RECAP: #BigBrother17 – Vanessa Puts Her Eggs in Liztin’s Basket [Episode 36]

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We’re down to Final 5. With a week remaining 2 houseguests will join jury this week. Alright we’re jumping into where Thursday left off. The houseguests fighting for Head of Household.

Liz describes what the Head of Household competition. The houseguests have to get their eggs over the Rainbow into the egg holders. The first houseguest to get all 10 eggs in their holders without the eggs falling wins HOH. In addition, there’s a holder for a special luxury prize. A “trip of a lifetime” outside the house. We’re on day 85, so taking a trip into the real world sounds awesome to them. The competition won’t end until they crown a new HOH and someone gets the luxury prize. Liz says she’s fired up after her twin was evicted. She hopes her boyfriend or her wins HOH. She wants revenge on “sneaky Steve.” Steve says he can’t play HOH this week, so he hopes John or Vanessa wins. He hopes they can keep him safe, and go after the showmance. There’s a little montage of eggs falling everywhere. His worst case scenario is Austin or Liz winning. He just evicted Julia, and he knows they’ll come after him. Austin makes a comment after losing an egg. Liz reminds him to concentrate. Austin says Julia is gone. Now they’re (Austin and Liz) are just a showmance couple. They need to win this to ensure their spots in final 4. Austin is the first person to get an egg into a holder. Vanessa calls this the most important competition. She needs to win. JMac describes his strategy.

He’s trying to roll it in 1 hand and catch it with his other hand. JMac says it’s a good time to get blood on his hands. He wants to make a big move, and get a take a big target out of the game. JMac sees Austin getting his eggs over the rainbow, and he’s thinking aww man I don’t want you to win. I’ll end up on the block. Mess up. Steve gets nervous about Austin kicking ass in this comp. He says he feels hopeless, and he really wants a 4 leaf clover. If Austin wins he’s screwed. Liz is behind the others. She hasn’t gotten any eggs over. She wants to go slow and steady. When she means slow and steady she means not dropping her egg. JMac, Austin and Vanessa are neck and neck and neck. Austin calls the competition brutal because it takes so long to get your egg over the Rainbow. “This Rainbow sucks!” Steve watches Liz lose her eggs over and over. He says it’s beautiful to watch. JMac, Austin and Vanessa complain about their shoulders hurting. Their arms are always over their heads, so it puts stress on their shoulders. Liz complains about how grueling the competition is. She’s doing it for Julia. After 30 minutes, Vanessa and John are pretty much tied with Austin right behind them. Liz realizes she sucks at this competition, so instead of going for HOH she goes for the luxury prize. Liz says whomever wins HOH is going with her on the trip outside the house. Austin is disappointed in Liz. Austin says Liz is putting more pressure on him to win. If he can win it, they will be in final 4. After 45 minutes, Vanessa takes the lead with JMac right behind her. JMac says he hasn’t won an HOH. His “resume” looks bad. This would be a good time to win HOH, and say he’s done something. Steve is stressing out because Austin is catching up with JMac and Vanessa. He wants to see the showmance on the block this week. Vanessa knows she has the lead, but not by much. She wants to stay focused because everything comes down to dropping an egg at this point. Austin gives himself a little peptalk. He’s so close to the end. “Let’s do this!” Vanessa thinks she’s a good prospect to be a replacement nominee. She really needs to win. JMac smells the win. He knows it comes down to Vanessa dropping her egg, and he can win HOH. Vanessa wins HOH.

Vanessa knows she sits in the middle of 2 alliances, and she knows it’s time to choose a side. Steve has hope Vanessa will put the showmance on the block and he might make Final 4. Liz says Vanessa has sketched her out lately. She feels like Vanessa is playing both sides of the house, and she doesn’t know what she’s capable of doing. JMac feels good about Vanessa winning HOH. They had a plan to target the showmance. He says she just can’t get paranoid about Steve and JMac. If she does, they’re in trouble.

Steve sees Liz crying in one of the bedrooms, and he gives her a hug. Liz says Vanessa could target her because she’s the only other girl left in the house. She could see Liz as a threat. She says Vanessa likes girls, I’m a girl. I hope she still likes me. She says to Steve I’ll get over it.

