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RECAP: #BigBrother17 – The Twins Run Out Of Luck [Episode 35]

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BB17-Epi 35

Here we are. The night fans have been praying for. The twins will be separated finally! For 5 weeks the twins played as 1. When they became 2 players, they became a number. It looked like they were going to make it to the end. They won, dominated, and took out players like James. Which one of them sacrificed their game for the other? Let’s find out because it’s eviction night baby!

This week was a rollercoaster. Steve targeted the Aus-Twins. When Austin won POV, Julia replaced him next to her sister. It was chaos at times. Julia says sitting next to her sister on the block is the worst case scenario. Julia sums it up by saying they know one of them is for sure going home. It really sucks! Steve apologizes to Julia. In his DR he says having 2 players really bound by loyalty with each other is a scary thing to have. So, he has to split them up. Austin says it’s great being safe, but not at the expense of his 2 closest allies. He feels really conflicted about this, and he feels bad for Liz. Vanessa says she adores the twins, but strategically separating the twins puts her in a much better position in the house. Of course, it’s all about Vanessa being upset. She puts on that “It sucks. It wasn’t fun” act.

Steve, Vanessa, and JMac are hanging out in the kitchen. Vanessa says the twins have survived 7 evictions together. “That’s insane.” Steve says yea. JMac sums it all up by saying the veto meeting is over. There are tears everywhere. People are crying. He doesn’t really feel bad. Steve winning HOH. Vanessa and him being safe. He feels great! Steve says “I kind of want to throw up actually” JMac says “ew don’t do that.”

Meanwhile in Twin Town, both Liz and Julia are sitting out by the pool crying. Julia says it’s harder than she thought it would be. She never fathomed one of them leaving. “I don’t know why I didnnn’tttt.” Sniff sniff. Liz nods her head and says “You got this.” She continues with how she sacrificed so much for her. She sacrificed her identity. It’s her time to shine. Julia says nooo. Liz says yesss. Liz says this is what she wants. For those at home who don’t understand let me sum it up. Julia is quitting the game so Liz can stay to suck face with the hairy beast. Julia says she’s willing to do this because Liz has played a good game, and won so many HOH’s. She thinks Liz deserves to be in the house. She doesn’t. She did what she was supposed to do. Switching it off with her. Julia says “You’re Liz.” Liz says we made it this far, and you’re now Julia. It’s not her anymore. Liz tells us what she’s thinking in her DR. She says if it was Austin next to her, she would fight to stay. It’s Julia sitting next to her. She can’t do much. If she leaves, she’ll leave with her integrity. She would never say anything bad about her twin. They hug and cry by the pool. They think no amount of money is worth their relationship. (Julia might want Liz to stay because she has a higher chance of winning and they plan on splitting the prize money if she wins.) Touching twin segment.

Vanessa and JMac do some game talking while JMac drinks a bunch of calories. Vanessa tells him he’s going to leave the house obese. JMac says that’s the goal. Vanessa says she can’t believe they made it this far. She asks they (aus-twins) have to know they’re still a big target, right? Vanessa reminds JMac about Austin’s Veto speech. JMac says yea. Flashback to Austin’s Veto speech where he says his heart is telling him to use the POV on Liz. His head is telling him he may not be here to fight for her anymore. Vanessa says “He has to be here to fight for her. Thanks for making it abundantly clear.” JMac asks if they should keep it simple and get rid of Liz? Vanessa says Liz can beat her. She has a chance against Julia. JMac just says right. JMac says everything Vanessa’s been saying is pretty clear-cut. Vanessa says JMac wants Julia to stick around. Austin wants Liz to stick around. That makes her the swing vote. She likes being in a power position. Vanessa says why not get rid of someone who can win the game now? JMac says I like it. Keep it simple.

Liz and Austin are cuddled up in bed. Liz asks him if he trusts Vanessa? Austin takes a deep breath and says he wants to. They agree she’s doing a great job of playing everyone. Austin, being the genius he is, figures out Vanessa’s current game strategy. When Liz leaves, Vanessa thinks everyone will take her to F2. Liz is  the only one who didn’t agree to her F2 offer because she’s taking Austin. That’s what his gut is telling him. Liz says her mind too. Liz says she’s up to no good. Austin says if Liz wants to stay, it’s up to Vanessa. It proves who she’s aligned with. Julia walks in and asks what’s going on. Liz says they’re having an epiphany that’s all. Julia asks what their epiphany is. Austin says they want her out. Liz is the only person who won’t take Vanessa to F2. Julia says she knows. Austin says she plays a perfect manipulation game. She needs Liz out because Liz is the linchpin. The one thing she can’t control. Julia tells Liz she has to stay and fight. She knows Liz can do it. Julia says she knows Liz has a better chance of winning, so she’s willing to give up her game for her twin. She’s at peace with her decision, and she knows Liz will see it that way too. She continues to tell Liz how she needs to fight, so they (Liz and Austin) can make it to F2. Julia continues her little peptalk and Austin joins in. Liz says “Cry baby Liz is gone, and out the door. I am ready for battle. I have to win this thing for the both of us. No more Mr. Nice Girl.” Austin says he’s going to try talking to Vanessa. Liz is now 100% dead set on staying. Julia is happy with this. She says “Boom. Bang. Kaboom.”

