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Caroline Stanbury Wants the Americans to Get a Grip

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The blog this week by Ladies of London’s resident queen bee, Caroline Stanbury, is short and sweet. So…basically the opposite of all that is Caroline Stanbury. Don’t get me wrong, I like Caroline’s cool, bemused English attitude. The woman says more with one lifted eyebrow than Juliet can sputter in an hour.

Caroline has a pedigree, a rich husband, and multiple businesses. Don’t think she has time to sit around doing boring stuff, like raising her own kids. Caroline has a staff to take care of her offspring. A staff she quizzes every morning as she nibbles Marmite and sips her tea. That’s what we saw with our own eyes anyway. Caroline spins it a bit differently.

“I have been spending time with my family and building carolinestanbury.com [sic] lots of change in my life stay tuned.”

Oh, we will, Caroline. We will.

So what about all that hullaballoo over the silly American tradition of Thanksgiving? Caroline can’t be bothered.

“I simply thought get a grip – it’s a dinner! Is it that big of a deal really?”

This is dry turkey and green bean casserole we’re talking about, sister. And it’s American, so yes, it’s a big deal.

“Juliet asked me to do Thanksgiving I knew Marissa would be upset. Obviously she loves doing it, but I did agree with Juliet, I would rather it was intimate and at a house.”

But our English rose knew exactly the havoc she’d wreak when she offered to host Juliet and her family for Thanksgiving. Caroline wanted to poke at Marissa, and she succeeded. But let’s be honest, Marissa makes a good target. She’s so very earnest about…well, pretty much everything. Caroline, being the vaguely sadistic ice queen she is, couldn’t help but have a go at Marissa.

Caroline likes throwing a bone to the two hungry American expats, then sitting back with a wicked grin as she watches them fight it out. This is her form of entertainment. And I guess it’s mine, because I’ll be tuning in next week.

What do you think of Caroline? Did you know she used to date both Hugh Grant and Prince Andrew? She’s got some range, our girl.


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