Meanwhile in the Comic Book room, Austin congratulates Vanessa on her win. Vanessa says she didn’t have it in her to throw the comp. She’s too paranoid. Vanessa says step 1 is going to Steve, Austin and Liz. She wants to ask them about any deals they had coming into this HOH. She’s going to start comparing notes, and see who’s lying. Perry Mason  has entered  the Big Brother house. Austin quickly gives Steve up. Watch out Steve! The bus is coming for you! He tells her if he won HOH the plan was to keep Steve safe. Vanessa tells him she got paranoid right before Julia’s eviction. Austin says here we go again. Vanessa’s looking for a reason to target someone. Vanessa has to remember Liz and Austin are in an alliance with her.

Vanessa then pulls Steve aside. Vanessa says she’s on a quest for information. Information in this game is power. She’s also looking for justification. She needs justification to put 2 people on the block. She first asks Steve who Austin said he would put up if he won HOH. Steve scoots around for a second then says Austin didn’t tell him who he planned on nominating. Vanessa asks if he made a deal with Austin to keep him safe. Steve says yes. Vanessa asks who Liz was going to put on the block. Steve says Liz told him she would put him on the block. Steve also tells Vanessa about a deal he made with Liz right before the live show. He knew they wanted Liz to stay. He asked if he was on the block, and it was a tie would she break the tie in his favor? Liz agreed. Steve says of course he tried to make a deal with Liz. She would do the same thing. She would be a hypocrite if she said she’s not okay with what he did. Vanessa takes this deal as Steve made a deal to send her home. Of course there’s another person he could send home, but it’s all about Vanessa 24/7. Vanessa says she doesn’t know what she’s going to do.

Vanessa’s hanging out in the bathroom when Austin walks in. He asks her “What?” Vanessa says she’s put a lot of faith in people, but there’s conflicting information going on. She says she’s upset with Liz. Austin continues to listen. Vanessa says she promised on her sister she wouldn’t vote against her. She promised Steve the same thing. Austin covers for Liz and says Liz was never going to go through with it. Austin told her to say whatever she needed to say. Vanessa asks who JMac thought he would put up. Austin says he told JMac he would take him to final 4 like they talked about. Vanessa brings up Austin telling Steve he’s not his target. How would that work? Austin says he lied to both of them. He planned on throwing both JMac and Steve on the block. Austin says he was saying what he had to say to keep Liz. Vanessa says it’s hard to believe people when everyone is saying what they had to say. Austin says she can’t be mad at him. He was never going to go against her. Vanessa feels like there’s a whole lot of shadiness going on. Austin says “NO WAY!”

Vanessa continues her quest for the holy grail of information. She finds JMac hanging out in one of the bedrooms. Vanessa says there was a lot of deals going on where she potentially was going on the block. May as well find out what JMac knows, and get even more information. Vanessa asks in the last few days has he spoken with Austin or Liz about who they planned on nominating if they won HOH. JMac says he made a deal with Austin not to nominate him. He would put Vanessa and Steve on the block. Vanessa asks was it his plan or Austins? JMac reminds Vanessa she told him to go make a deal with Austin. Vanessa has amnesia and says she doesn’t remember telling him that. JMac says Vanessa are you crazy? You told me to make a deal with Austin to hide our alliance. He says it’s typical you Vanessa. Vanessa says she doesn’t feel good about this at all. Her trusty gut is talking to her again.

