RECAP: #BigBrother17 – Barefoot Blindside [Episode 37]

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Welcome to a special eviction recap. We’re down to 5. Vanessa is HOH. She decided to target Johnny Mac. She made a deal with Austin (and Judas) to keep the showmance off the block. She nominated Steve and Johnny Mac for eviction. Tonight we find out who won POV, will it be used to save Steve or Johnny Mac. Someone will be evicted, and a new HOH will be crowned.

We start off with Julie calling all the houseguests to the living room. Poor Liz was sleeping, but eventually everyone got there. Johnny Mac tells her she’s not supposed to be there because it’s not eviction day. Austin asks her why she’s around on a Monday. After everyone gathers, Julie breaks the news to them. Tonight is a special eviction. One of them will be joining the jury, and there will be a new HOH. The houseguests are shocked. Then she tells them she’ll be back to get things started.

Julie says once again, Vanessa is in power. She’s caught between 2 alliances. She chose a side. She kept Austin, and Liz safe. She nominated Steve and Johnny Mac. With the Veto comp looming, everyone is scrambling to make their next move.

Day 87. After the nomination ceremony. Steve is upset with Vanessa. He’s surprised Vanessa chose Austin and Liz over him and Johnny Mac. He didn’t think she would do that to him. JMac is fired up! He says he’s not walking out without giving it all he’s got. If he doesn’t win the Veto, he has a few tricks up his sleeve. Vanessa hugs JMac and recites the line “It’s a game move.” Vanessa says JMac is her target. Keeping someone in the game who hasn’t won an HOH is dangerous. People are more willing to bring him to the finals over her because of all her comp wins. She says she had to put Steve up too, and it doesn’t feel good. (Remember it’s all about Vanessa)

Steve walks into the HOH room, and sees Vanessa upset. He gives her hugs. She starts crying about how she hated to put him on the block, and he’s her friend. Steve comforts her. He says he was in her position last week. He knows how she feels. Steve isn’t buying her poor me act. He says he’s on the block. She’s HOH. Why is she crying? He hopes this isn’t a play to take attention away from what’s going on. Vanessa says JMac is her target. She hopes he doesn’t win the Veto. Steve says he trusts her. He trusts Liz and Austin. She has to go with her talking gut, and do what she believes is the right thing. Steve keeps saying he understands. He knows. He gets it. Vanessa reassures Steve he’s not going home this week. She tells him not to stress.

JMac joins Austin and Liz in the bathroom for a little game talk. JMac says he has to get ready for the Veto comp. He gets “the vibe he’s out of the club.” JMac makes this wild proposition to Liztin. He’ll throw the Veto to one of them if they would break the deal they have with Vanessa. (and keep him safe) JMac says (DR) you may be thinking throwing the Veto in final 5 is wrong. He’s trying to build trust with Austin and Liz, so they trust him going into next week. (More than Vanessa.) Austin says it’s a really good offer. JMac says they don’t even have to take the deal. He may just do it on his own. He’s happy going home in 5th place. He throws out there maybe going to F3 with them. Austin says JMac says he’s willing to throw the F5 Veto to him. “What?” Either JMac has lost his marbles, or he’s become one with Judas.

Instead of considering this deal, Austin pulls Vanessa into the bathroom. Austin says JMac came to them and said (his JMac impression) Things are weird around here. I’ll be the odd man out. Tomorrow I might throw the Veto to you guys if you keep me safe. Vanessa is shocked. Vanessa asks did you just tell me JMac said he would throw the Veto? They all agree that’s ridiculous, and JMac is one French Fry short of a Happy Meal. Vanessa says “What the fu-k?”

