#SisterWives Facebook Bully EXPOSED – Wishes Cancer on Fan of The Show

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Sister Wives

#SisterWives is set to kick off a new season of quadruple the fun, with Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn Brown poised to share their polygamous combo of bliss and misery, with America. It has been a tough sell, especially since Kody ditched the needy Meri to legally unite with the now knocked-up favorite, Robyn

Yesterday, we reported that Facebook has been slamming the new legal wife all summer, often sympathizing with the three housekeeping castoffs. The TLC Facebook site has been a public hotbed of Robyn hate, and little did we know what a can of slimy worms had been opened. 

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A source immediately reached out to All About the Tea to spill the scary details about an alleged social media #SisterWives vigilante, whose mission is to virtually thrash anyone who dare challenge her favorite TLC brood. Kendra Pollard-Parra is well-known as the full-time social media defender of Kody and his harem, and is allegedly in cahoots with part or all of the Brown bunch.  Kendra appears to be Robyn’s Facebook thug protector, and if you don’t agree with her superfan views, watch out! Our insider explains that Kendra’s modus operandi is to cry a hack job foul, whenever her vile comments cross the line. 

“That’s her thing!  She goes wild with vicious attacks, deletes them, and when confronted she claims she was hacked.”

A case in point was a recent comment she made, when a “hater” rubbed her  the wrong way. Kendra shot way below the belt, wishing cancer on a virtual stranger, later inadvertently admitting the attack again, caught red-handed, after innocently insisting that her account had been hacked. 

Kendra Pollard Wishing Cancer on People

Kendra Pollard Wishing Cancer on People2

Kendra supposedly appears to regain immediate access to her “hacked” identity, so as to pick up her twisted crusade right where she left off. Pollard-Parra is also allegedly responsible for spilling insider info about the Browns that is either wildly delusional, or straight from the Browns themselves. Is Kendra Pollard-Parra just a crazed superfan, or an undercover mouthpiece, blessed and sent into the trenches by the Browns?

Sister Wives_Meri Left

Sister Wives_ Kendra FB post (1)

Kendra didn’t like being ratted out on the All About the Tea thread, and threw some goon-love at us, disapproving of a blog spotlight being shined on the Facebook fan beating that her beloved Robyn is enduring. However, we will always strive to bravely uncover the seedy underbelly of reality TV!

#SisterWives premiers this Sunday night. Something tells me that the fireworks are just beginning!


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