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Facebook Slams Pregnant Robyn Brown: Is New Legal Wife Taking Over #SisterWives?

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They’re baaaaack! Kody Brown and his Sister Wives are set to kick off a new and likely season, when TLC’s Sister Wives premieres this Sunday night. 

We will watch Kody Brown  and Meri officially divorce, Kody and Robyn tie the knot, and Robyn announce that the #18 bun is in the oven. Last season’s divorce bombshell was dropped on an unsuspecting audience, and the crafty TLC editorial night shift was utilized to sell that the network knew about the switcheroo all along.

Meri was out, and Robyn was in, in, IN. Nowhere is that more evident than on TLC’s Sister Wives Facebook page, where TLC joyously counts down the weeks of Robyn’s pregnancy. For weeks and weeks, Robyn and Kody’s love affair, and the new Brown baby were the only stars of the social media page.

Sister Wives FB pic

Meri, Janelle, and Christine were all but forgotten during the off-season, except for an occasional recipe contribution.

Sister Wives FB pic

Is the popular polygamous portrayal morphing into more of a monogamous one? Should Sister Wives be renamed to The Kody and Robyn Hour?

Sister Wives FB pic

What do viewers think of the changing of the wives? Overwhelmingly, Robyn took a beating, with most loudly concluding that Robyn had all but shoved Meri out of first place.

“No thank you. I love Sister Wives but Robyn ruined the show for me.”

“T L C needs to drop ” The Robyn Show”.,, So tired of her !!! Are you listening , Robyn???”

“I am sorry but I do not like Robyn or how Kody divorced Meri and legally married Robyn.I think Robyn is fake and all about herself…”

“Robyn is breaking this family apart .i use to love this show but it’s getting stupid ..feel bad for meri n janelle”

“watch Kody and Robyn’s jorney i thought when you have sister wives its a jorney for all of them hmmmm”

“WE GET IT!!! She’s pregnant! Congrats, but How is Janelle and her weight loss? How is Mary and her college classes? How is Christine! I’ve seen nothing but ROBIN ROBIN ROBIN, how is the rest of the family!!??!!!?”

“I often wonder if TLC or the Sister Wives even bother to read the comments here? It doesn’t seem like they care what fans have to say.”

The negative comments go on and on and on.  Robyn has an uphill climb this season, to win the hearts of viewers who instinctively know that the Browns and TLC, pulled a fast one.  Tune in this Sunday, as the polygamist bunch try to spin this shady tale, into a winning one.


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