It’s time for Austin and Vanessa mindgames! Austin acts like the situation sucks. Austin says he wants them to make their own decision. He doesn’t want to influence it at all. He wants them to decide and be happy with it. Austin says his vote is based on what the twins want. Now it’s up to Vanessa. He can see why Vanessa wants to take out Liz. Austin then says Julia wants Liz to stay. Julia thinks Liz has a chance of winning. She doesn’t. Austin says once Vanessa sees this is what the twins and him want, he hopes she votes with them this week. Vanessa says no matter what it’s not an easy decision.

Vanessa talks to Liztin in the bathroom. She knows the Aus-Twins want Liz to stay, so it’s time to make a deal with them. Vanessa says if Liz wants to stay, she’s willing to do this. It’s tough because she has to go against Steve. Vanessa says Steve hasn’t told her, but she’s guessing he wants Julia to stay. It minimizes the odds of someone going after him. Vanessa says now she knows where everyone stands. It might be better to give the twins what they want, so she doesn’t make anymore enemies. In order to do this, she has to make some kind of deal that ensures her safety next week. She tells them there are 3 things she asks for. 1-If one of them wins HOH, Steve and JMac are the “front door” nominees. If she does go up as a replacement nominee, they have to ensure she’s staying and going into F4 with them. 2-If nominations stay the same, it’s her call who (JMac or Steve) stays. 3-If she makes it to F3 with either of them (not together) they have to choose her to take to F2. Liz says she can’t believe Vanessa is expecting them to follow through with all these things. She’s just shaking her head so she can stay this week. She has no intentions of following through with Vanessa’s demands. Vanessa finishes with “That seems fair right?” Austin just says yeah.

Now that Vanessa has made a deal to keep Liz, she has to convince Steve it’s a good idea. Vanessa makes small talk about what Steve plans on doing when he gets out of the house. Steve says when he first gets out of the house, he’ll spend an hour getting attacked by his mom. Steve asks Vanessa if she thinks Liz is going. Vanessa tells him she’ll vote however he wants. If he feels strongly either way, she’ll 100% vote how he wants. Steve asks what she thinks is the best decision. Vanessa starts her pros and cons of keeping Liz. Then she lists pros and cons of keeping Julia. Pros to keeping Julia- Vanessa is more likely to win HOH next week. She’s getting rid of someone she couldn’t beat in finals. Keeping someone she can beat. Cons to keeping Julia- People would bring her to F2 over Vanessa. Vanessa says she knows what she told Austin and Liz. She’s not sure she should keep someone she’s not sure she can beat in finals. It feels like a 500k decision. Vanessa says it seems scary to leave Liz in the game.

Julie goes to the living room to talk to the houseguests. She announces the houseguests have been in the house for 85 days. It’s safest to say this is the longest they’ve been without their loved ones. Julie asks JMac what he thinks his family is saying at home as they watch him play Big Brother. JMac says “They are like wow. He is really, really stupid, and messing everything up.” Julie says he’s still in the house after 85 days. He’s doing something right. Julie announces she has a surprise for the houseguests. They get some special wishes from home. JMac’s family is great. His mom just says she’s having a good Summer. His dad says he’s following him on the computer. His (brother?) says what the hell? We were suppose to have this good Summer, but you leave me for 500k? Come on man. They end with “Rock on JMac!” Austin gets a message from 2 of his siblings and his dogs. Vanessa gets a message from her girlfriend. She says how she misses her, and she’s proud of her. Even if she doesn’t win. She holds their dogs paws up and waves. Julia and Liz’s family just says how much they love and miss them. Everyone is rooting for them. Her dad just says something that’s probably an inside joke. He ends with he looks forward to seeing them, and have a good time. Steve gets a message from his mom. She says his whole family is so proud of him. They believe in him. He can do this. They are going to see him very soon. She ends with how much she loves him. Steve starts crying. Julie asks Steve if he can put into words what it’s like to see his mom after 85 days. Steve says no. His family is everything to him. He’s never done anything like this. He can’t believe he’s still there after 85 days. It’s everything to see her right now. Julie moves onto Vanessa. She asks what it’s like to get a message from her girlfriend this late in the game. Vanessa says her girlfriend is gorgeous. Her dogs passed out right next to her is so cute. It’s hard to keep a game face on in here, and it touches her heart. Reminds her why she’s there. She loves and misses her.

