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Shocking! #TeenMom2 Leah Messer Gets Cops Called On Her After Rehab For Daughters Ali and Aleeah

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Leah Messer heads off to “anxiety” rehab for the second time, on tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2. Leah claims the decision was made to help her with her constant angst issues, but most believe that a likely pill addiction was the source of the MTV personality’s unraveling.  Leah claims to be happy and healthy now, and cozily shacked up with her newest love, 32 year old personal trainer, T.R. Dues. Her parenting skills evidently need a longer stint in rehab, because according to Life & Style, the reality bumpkin was recently ratted out, for shoddy mothering.

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Leah has been seen on the MTV reality show in less than fine form, feeding her twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah, dinner at midnight, even losing her patience and spanking them a time or two. The recent incident  was triggered when Leah was seen driving unsafely, and was spotted by a teacher at her daughters’ school, who then called the police. 

“A teacher called the cops when she spotted Leah pulling up to the school without the twins in car seats,” a source spills, adding that the police trailed the 23-year-old mother of three the next day. 

Luckily for Leah, the girls were buckled in that day.  The source spoke about another incident where Leah’s disabled daughter, Ali, was left unprepared to handle a school fire alarm.

“Ali was unable to get out quickly and had to be assisted,” the source reveals. “Leah claims the wheelchair is broken but refuses to get it repaired.”

The twins’ father, Corey Simms, is believed to be less than impressed by his ex-wife’s parenting, and is supposedly still pursuing full custody of his daughters.  Stay tuned. 


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