Power of Veto Competition. Julie wonders will JMac go through with his risky plan to throw the Veto? The Veto comp revolves around the new CBS show “Life in Pieces.” After the Veto comp, they get a screening of the first episode. (CBS does this every year as publicity. Last year it was “Scorpion.”) Liz says she would watch “Life in Pieces” back home. Her family is dysfunctional. Thanks for the reminder Liz. This is a puzzle comp. The object of the comp is to assemble a picture of the show “Life in Pieces.” They have 20 seconds to put their puzzles together before the puzzle board is demagnetized forcing them to start over. They have to put the puzzle together after crossing a balance beam to a buzzer. That buzzer will start the 20 seconds, and keep their puzzle pieces on the board. If they don’t push the buzzer that resets the 20 seconds (and it hits zero) the board will demagnetize, and they are forced to start over. After their time hits zero they have 10 seconds to cross the balance beam and reset their buzzer. If they don’t get there in 10 seconds, their game is over. If you fall off the balance beam and hit the ground your board will demagnetize. (They are forced to start over.) The first person assemble their “Life in Pieces” puzzle, and hit the buzzer wins The Power of Veto. Vanessa says she wants noms to stay the same. JMac or Steve can’t win. It would force her to put up Liz or Austin. JMac says he has 2 options. He can throw the Veto to Austin and Liz, or he can win. If Steve is close to winning he has to go for it. He hasn’t made up his mind. He’s making the decisions as he plays. Vanessa is out within a minute or 2. She didn’t hit the buzzer in the 10 seconds after the time hit zero. Liz is frustrated with Austin. He doesn’t have a good track record with puzzles, so it puts the pressure on her. They all get frustrated because they get close to putting their puzzle together, then their board demagnetizes. They have to start over. JMac sees how good Liz is doing. He starts thinking about letting her win. JMac then sees how close Steve is to winning. He can’t throw it to Austin or Liz. He has to win. JMac wins the POV. Vanessa doesn’t look too happy about this. JMac celebrates by making the Veto Medallion talk. (JMac’s DR’s are everything.) Vanessa says her worst case scenario has come true. She has to put up a replacement nominee, and find a new target. She has no idea what she’s going to do. Austin says JMac didn’t go with the plan to throw the comp. Now he has to talk to Vanessa. He has to find out if she’s still onboard with keeping Liztin in the game.

Julie comes back from commercial break and recaps what just happened. JMac has just won a crucial POV. His game survives another eviction, and he secured himself a spot in F4. Vanessa now has to nominate someone from the alliance she fought hard to keep safe. Vanessa says “It was one hell of a comp.” Austin congratulates JMac on his win. Steve says everyone was real close. JMac says they can’t get rid of him. One of them has to go, and it’s not him. *Insert evil laugh*

Vanessa being a sore loser goes back up to the HOH room upset. She talks to herself. She’s frustrated. She has a Diary Room breakdown. She says JMac was her target for well thought out reasons. Now he’s staying in the game, and it’s frustrating. She says she’s not sure who she’s mad at. She’s just really mad.

Austin and Liz are in the purple room saying how much it sucks. Now one of them has to go up on the block. JMac walks in and Austin congratulates him again on his win. They talk about everyone almost being done with their puzzles. Liz says “I was almost doneee. It is so annoyinnggggaah.” Austin feels out JMac because he gets to decide who stays now. Austin talks about who controls the votes. Either JMac and Austin or JMac and Liz.

Steve walks into the Storage Room celebrating Vanessa’s plan failing. He’s happy to see her plan fail. She can’t compete in the next HOH either. He says that’s what she gets for putting him and JMac up. She should have put up the showmance. He mocks Vanessa crying her eyes out because JMac isn’t leaving. Steve breaks it down for us. JMac will vote to keep him. Liz or Austin will vote to keep eachother. It’s going to be a tie. Vanessa will be forced to choose. He thinks she’ll keep him over Liz/Austin. Maybe they can finally break up the showmance. Steve pops into the HOH room. He asks if they can talk or would she just like some alone time? Vanessa says she would really like some alone time.

Austin goes up to the HOH room to talk with Vanessa. Austin says you have to give JMac credit. His back was against the wall, and he won. Vanessa says JMac is pulling himself off the block, so one of them has to go up. Austin says it doesn’t matter. They have the votes. Vanessa says sending Steve home wasn’t her plan.

The Veto Ceremony. JMac (Our little spazz)  tries to trick us. He makes us think he might use the Veto on Steve, but he uses it on himself. Vanessa is forced to put up a replacement nominee. Vanessa says she’s trying to be fair. Liz was on the block last week. She doesn’t want to put her up again. Austin is the replacement nominee. Austin says he’s ok with being on the block because he wants to show Vanessa he trusts her. She is a great game player, so she might take this opportunity to get rid of another great game player. Steve says Austin, I enjoyed spending the Summer with you. Hopefully you’re going home this week. JMac says of course Liz will vote to keep Austin. It comes down to voting Steve out or leaving it up to Vanessa.

Vanessa tells JMac he is a good strategic player. He has his own style. She asks him if he even knows what he’s doing? JMac says no. He just talks to people when he has to. Vanessa says she’s assuming JMac will vote to keep Steve. Is there any chance he won’t? JMac says if I vote him (Steve) out, he’ll be pissed. Oh well. She asks: Will they would go down as the dumbest people in history if they don’t break up Liztin? JMac says yeah. Vanessa realizes they are locked to make F3 if they keep Steve. Vanessa realizes Steve and JMac are the best F3 scenario for her. They shake on a F3 deal. JMac says if he keeps Steve he’s doing what Vanessa wants. It’s the best move for her. It may not be the best move for him.

