epi 38

Tonight the final 4 battle it out. Only 3 of them will make it to next week’s finale. Who will it be? Recap of last night. Vanessa was HOH. She put up Johnny Mac and Steve. Johnny Mac won the POV, and saved himself. Austin was the replacement nominee. The vote was tied. Liz voted out Steve. Johnny Mac voted out Austin. Vanessa (because she’s HOH) had to break the tie. She evicted Austin. It was a blindside heard around the World. Austin left the Big Brother house barefoot. After barefooted Judas walked out the door, the houseguests battled for HOH. Steve won HOH. Who did Steve nominate? Who won the most important POV of the season? Who will join the jury?  Let’s go!

Julie Chen welcomes us to another live episode of Big Brother. Tonight we find out who Steve nominated for eviction. Then Steve, JMac, Liz, and Vanessa will battle for POV. The winner of the POV will have the choice. Keep the nominations the same or pull someone off the block. The 1 person not on the block will cast the sole vote to evict, and we’re down to final 3! Julie says who will win the most important Veto of the Summer and have all the power? We’ll soon find out.

Vanessa blindsided Liztin. Now she has to go into damage control mode, and plan her way to final 3. Day 89. Right after Austin is evicted, Vanessa completely loses her mind. She’s more upset than Liz is, and it was Liz’s boyfriend! Vanessa says evicting Austin was the hardest thing she’s had to do in this game. Austin was her best friend, and he trusted her. She feels crappy about it, but she has to keep telling herself it was her best game move. He was going to beat her in the finals. She puts on her “It’s so hard. I didn’t want to do it” whoa as me act. Everyone has to hug and console her. She’s keeps trying to explain how she had to do it. If she doesn’t win, all of them will beat her in the finals. Liz isn’t falling for it. She says Vanessa’s crying. Liz isn’t hearing anything she says. She’s shocked. Vanessa betrayed them. She knows she has to do this on her own.

Johnny Mac fills us in on what really happened. He says Vanessa’s crying. Liz has no idea what’s going on. Who’s not shocked? Vanessa, Steve, and JMac. They decided male this move right before the eviction. (7 Minutes before the eviction ceremony to be exact.) Steve and JMac are in the Comic Book room. Steve asks you aren’t blindsiding me are you? JMac says he’s blindsiding someone, but it’s not Steve. Steve then goes up to the HOH room to talk to Vanessa. Vanessa asks if he trusts her? Steve says yes. Vanessa tells him to go downstairs and look nervous as hell. Downstairs JMac, Austin, and Liz are in the bathroom. JMac just says “it’s time.” Liz says “This is so nerve wrackinggggah.” Austin looks at JMac and asks “We got this?” JMac just says yes. JMac calls it a work of art. It couldn’t have come out any better. Job well done. Good work guys.

We flashback to last night’s HOH. Steve and JMac had to guys the seconds in the “Over the Rainbow” comp. (Tie breaker question) Steve won HOH. Steve says he doesn’t believe it. He just won HOH by sheer, dumb luck. He did the Math wrong. It was supposed to be 6,001. By some freak of nature, he will never step foot in the jury house. Guaranteed. Vanessa says Steve winning HOH takes stress off her shoulders. If Liz would’ve won, it would’ve been her worse case scenario. At the end of the day, HOH doesn’t mean much when it’s down to the final 4 of Big Brother. It all comes down to the Veto. JMac says he wanted to win this HOH really bad. He wanted to make sure he was safe for the week. He’s disappointed. He says JMac-Zero HOH’s. Made final 4. He’s probably going to get evicted. Liz is livid. Not only does Steve not go home. He wins HOH! She wants to yank that key off his neck so bad. Liz says Austin was her voice of reason. He was her support. Now she doesn’t have him, and it sucks. She has to be strong. She has to put her game face on. She has to win these competitions for Austin and for Julia.

After everything calms down, (and Vanessa takes an Ativan) Liz wants to talk. She asks Vanessa if she wants to talk. Vanessa says oh my God yeah. Vanessa says it was terrifying to evict Austin. Her biggest hurdle this week is going to be talking to Liz because she was blindsided too. That was all her fault. Vanessa knows she needs to have a conversation with her. She’s banking on the fact Liz doesn’t totally hate her. So, Liz and Vanessa go into the Cabana Room to hash everything out. Vanessa tells Liz how gut wrenching and hard it was to evict Austin. Only 2 people can make it to the finals. She had to make a choice. Liz says (in her teary whiny voice) it’s just terrible how it happened. It was so fast. It turns into an episode of “How Big Brother Turns.” Vanessa crying about evicting Austin. Liz in shock. She didn’t kiss him goodbye. Vanessa starts “misting” again. She tries to convince Liz it was better for her game. Liz says she’s all alone in the game now. Vanessa reassures Liz. She needs Liz in the game. Everything she’s said is 1000% genuine. Liz says she’s not dumb. She knows she only has herself in this game. She can’t stand Steve, and JMac is just “whatever.” As much as it sickens her, she has to work with Vanessa. She’s all Liz has now. Liz tries to make Vanessa feel better. She says Austin came into the game as an individual. He made it clear: He loves her, but he won’t sacrifice his game for her. She can’t sacrifice her game for him. Liz says she has no animosity toward Vanessa. Vanessa swears on her girlfriend, she’s taking Liz to the finals. She promises Liz she’s not alone.