Time to fast forward it’s a Listin segment. Liz asks Austin how his nap was. Austin says it was good. Liz asks what’s up with Vanessa? Austin says Vanessa is mad she made a deal with Steve. Austin instructs Liz to tell her Steve made her do it or he was going to flip the vote. Liz walks out of the bathroom, and finds Vanessa. Liz takes Vanessa in the Storage Room. She says Steve was bugging out about keeping Liz in the game, so she told him whatever he needed to hear. OF COURSE she wouldn’t have nominated Vanessa. She would have nominated Steve and JMac. Vanessa says if she was the replacement nominee it would’ve been tied. She would’ve been the tie breaker. (Notice Austin looking around for food right at that moment.) Liz says she would’ve never gone with Steve’s deal. Liz says she’s been an ally to her, she’s never given Vanessa a reason to doubt her, she took out James (her arch nemesis.) She doesn’t know what Vanessa wants to hear. Austin says he’s been dealing with Vanessa’s paranoia all Summer. Just another day in the Big Brother house. It’s essential he calms Vanessa down before she jumps to the wrong conclusion, and nominates Liz and him. That would ruin everything.They continue to says Steve told them he would flip the vote if she didn’t make a deal. She has no reason to doubt them. Vanessa finally says she believes Liz. Steve walks toward the Storage room while they’re talking and hears them talking. He says to himself “do not go in there…” over and over. Vanessa continues to talk about conflicting deals as Liz gets all teary about taking out her twin. Austin says he never made a deal. He just said I got you. Vanessa says he told her something else in the bathroom. (about JMac) Austin says he never talked to JMac about nominations. Vanessa thinks she caught Austin in a lie. Vanessa says JMac told her different. Austin says JMac is lying. Vanessa asks her name never came out of his (JMac’s) mouth. Austin says no. Flashback to day 84. Austin and JMac talk about who they can’t beat at the end. JMac says it’s tough to beat a lawyer. (meaning Vanessa) Austin and JMac talk about making a final 4 deal. Vanessa says JMac told her something completely different. Austin says he’s been committed to Vanessa and Liz. That’s it. Austin says he can’t trust anything Steve and JMac tell him because they will take eachother over him to F3. He’s never been committed to anything they’ve said to him. Austin says he’s Judas. He’s willing to say whatever he needs to say if it keep him safe for another week. Vanessa says she’s going to go with her gut on this one. Where can I get one of those talking guts Vanessa has?

Steve goes up to HOH. Vanessa tells him where her head is at. Vanessa says it’s an obvious decision to go after Austin and Liz because they’re a couple. She’s foolish to think Steve would take her to the finals over JMac. JMac hasn’t won any HOH’s. She’s won 4. Do the Math. Steve says she thinks he has an easier time taking JMac over her. Vanessa says yes. Vanessa says he’s already been evicted. He’s liked in jury, but he hasn’t won an HOH. He’s very loyal. He’s “a guys guy.” Vanessa says Steve has JMac. Austin has Liz. Vanessa’s the victim again. Call the wahbulance! She has to think about what’s getting in her way. First she needs to get to final 3. She has to think about who would take her. JMac has low competition wins, so people can beat him. More than likely he would stay over her. After thinking everything through in her warped mind, it’s smart to target JMac this week. Steve says it’s a risky option because they are losing the numbers. Vanessa says she teamed up with JMac to break up the Aus-Twins. They’re broken up. Throw him out the window. She doesn’t believe she has an alliance with JMac. Steve says he wants a F3 with them. Steve is upset with Vanessa. The point of his HOH was to get the numbers advantage. If she takes out JMac it’s 2 on 2. They’re right back where they started. It’s not helpful for her at all. She’s only 60% percent sure this is what she’s doing. Steve gives her a hug, and Steve scampers off to get some sleep.

Vanessa says if she’s going to do something risky like keeping a showmance in the house, she better be sure they plan on sticking to what they’re saying. The best way to do that is go to Austin, shake his hand, and make a deal. Vanessa starts with she doesn’t want to go against Austin. She continues by saying they have to give their word they’ll vote how she wants this week. Austin jokes and says Austin and Judas will vote the way she wants. Vanessa tells Austin JMac needs to go. Vanessa says if he wins the Veto, don’t use it. Obviously. Third thing she wants is for Austin (or Liz) win the HOH next week. Austin asks if she needs him to give his word. Vanessa says “so you and Judas are united? Is there anyone else in there I need to know about?”Austin says the game is not about who wins the most competitions. The game is about who puts themselves in the best strategic position to advance. On day 2 he made a deal with Vanessa. Then he fell in love with Liz. Now he has to think about how he can win the game. Austin swears on everything he holds dear what Vanessa has asked of him will be honored. They shake on it. Vanessa says she wants to believe Austin’s being honest. If he’s true to his word, this is the best move for her.

