RECAP: #TeenMom2 Jenelle Evans and Barbara’s Custody Battle Heats Up Over Jace

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Teen Mom2
Leah Calvert

We begin Teen Mom 2 with Leah dragging up to a picnic lunch to join her twins and her cousin.  Leah complains about being chronically “tired,” as she shares that she is going to a divorce mediator to “mediate things” and hammer out the final divorce agreement with Jeremy.  Leah still loves Addie’s daddy, but she has had enough, and hopes to win some furniture and their daughter. Leah and Jeremy sit through mediation, and Jeremy scores the house, but isn’t happy about the high recommended child support. 

Teen Mom2

The legal drama continues, as we sit in on Corey meeting with his lawyer.  They rehash the boomerang rehab drama that Leah’s mom, Dawn, caused, and the discomfort that Corey has about leaving his daughter with a junkie.  They decide to wait till Leah can see straight again, to hit her with their custody demands. Next, we have to endure a rerun of Leah’s painful goodbye to her girls, and Gracie predictably screeches her protest. Leah runs out, while the girls howl at losing their mom anew.  Dawn reminds the girls that they should cheer on their mommy “getting fixed,” and that Leah should emerge a “better person.” Leah is broken, plain and simple, just like any ordinary, drugged, country bumpkin. Leah arrives at rehab, and is ready for a miracle, or maybe even a new boyfriend.

Teen Mom2

Chelsea Houska

We catch up with Chelsea and Cole embarrassing themselves by singing baby talk in the car.  The couple babbles about their future co-habitation, and it’s nauseating.  Chelsea tells Callie that she and Cole are shacking up, because in doing so, Cole can do his adorable lawn mowing, and home repairs without the commute.  The girls giggle over the novelty of a man that fixes things, while Chelsea explains that she has warned him about the trials of playing house with a child.  Cole is great with getting the milk for free, and genuinely cares about Aubree. Chelsea is excited to be finally getting her family, even without a ring on her finger, and thanks to the horror that is her baby daddy, she can really appreciate it now. Aubree returns home from her time with her dad, and announces that he officially has too many girlfriends. 


Chelsea points out that she has angelically waited for the perfect dreamboat lawn mower to come along. We jump over to some random photo shoot, where Aubree has a brat attack, and the scene seems pointless, but later we learn that all such bratty behavior always  leads back to her lame dad.  Speaking of lame, Adam and his icky friend Justin are talking about his baby mamas and their custody issues.  Mature Baby Mama #2 settled out of court, but the original  is more demanding and bratty, just like her kid.  Adam is annoyed that he is being left out of the loop, and having to get his Aubree info on Facebook, or be forced to call Chelsea during her awake hours.  Chelsea’s mom drills Chelsea about Cole, always perpetually nervous about the rockiness of Chelsea’s love life.  Cole makes himself unselfishly useful by chasing Pete the pig around in the back yard.  Cole is a complete dreamboat of a dad, and it’s super cool to Aubree that a man who isn’t scarily plastered in tattoos is ready to mow full time. 

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle kicks things off by telling us that mediation with Babs is coming up, and that she wants to work things out with Nathan.  The ex-couple meets up to switch Kaiser, and Jenelle blubbers that she wants to work out family meal time again.  She isn’t sure if Nathan is still with his copycat home wrecker, and Nathan is worried that Jenelle may act loony and stalk him. He refuses to disclose his covert new apartment address, much to Jenelle’s dismay. 

Teen Mom2_jenelle-evans

Later, Jenelle heads out to mediation, and is hoping to be awarded custody of Jace during the week, rather than weekends.  We later hear that mediation was a failure, and that Jenelle and Babs will be headed to court.  Jenelle calls and dishes to her “dude” Nathan, who is sure that Babs knows that she will lose in court.  Babs calls her friend Kristen, and unloads  about the mediation nightmare.  The scene is sad, and Babs seems to truly be fighting for the best interest of Jace. Babs and Jenelle are meeting up to talk, about their custody arrangement. Babs wants to work something out on paper, so a judge doesn’t have the last say. Jenelle won’t like that the judge may not be so keen on such a “dramastically” unstable environment.  They both agree that the other needs to be more generous, and that the mediation attempt was a bust. 

Teen Mom2

Jenelle stupidly reminds Babs not to be competitive about time with Jace, because she is “just the grandmother.” She forgets to add “who saved my skanky ass, and kept my kid out of foster care.” Babs reminds her to keep what is in the best interest of Jace at the forefront, and Jenelle believes that Babs really just wants to control her, forgetting that Babs swan dived off of that sinking, polluted ship, long ago.

Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn and Javi are house hunting, but Javi is still peeved that Jo came to their house with him gone.  They discuss Jo’s child support, and Javi wants her to stay out of it, and let the courts decide. Kailyn wants to hear Jo out to keep the peace, but Javi’s presence may heat the negotiations up.   We check in with Jo and Vee, who are discussing their new living scenario.  Jo wants to keep the custody arrangement the same, but knows that child support will likely shift. Javi and Kailyn check out a house, and decide to put in an offer.

Teen Mom2

Javi, Kailyn and Jo are having the big meeting to discuss Isaac, and child support. Jo’s checks don’t even make a dent in Isaac’s expenses, or for gas for their luxury vehicles, and something needs to change.  Jo wants to see a budget and have an out of court discussion, and Kailyn is immediately frustrated, and wants the courts to keep him accountable.  Javi agrees, and Jo snaps at him to keep out of it. Jo is nervous about the court asking for too much, and Kailyn tears up, knowing that their amicability, and gas budget could be in trouble. 

Next week, a move-in, custody, money and lost love are all in the dramatic mix…don’t miss the fun!


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