Later on, Vanessa joins JMac in the Comic Book room. JMac asks her if she’s ok. Vanessa wants to convince Steve to throw the POV comp. Vanessa isn’t sure if that’s better or worse. She wonders if Steve would take Liz over them. Vanessa is convinced it’s stupid to take Liz. She has 2 jury votes on lock, and a great comp record. She also hasn’t pissed any jury members off. JMac says yeah that would be dumb. Vanessa says so they need him to play. That’s step 1. Step 2 is final 3, and we’ll go from there. Vanessa tells JMac she’s taking him to finals. They shake on a final 3 deal. JMac is good with the plan. Vanessa says Steve won HOH. She knows she wouldn’t win against JMac or Liz, so she’s free to make final deals with both of them. She won’t end up in the finals with either of them. JMac says this is the only way for the season to end. Vanessa says it’s perfect. JMac says Vanessa changes her mind a lot. He needs to make the deal as real as possible because he needs her to feel 100% safe with him.

Final nomination ceremony. Steve comes out and turns the keys. Who’s faces show up? His 2 biggest allies. JMac and Vanessa. Steve says congratulations. Final 4. Final nomination ceremony. Final POV comp tomorrow. He gives the “it’s purely strategic” B.S. line. When the nomination ceremony is adjourned Liz says she needs a cookie. Everyone is light hearted about it. Not a normal concept after nomination ceremonies. Liz says she’s had a stressful day. It’s a bit of a relief not to see her face pop up on the memory wall. She knows nominations don’t mean a thing at this point in the game. It’s all about the POV. JMac says number 9! ( 9 nominations?) JMac says unlike usual everyone is lighthearted after the nomination ceremony. Everyone knows it’s all about the Veto this week. If you win the Veto you secure your spot in the finals, and you get the power to send someone to the Jury House. That’s pretty awesome. Steve and Vanessa talk about how everyone’s attitudes are different than normal. Steve says the 1 person he doesn’t want to win the Veto is Vanessa. He knows he can’t win against her. She’s a strong competitor for the final HOH. “Thank you Vanessa for keeping me in the house, however I still don’t trust you.”

Julie says with finale night looming, how did the jurors react to 2/3rds of the Aus-Twins showed up on their doorstep? 1 week ago- Jackie says another juror is coming. Who do you think it’s going to be? James says “Vanessa!” They all start talking about the possibility of Vanessa walking through the door. Julia steps out of the car and everyone is happy and shocked. Shelli hugs her. Julia says being voted out of the house is a hard pill to swallow. They ask who she was nominated with. Julia says Liz. Meg says Julia is the last person she expected. She thought they would go for Liz, and immediately take her out. Liz is a comp beast. Julia not so much. Meg says “I shouldn’t be talking.” They ask her who the HOH was. Julia says Steve. Julia then shows them a DVD of the competitions etc. I found it interesting how they showed what happened between Julia, Austin, and Vanessa during the POV comp. Shelli asks why? (Why did Julia pick Austin to face off with during the POV Comp?) Julia starts explaining why she listened to Vanessa. She panicked and thought maybe Vanessa knew something she didn’t. She explains how Vanessa swore on everything she was looking out for Julia. She says Vanessa and Austin got into an argument over the POV comp. Julia explains how she has no animosity toward Steve. She knows it would be stupid to keep Julia, Liz and Austin together going into final 5. They agree there are 5 deserving winners in the house. 1 day ago- They start guessing who’s going to walk in the door. Julia says if Liz or Austin won HOH it’ll be Steve joining them. Austin steps out of the car. (They didn’t give the poor guy shoes!) Austin is incredibly bitter. He makes it clear: Vanessa is the person that screwed him over. He says he was blindsided. “Judas got Judased!” Austin says Vanessa is underestimating Judas. Now he might be determining her fate. Barefoot or not. Austin explains Vanessa was HOH. She nominated Steve and JMac. She swore to Liz/Austin they were safe. JMac won POV, and he was blindsided at the eviction. Austin puts in a DVD. It shows JMac using the POV, and Austin going up as a replacement nominee. Then Vanessa evicted him. Shelli says Vanessa played a very good game. Austin says no she played a very flawed game. They go back and forth a bit. They talk about the final 4, and the Veto meaning everything.

