#SisterWives Meri Brown on Kody’s Divorce and Wedding to Fourth Wife Robyn – VIDEO

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TLC’s Sister Wives premieres tonight, with the polygamous merry-go-round kicking in for another spin.  When we last visited with the Brown bunch, Meri and Kody were legally splitting, and Robyn and Kody were planning to unite. 

This season we will watch the legal joining of Kody and Robyn, followed by a #18 bun in the oven announcement. We are told that the wives are all about paving the way for Robyn’s children to be legally absorbed into the Brown clan, buy Meri’s emotions tell a different story. 

Meri admits that the family decision hasn’t been an easy one.

“I don’t really think I really want to know when you do it,” she says of the upcoming wedding.”

Robyn keeps pushing for the event to seen as an act of togetherness, not division. 

“But I want you there,” Robyn responds. “This act isn’t an act of separation, it’s an act of unity. I was thinking it would be cool to have the kids there. This is about them. This isn’t about Kody and I.”

Social media tells a different story, with fans overwhelmingly skeptical of Robyn and Kody’s motives for the switcheroo. Robyn has an uphill climb with viewers this season, and social media will tell the story of fan reaction, as the season progresses. 


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