#TeenMom2 Sex Scandal! Leah Messer and Ex-Husband Corey Simms Had Sex Recently

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Although Teen Mom 2 star, Leah Messer’s ex-husband Corey Simms portrays himself as the faithful husband to his pregnant wife Miranda Patterson, a new rumor has ROCKED his West Virginia town about an old familiar romp in the hay.

According to In Touch, Corey and his troubled ex-wife, Leah may have had sex in the back of Corey’s work pick-up truck. This news comes as a shock since the couple have been battling over custody issues involving their 5-year-old twins, Ali and Aleeah.

“Leah recently had sex with Corey in the back of his work truck,” a source tells the magazine. “She was just supposed to meet with him to talk about their daughters, not have sex!”

Leah is currently going through a divorce and is supposedly dating, while Corey is married to beautiful blonde Miranda, who’s pregnant. The source reveals,“ He’s admitted the affair to Miranda.” This alleged affair would devastate the newlyweds, “It’s a huge mess and all their friends know about it,” The source added.

“He’s admitted the affair to Miranda,” the insider reveals. “It’s a huge mess and all their friends know about it.”

Cheating claims are nothing new to Leah. Infidelity rumors have plagued the 23-year old for years. In October, Leah’s estranged husband Jeremy Calvert accused her of cheating on him with one of her old flames, Robbie Kidd. “Well that was a surprise kinda u did it to Corey and now me with the same person good job slut,” Calvert tweeted. “Go back to Mingo and have a wonderful f—ing weekend with Mr. Kidd.” The pipeline engineer soon deleted those tweets and eventually deleted his Twitter account.

During season 6 of Teen Mom 2, Calvert filed for divorce and has already moved on with a new lady, Brittany Musick. 

Another source tells In Touch that Simms vehemently denies sleeping with Messer, whom he recently called a bad mom on their MTV reality show.


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