Rachel and Brendon join Julie on stage. (Brenchel fans cheering!) Julie asks Rachel what’s surprised her most about this season? Rachel says there are no floaters at the end. There’s usually floaters who make it to the end. Julie says Brendon and JMac have something in common. They both were evicted, and won a comp to return to the game. Unlike Brendon, JMac has managed to make final 4. What does he think? Brendon says JMac has turned it on, and maneuvered through the game when he needed to. Now JMac has to win POV, and he needs to win the final HOH to convince the jury. Julie says she wants to talk about love in the BB house. Rachel and Brendon met in the house in 2010. They got married in 2012. She asks Rachel if Liz and Austin will last outside the house. She thinks they will. She says Austin will give it a shot 1000%, and as long as Liz doesn’t get caught up in the after BB world they totally do have a shot. She’s rooting for Liztin. Julie asks Brendon if they have a shot. Brendon says they have a shot, but they also had a shot at winning 500k. Julie asks them what their announcement is. Rachel says she’s always said no one comes between her and her man…except a Brenchel baby! Rachel’s pregnant! (The first BB baby from 2 former houseguests!) Julie gives them a little “Team Brenchel” onesie.

It’s time for the most important POV Comp of the Summer! This comp is hosted by Beastmode Cowboy Ninja aka Caleb from BB16. Of course Liz drools over Caleb. She says “You are the hottest ninja everrr!” It’s all about Ninjas! The comp is called “Martial Smarts.” This comp will be played in several matches. In each match Caleb will name an event that happened in the BB house. They have to figure out what day it happened on. At the sound of the gong, they have to go punch or kick their cardboard opponent. Glove punch=Counter goes up 5 days. Shin Blow=Counter goes up 1 day. Once they have the day on their counter, they have to ring in. If the counter blinks they are correct, and they are safe for another match. Answer incorrectly, and the counter will reset. Then they are forced to guess again. The last “Martial Artist” to ring in will get 1 strike against them. 2 strikes=they are out of the tournament. Last “Martial Artist” standing wins the POV. Steve gets stuck on Meg’s 2nd nomination. He says he blew it. (On the feeds he claims he threw the comp.) He gets eliminated. Everytime one of them gets a strike Caleb does some kind of ninja move to break a board with their name on it. Final round was Vanessa vs. JMac. Vanessa wins the POV. Vanessa says she’s overjoyed to win the final Veto, but she has a big decision to make. She can take Liz or JMac to the finals. Liz says she’s over the moon about Vanessa winning. JMac says he might be in a lot of trouble. It’s all up to Vanessa. Does she think it’s better for JMac to stay or go? “Wow that’s terrible.”

Live Veto Ceremony and Eviction! Vanessa will save herself, and she’ll be the sole vote to evict. Vanessa will be forced to betray either JMac or Liz. What will she decide!? Julie says the good news is the finale is next Weds. The bad news is the game is about to end for one of you. Vanessa saves herself. Liz is the replacement nominee. They have 1 last chance to convince Vanessa to save them. JMac gives a really weird speech. He throws some shade at Liz. He says “some of us aren’t too good about being discreet about being excited.” Then he quotes something called The Arbiter “If they came to see me beg, they will be disappointed.” Liz gives the typical speech she’s given before about having an awesome Summer, and blah blah blah. Vanessa then stands up and casts her vote. Vanessa talks about JMac putting tempting offers on the table this week. She says those offers would force him to go back on the promises he made to Steve. How can she trust his word when he betrays Steve? JMac is evicted. Liz says JMac gets so much applause. Steve says he’s still convinced JMac was some kind of twist. Then they wonder what “The Arbiter” is.

JMac sits down for a second time with Julie. Julie asks if he’s surprised to be sitting there? He says no. Julie asks if there was really a final 2 with Vanessa? He says not really. He was trying to cover his bases in case he lost the Veto. He was sure if he lost the Veto he was pretty much going. Julie asks if he would’ve honored a final 2 deal with Vanessa if he wasn’t in a nomination chair. JMac says no I would’ve evicted her. Julie says watching him play the game it seemed like he was living on the edge. At times he was erratic, illogical. Was this his strategy or was he trying to throw people off? He says he was trying a bunch of things. He didn’t know what he was doing the whole time. He says looking back he should’ve evicted Steve. Vanessa wouldn’t have a choice. She would’ve had to break up the showmance. It was his biggest mistake. Julie asks if he lives his life like this outside the house? (Julie is so entertained by Johnny Mac.) He says yeah a little bit. Julie says he was part of the Austin blindside. He’s about to face him. He’s a big guy. Is JMac nervous at all? JMac says no he’s a big teddy bear. He’s probably fine. Julie says final thoughts? JMac says good luck to them. They’ve been playing hard. Julie asks who he sees in Final 2. JMac says Vanessa and Steve? Julie says that would be an interesting match up.

Winding down to the end. You’re missing out on the feeds if you don’t watch them now. The final HOH is being played out, and feeders are watching. Tune in on Sunday to watch part 1 of the final HOH played out. Wednesday is the big finale! It’s at 9:30pm right after the premiere of Survivor.


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