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EXCLUSIVE: #SisterWives “Catfish” Attacks! Threatens to Expose Details of Affair with Meri Brown

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The plot thickens in the “catfish” case that is currently swirling around Sister Wives star, Meri Brown. As All About the Tea reported, Meri Brown was recently entrenched in a Twitter relationship with a person she knew as “Sam Cooper.” The friendship went on for months, until around the beginning of August, when the TLC personality caught wind of the hard truth…that “Sam” is actually a middle aged, Oklahoma based, prolific “catfish” by the name of Jackie Overton. Jackie posed as “Lindsay,” “Sam’s” right hand gal, and supposedly completed “Sam’s” deal to buy a health supplement product from Meri. 

According to a once posted, but now deleted photo, Jackie, as “Lindsay” was reportedly once snapped in Meri’s home, conducting business with the ex legal wife of Kody Brown. Strangely, another alleged player in the seedy game is believed to be a close friend of the newly dubbed legal wife, Robyn Brown. Kendra Pollard-Parra is a well-known Facebook bully Sister Wives fan, who fiercely defends the Brown bunch, and claims to be connected to TLC. Kendra is seemingly in cahoots with Jackie, working to prove that “Sam Cooper,” an attractive and single business mogul, actually exists.

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Business was not the only motive on “Sam’s” agenda for the needy reality star, as evidenced by the pair’s past cozy Twitter chats. A deepening and more personal “friendship,” developed between “Sam” and Meri, as the months wore on. We pieced together and revealed the story, which has squeezed the public vise tighter around the key players in this underground web of deceit, and the panic appears to be rising.  An insider has come forward, dishing that Jackie as “Lindsay” is now blabbing that she is poised to reveal all. Now we know that Jackie is an alleged con-artist, liar, and likely sicko.  But that doesn’t eliminate the pressure that Meri Brown must be under, to address the amplifying chatter that she was indeed being taken in and wooed by this whopper of a catfish. It is still unclear as to how far the relationship went. Our source explains,

“She (Jackie)  is sticking to her story that Sam is real, and that Meri had an affair with him.  She is threatening to out it on a YouTube video.  Notice how she made sure to mention that Kendra spoke to and skyped with Sam.”

Jackie posted some tweets yesterday, that were later deleted. 

Sister Wives _Jackie deleted Tweets1

Sister Wives _Jackie deleted Tweets2

Elisa Furr is a Celine Dion impersonator, who is a supposed close friend of Meri’s. She was believed to be concerned about Meri’s escalating friendship with “Sam,” aka @notbatmanyet, and according to our tipster, was texting “Sam,” pushing him to leave Meri alone.

It appears that Jackie, aka “Lindsay,” is a woman scorned, and not happy that Meri has cut off “Sam.” Just to clarify again, Jackie is the handsome “Sam,” as well as the dependable “Lindsay,” in this particular scenario. Jackie deleted her Twitter account last night, and we are keeping an eye on her YouTube channel, to see what she may vomit up next. 

Meri Brown chose to cast her heartbroken line into one murky pond, because she certainly hauled in a doozy of a bottom-feeder.  Stay tuned.   


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