BREAKING NEWS: #SouthernCharm’s Kathryn Dennis Pregnant with Baby #2

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#SouthernCharm’s Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel have confirmed that they are expecting baby number two on the way. The baby announcement comes as no surprise. Kathryn has been dropping hints on social media of another pregnancy for quite some time.

This marks the second child for the Charleston pair, who welcomed daughter Kensington Calhoun in March 2014. Kathryn is due in December.

“This pregnancy’s been different just because I’m living in Charleston. I’m not moving around. I have my family to help,” Kathryn told The Daily Dish. “I’m not sick or having any issues. So that’s been a blessing, both with the first pregnancy and this pregnancy.”

Despite getting caught with a Facebook slut model last month, Thomas Ravenel is over the moon according to Kathryn,

“Thomas is still soaking in the news and trying to make his changes. He travels a lot with polo and he’s very busy. He’s just kind of adjusting right now, I think. But, you know, he is excited,” she confirms to PEOPLE.

As All About the Tea exclusively reported last month, Thomas was exposed in a love triangle, triggered by a scandalous social-media arranged hookup. The former South Carolina Congressman turned reality TV star, and a Bravo fan, allegedly willing to do anything to take the reality stage caught the eye of Ravenel, who began liking all of her photos on Facebook. Shortly after that, Ravenel made contact with the model, via Facebook messaging, and the duo began an ongoing communication. The messages heated up, resulting in Ravenel striking a bargain with her, to exchange three nights with him in a local hotel, for a spot on the Bravo show, Southern Charm. It was an offer she evidently couldn’t refuse, and a deal was struck. Watch the video and read the rest HERE. 

However, despite Thomas’ alleged sexepades, his baby mama is looking forward to having another baby around by year’s end.

“The greatest gift thus far in my life has been the privilege of being a father to my daughter Kensie,” Thomas told People. “Now, with a son on the way, I feel doubly blessed. My cup runneth over.”

Still, the news was a surprise to them both. “I was surprised,” Kathryn shared.

“Thomas and I are always on and off, but we had a whirlwind romance that weekend. That’s kind of how we were with the first pregnancy, too. Things were wishy-washy, but we embraced it.”

As for the couples relationship status? Well it’s “complicated” but Kathryn promises “We are friends,” adding, “We communicate and things are pleasant. “That’s all I can really hope for.”

Congrats…I think?


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