Here we go. The Famous Adjacent Troll enters the house. (Otherwise known as Frankie from last season.) He starts doing a dance so everyone knows he’s arrived! Liz is the most excited and runs to the living room. Everyone else is happy, but they don’t yell and run to the living room. Hugs all around. Steve fangirls out on Frankie. So, the luxury prize is Liz and Vanessa (Liz is taking Vanessa because it has girls trip written all over it.)  will be Frankie’s VIP guest to the Ariana Grande sold out concert. They get to meet Ariana, get a special VIP suite to watch the show, and (because Big Brother is still going on) they get special effects hair and makeup so no one recognizes them. Frankie introduces them to his hair and makeup team, then he leaves. He says he’ll see them at the concert. If he doesn’t recognize them, look for the pink hair. Vanessa is “harnessing her inner rocker chick.” Liz is “the sexy soccer mom.” Liz says she feels like she won a sweepstakes. Vanessa is excited to see a highway and mountains. Liz is happy she gets to meet Ari. She hasn’t been to a concert in forever. Vanessa says it’s cool how they get a day of relaxation and fun. They don’t have to worry about talking game. Liz says the boys are going to be so jealous! Frankie shows them around. They even do a little catwalk and pose on the stage. Vanessa calls it a once in a lifetime opportunity. They get to meet Ariana Grande, and go backstage. This is going to be huge! Ariana gives them hugs. Vanessa calls her a sweetheart. She knows who they are and they are in disguises. She’s in shock. They take pictures with Frankie and Ariana. Liz gushes about meeting Ariana. She’s nice and blah blah you get the point on all that. They get Ariana swag bags. They put their cat ears on. They are also given her perfume. Not even out yet in stores. They both say it was the best experience ever. Liz is ready to go back to the house with a smile on her face. They go back into the house and talk about how much fun they had. Liz says “it was such a girls trip.” JMac says it’s great they enjoyed themselves, but nominations are coming up. They need to focus!

JMac decides he needs to talk to Vanessa. He doesn’t think it’s cut and dry anymore. (Put Liz and Austin on the block.) He wants to see where her head is out so he knows what’s going to happen. Vanessa starts with she was 100% going to put Liz and Austin on the block. Then she started to think about it. She feels like there are 2 couples “and she’s the big fat 5th wheel.” Vanessa says she knows Steve will take JMac over her to finals. He would be dumb not to. JMac says Vanessa thinks she’s in the middle of 2 showmances. He’s never made out with Steve. Vanessa asks him if Steve, Austin and her where in the house who would he take to the finals? JMac says Austin would go first. If Austin is HOH, Steve has to go. JMac says the only psychology that works on Vanessa is reverse, reverse, reverse, reverse psychology. JMac says if she’s going to put him and Steve up, put them up. Vanessa says she doesn’t want to. JMac says Vanessa’s gears will get all mixed up and she’ll wonder why he wants her to put him on the block? Hopefully her head explodes and she’s safe this week. Vanessa asks if she puts them up, and Steve goes would he hold it against her? JMac says no he’d be alright with that.

Vanessa’s Nomination Ceremony. Everyone sits down, and Vanessa turns the keys. She nominates Steve and JMac. She tells Steve they’ve had their ups and downs, but she adores him. He’s a friend to her. It’s not personal. She says she has respect for JMac as a competitor. She goes through his Veto/BOB wins. Every competition he hasn’t won, he’s been runner up. She can’t ignore their loyalties to eachother. It’s about maximizing her chances of winning. Steve says Vanessa told him he’s not the target, but the only guarantee to the final 4 is the POV. Vanessa says her gut is telling her she made the right nominations. She hopes noms stay the same because if she has to nominate Liz or Austin it would complicate things. Austin says Vanessa has held up her end of the deal. He needs nominations to stay the same. Vanessa, Liz or Austin has to win the Veto. JMac says he’s on the block with Steve. They’ve been in this position before. His back is against the wall. He has to win the Veto.

Don’t forget the new schedule for the rest of the season. On Tuesday at 8pm- Special eviction episode. Weds 8pm- Another houseguest is off to see the jury.


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