JMac joins Austin in the bathroom. He says he felt like he was for sure the target this week. JMac says it makes sense. She wants him (Steve) here. Austin says she (Liz) wants Steve gone because he took her twin out. JMac says he’s crazy enough to take a showmance to F3. JMac says will he make an illogical decision and keep Austin to tick off Vanessa? He is crazy! JMac says he has nothing to lose. Austin calls him insane. Austin says “I’m glad you met Judas.” Austin says JMac is a madman, and Judas loves it. JMac wants to take a showmance to F3. Austin won’t have to worry about Vanessa breaking the tie. He just hopes it goes smoother than when JMac was suppose to throw the Veto to them.

Time for the eviction. Steve and Austin get to make their final pleas before JMac and Liz votes. Steve says he’s very happy and greatful he got a chance to come and play the game. He never thought he would get the chance. The fact he got to be in the BB house is something mindblowing, and something he’ll be thankful for. He thanks the houseguests for being apart of this experience. Austin plugs the show “Life in Pieces.” Today one of their BB dreams is going to be smashed to pieces. He says he’s Judas and Steve’s the boy. They were never supposed to like eachother, but they’ve become best friends. He sees a lot of himself in Steve. They both dreamed about having this experience, and he’s watched Steve become a man in this house. They’ll be best friends after this. He tells the voters to follow their hearts, and all their dreams will come true. He says “Julie, I’ll see you on The Bold and The Beautiful.” (He’s been begging to be on that show all Summer. Desperation) Liz votes to evict Steve. JMac votes to evict Austin. It’s a tie. It’s up to Vanessa to cast the deciding vote. Vanessa stands and says it’s brutal, but she came to play a game. This is a game move. She votes to evict Austin. Vanessa tries to explain why she evicted Austin, but Austin won’t hear any of Vanessa’s explanations. He tells her she can’t win the game. She’s not going to win the jury votes. Austin says he knew it was too good to be true. Austin walks out the door barefoot.

Austin shakes hands and sits down with Julie. Meanwhile Vanessa’s having a full blown panic attack crying fit in the house. She continues to explain herself about it being a hard decision and blah blah bitty blah same crap different day. Julie says Austin walked out barefoot. He obviously didn’t expect to be evicted. Austin formed an alliance with Vanessa on day 2. (Sometimes rocky) She asks what happened? Austin says Vanessa tried to take Liz out. Steve and JMac will do what she wants. Taking him out gives her the best chance at finals. Austin says Vanessa won’t win the game. She won’t have the jury votes. He thinks either way she would make it to finals. He was going to help her get to finals. Her spot in finals was locked. She didn’t have to “scumbag” him to do it. She “judased judas.” She got him. Julie asks him about a future with Liz. Austin says he fell in love with her. It wasn’t his plan coming into the game. He thought it was his second chance in the Entertainment World after everything that happened with wrestling. He wanted to fulfill a dream to come on Big Brother. Everything changed when he met Liz. Then it became about how long can he keep her safe. Then he thought he had a good chance of winning the game. He says she’s the most important thing he’s taking out of this experience.

Finally, we make it to the HOH comp. This is a really important HOH. It secures the winner’s spot in F3. They are also eligible to compete in the final HOH. This comp is called “What the Bleep?” They will videos of statements made by fellow houseguests. Each statement will have a bleeped out word (or words.) Julie will say what the bleeped out word might be. They answer with true (that is the word) or false (it isn’t the word.) With each correct answer, they are given a point. The houseguest with the most points wins HOH. It came down to JMac and Steve. It was a tie. Julie asked them how many seconds from start to finish (when Vanessa rang in) was the “Over The Rainbow” comp. JMac went over. Steve is the new HOH!

Reminders- There is another eviction Weds night 8pm. Fan favorites Brendon and Rachel join Julie with “A surprise announcement.” (Twitter thinks she’s pregnant.) Brenchel fans tune in tomorrow night! Next Weds the winner of Big Brother 17 will be crowned! Also it’s that time again. Vote for your favorite houseguest on the CBS website! The winner will be announced next Weds during the finale. Don’t forget about the live 24/7 feeds. There might be some good stuff in the next week. Part 1 and Part 2 of the final HOH comp *might* be shown.


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