It’s time for the jury segment! Julie says the Double Eviction rocked the houseguests, and shocked the jury. Julie says it was no shock to Meg when she was sent out the door, but the person who followed was the 1 person she was hoping not to see until finale night. It starts with the current jurors talking about who might be walking through the door. Shelli guesses if JMac won HOH, he would put up Austin and Liz. Shelli is rooting for the Rockstar Dentist. Jackie says she would hate to see Meg and James. In walks Meg, and everyone gives her hugs. Meg says her eviction came as a surprise to her. Socially she was a threat because she got along with everyone. Competition wise, everyone knows she wasn’t a threat. After the welcomes and hugs, Meg says Vanessa was HOH. Meg says she was on the block with James. Then Meg says there’s someone else coming right behind her. Meg shows them a little DVD of the week. (The video is limited to comps and Meg’s eviction) Meg says she would die if James walked through the door. In walks James who sneaks up behind them and scares them. Jackie says it sucks to see both of them on the same day. James says he’s happy Meg is with him. He aggravated her for 75 days in the Big Brother house. It’s continuing in the jury house. Meg says she’s mad at him. James says he can explain, but maybe they should just sit and watch the DVD. James says after Liz won HOH, he knew he was going on the block. It shows a little of the POV comp. James tells them how much he sucked at it. Shelli looks on the bright side and says “Well you look really good in your pink shorts.” After POV comp was shown, James says he feels like he’s living a nightmare all over again. James gives his perspective of who’s running the house and who’s just running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. James says they knew if he stayed, he was taking one of them out. Shelli says she’s still rooting for JMac and Steve. Vanessa is working her butt off to run things and make the finals. She thinks Vanessa deserves it. After all that, Becky just wants wine.

Time for the eviction. Liz gives her speech first. She looks at her twin and tells her she’s shocked they made it this far. Liz just gives a rambling speech about how their first goal was to make it, so they both could play together. They learned a lot about eachother. They can’t fool 15 other houseguests they are 1 person. No man (sorry Austin) or money will come between their bond. She’s lucky she has true love with Julia. Whomever stays is going to fight for their twin. She tells Julia she loves her. Twin team for life. Julia says she’s going to make it short and sweet. She says they’ve done everything together. They came into the world together, they went to the same schools, and now they’re sitting on the block together. Then Julia pretty much gives her twin a peptalk about how she’s going to fight, and how Liz has played a better game than she has. When Julia finally talks to the other houseguests she just thanks them for an incredible Summer, and she’ll cherish the memories for life.

The vote was 3-0. Julia was evicted. After Julia walks out the door, Liz is in tears. (So much for no more tears) Julie asks why Julia and Liz decided that Liz should be the one that stayed. Julia says Liz has played a great game. She’s won 3 HOH’s. Julia says she would be playing for 2nd, and Liz is playing for first. She deserves to stay in the game. Julie asks if it was a mistake for the houseguests to keep Liz. Julia says yes Liz has won a lot, but they’re very close with the other houseguests. They respected the twins wishes. Julie asks about the Veto comp. She asks why Julia took Vanessa’s advice and challenged Austin. Julia says worst case scenario Austin wins the Veto and she goes up next to her sister. She thought she could challenge him because she has better eyesight. Julie asks if she regrets it. Julia says she would take it back now. Julie asks about Austin and Liz’s relationship. Julia says she thinks he’s a great guy and she loves him to death. When their relationship started, Julia joined in because you date one of them you have to “be with the other one.” Julie clarifies her and says you have to support the other twin. Julie asks if she supports the relationship. Julia says she does. They had their fair share of moments, but she loves him. He’s a great guy for her. Julia sees her goodbye messages. JMac says the only thing he regrets is not being able to send both twins out the door. They both evicted him. He hopes to send all her alliance members out the door. Have fun in jury! The other messages are uneventful except Austin says he hopes to see her at Christmas dinner with the family. Julie asks about them making it to Christmas. Julia thinks they’ll make it. When Julie asks about being her bro-in-law Julia says it’s a long shot, but there’s a chance. BB love happens.

Finally we get to the HOH comp. “Under the Rainbow.” They’ll need the luck of the Irish. They have to maneuver the egg through the course, over the rainbow to the pot of gold on the other side. The first houseguest to get 10 eggs safely into their holders, and buzzes in wins HOH. There is also a luxury prize up for grabs. There is a special holder that near their egg holder. The first houseguest to get an egg in that holder will win a once in a lifetime trip outside the BB house. If they go for the luxury prize, it could hinder their chances at HOH. The comp will be played until both HOH, and the luxury prize is won.

There is a change in the schedule. They have to move over for Thursday Night Football. Sunday 8pm- Find out who won HOH, and who they nominated. Tuesday at 8pm- A special eviction night. Weds 8pm-Another eviction episode. We’re winding down to the end. Don’t forget about the live, unedited 24/7 feeds. 


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