Tamra Judge Spills The Tea: Brooks Ayers Broke Up With Vicki Gunvalson & Meghan Edmonds Investigates Brooks’ Past

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Tamra Judge is so excited for tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. She’s seen the preview and says it’s WOW! Tamra posted on her Instagram.

“I just watched Monday’s episode again. WOW! You don’t want to miss this one. my mom goes on a date Shannon throws an epic party Ryan gets deep about marriage I go off on Brooks  #AriesParty#considerthesource #rhoc.”

Check out a preview of tonight’s episode below. Meghan investigates Brooks’ past. The ‘Wives have questions about Brooks’ health.

Why is Tamra going of on Brooks? For lying about the status of Jim and Meghan Edmonds’ four month marriage. Vicki Gunvalson told Tamra that Jim told Brooks, two of the four months he’s been married to Meghan have been difficult. But, here’s the thing. Jim is not a emotionally available guy. Do you see him confiding something like this to Brooks when he can barely show affection to his wife?

Tamra then told Meghan all about it and when Meghan confronts Brooks about his comment, Brooks denies it, saying “not true” and telling Meghan to “consider the source.” After hearing Brooks say that, Tamra, goes off on Brooks while Vicki just looks on.“Consider the source? Tamra raises  her voice at Brooks. “What the fuck does that mean? Why don’t you give a straight answer for one time in your fucking life!”

Vicki and Brooks are no longer together, though these two are no stranger to the break up/make up scenario. But it may surprise you that this time, Brooks was the one who broke up with Vicki. Tamra was asked this question by a follower.

“lolutz: So she must’ve found out he’s been lying about everything?!@tamrajudge” 

“tamrajudge: @lolutz he broke up with her”

Tamra denies that she’s interfering in Brooks and Vickie’s relationship.  “I’m not in their business. He says something that is a total lie about me. I correct it.”

When it comes to knowing what really happened between Vicki and Brooks, Tamra told viewers they will hear about it at the reunion.


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