Meghan Edmonds Drives Brooks Ayers To His Breaking Point! Brooks To Produce Medical Records To Clear His Name

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Meghan Edmonds_RHOC

The Real Housewives of Orange County has officially become a weekly battle between truth and fiction, with newbie private investigator Meghan Edmonds taking over, as our righteous leader. 

Meghan has proclaimed herself super-sleuth, and whether it’s the free the world of one more lie, get back at a cast member who dissed her marriage, or to motivate cancer researchers everywhere, Meghan’s got it covered. 

When a psychic labeled Brooks Ayers illness unclear, Meghan ran with it, determined to spread the banner of mind-blowing revelation over the OC. Lots of questioning jabber to anyone who would listen didn’t suffice, so our gangly detective turned to her partner in exposure, Google. Whether it be to be catch a liar, or to get back at a blond woo-hooer, Meghan had this! A covert call as a disguised patient paid off, and triggered the next step of this epic one woman campaign, striving and pushing for all things just. A girl with too much time on her hands and a laptop can be a dangerous thing, and we all know that blogs are a virtual bottomless pit of dirt. A snarky blog comment led to a few phone calls…then the incriminating text from a peeved ex. Meghan proudly reported her findings, that Brooks is indeed a rosy cheeked, cancer- free soul.  Darn it…and BLESS YOU Meghan, for your selfless crusade. 

Brooks took to his Twitter account to imply that his real personal truth was forthcoming, and may put a certain lanky P.I. solidly back in time out…and hopefully gagged for the rest of the season.

I am so sick of this plot, that I am for anything that shuts Meghan up, and moves us away from this terminal illness blather, before the whole season is blown.  I hope we don’t have to wait for the reunion for the truth to come out.


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