RECAP: #BigBrother17 – BB Alum Jessie Returns in a Pink Tutu [Episode 34]

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We now have 2 weeks left and 6 houseguests still in the house. To recap the last episode Steve won HOH, Vanessa “misted” him into putting up Liz and Austin, and Liz ran out of the nomination ceremony crying. Did I miss anything?

So, Liz isn’t taking her nomination very well. She’s upset she’s up on the block against Austin. Instead of finding out what the holy hell has gone on in Steve’s head, she goes to bed and sobs like a cry baby. (If you watched the feeds, last week Liz and Julia mocked Meg for crying when she was nominated.) She says she’s in this position with her “boyfriendddduuhhh.” Her DR is full of sobs. Meanwhile Austin says he’s been assured safety, but he’s on the block next to his girlfriend. He likens it to a “heroic quest.” He has to choose between the girl or the glory. He doesn’t know what to do.

Steve explains what his “endgame” is. He wants to separate the Aus-Twins. He says he’s played a passive and defensive game up to this point. Now that they are close to the end, he’s going to start playing a more aggressive game. He obviously wants to go for the gut because the Aus-Twins have avoided the block for the most part. Sure the twins have been pawns, but Austin has never been on the block.

After everyone scatters, Julia and Austin go into the bedroom to comfort poor Liz. (Sarcasm) Julia tells Liz not to cry because it’s going to make her cry, and Austin hugs Liz with reassuring words. He says they need to win the Veto, and change Steve’s mind somehow. They give Liz a peptalk about it not being over yet. Liz feels betrayed. She didn’t think Steve was the one who was going to stab them in the back. Liz says the game “eats at your mind.” Austin says it all changes if Julia wins the Veto. Liz isn’t sure she can count on her twin, but Austin says they have no choice. Liz asks Austin not to leave her alone in the house. (I guess Julia became chop liver when compared to the hairy beast that is Austin.) Liz had enough crying in bed. She gets up and says “This means war.” She says no more crying, put on a pretty face, and act like everything is “peachy keen.” She’s done crying. Oh the fakeness.

Steve sits down with Austin in the Cabana Room. Austin says it was tougher than he thought it was going to be. Steve says I know. Steve says he hates hurting people, and he avoids confrontations. Austin asks if Steve needs anything from him this week. He tells Austin his BB life is pretty much in Steve’s hands. Steve just tells Austin “Veto.” Austin takes this opportunity to pat himself on the back. He was a target in week 1, and he made it this far. Steve says he thinks they both understand where eachother stands right now. Steve, the mastermind that he is, says he’s just telling Austin what he wants to hear. Liz and Austin are his 2 big targets. He’s just trying to make him feel nice and comfortable. He looks forward to stabbing Austin in the back. He’s very sneaky. Steve and Austin wish eachother luck in the Veto comp tomorrow.

Austin goes back to the bedroom where Julia and Liz are hanging out, and hugs on Liz who’s laying down. She tells him she looks like she’s on her deathbed. She tells him to stop hugging all up on her and jumping in her personal space. Austin says he just wants to get comfy while Julia sits there laughing. Julia says she doesn’t feel any animosity toward Steve. Austin says there’s no point in feeling anything until after the Veto Comp. Julia says she has to win the Veto. Julia guesses Steve would put up Vanessa. Austin says he’d have to. Then they can vote out Vanessa. Austin says they have the votes. Julia says she’s going to start praying every 30 minutes. Liz says if Austin or her win the Veto, Steve is going to put up Julia. Julia says she knows. That’s why she needs to win it, and save Liz. Steve can’t put her up. Austin says if there’s any way they can throw it to Julia, they will. They have to go for it. Austin says they are all on the same page. If it’s possible to throw it to Julia they will. Julia will pull Liz off the block and the twins will have the votes to save Austin. Liz says if she goes, they better take out Steve. Julia says she’s “a lion going after a gazelle.” Not this analogy again! She’s going to “eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.” How graphic.

It’s time for the Veto Competition! Everyone gets in their tutus! Steve remembers this comp from Season 15. The same competition that split up Amanda and Mccrae. Now Austin and Liz are in the same position. Suddenly, Mr. Pectacular himself (Jessie) flies out a door in his own pink tutu screaming like tarzan or something. He shows off his muscles by striking poses while the houseguests jump around in excitement. Julia says Mr. Pectacular is cuter in person than he is on TV. Julia’s swooning and drooling over his pecs and abs. Correction both Liz and Julia are drooling, and Austin notices. He gets all jealous. He says this guys has no layers or depth. He’s also like 5 feet tall. This competition combines bowling and ballet. They call it bowlerina. Jessie will pick the comp order. The goal is to knock down all 4 pins before your opponent, but there’s a twist. There’s a gate blocking the pins. They have to hang onto a handle and spin 15 times. The gate will lower for 15 seconds. They have 15 seconds to knock down their pins.

After the 15 seconds are up, the gate will return and they have to spin 15 more times for another chance to knock down the pins. Last player standing wins the POV. As Jessie pulls the names to determine the order, Vanessa explains (in her DR) she wants the Aus-Twins broken up. She wants nominations to stay the same. Austin likes the order Jessie has drawn. He says the goal is to eliminate Vanessa, JMac and Steve. Then they can throw the comp to Julia. They get to choose who challenges them. Liz says if they survive, Steve is their numero uno target. So, of course Liz challenges Steve. Steve says he doesn’t want to be in a position where he has to nominate Vanessa or JMac. He doesn’t care who wins as long as it isn’t Julia. When Steve is done spinning, he’s so dizzy he falls all over the place. Liz knocks the pins down first, and eliminates Steve. He prefers Vanessa or JMac wins the Veto, but if Austin or Liz wins he’s not complaining. Just not Julia. Julia is next. Vanessa starts whispering to her about picking Austin. JMac is inbetween them. He thinks if Vanessa can pull this off it will be amazing. Julia gets up and challenges Austin. I’m telling you Vanessa has some sort of voodoo power over these people. Austin starts flipping out. He thinks it might be a set up by the twins, or a conspiracy. He wonders if he’s the target. Liz is pissed, but Vanessa tries to convince her it’s a smart move by Julia. Vanessa, of course, wants Austin to eliminate Julia. That eliminates the possibility of her or JMac going up as a replacement nominee. Liz isn’t buying it. She says Vanessa is just looking out for her own game, and it’s rubbing her the wrong way. Julia has second thoughts about picking Austin. Austin is pissed, and “Judas” takes over. He has to win the Veto. Austin eliminates Julia. Steve asks why she picked Austin, and Julia says I don’t know. Steve was confused with Julia’s pick, but now she’s out of the competition. Works for him. Austin thinks everyone is against him. Vanessa doesn’t help by defending Julia. Moving on, JMac is next. JMac challenges Liz. His best move is eliminating her. JMac eliminates Liz. Austin vs. Vanessa. Austin won. Ugh here we go. Austin vs. JMac. He shakes JMacs hand and promises him safety next week if he throws it. Judas apparently appears, and Austin is sitting somewhere sipping beer. He makes this big deal about being Judas. Austin (or Judas) wins the POV.

After the Veto Comp, Judas goes back into the house with the houseguests and celebrates like he won WWE match against The Rock. He just looks douchey. He says everyone who planned to take him out must live in fear. He’s here to stay. It’s time to figure out why Julia picked him.

Liz jumped into it with Julia while Judas was taking his steroids and acting like he owned the World. Liz tells Julia off. She’s livid Julia didn’t pick JMac. If she had picked JMac, he would’ve gone twice in a row. Julia puts all the blame on Vanessa. She says Vanessa was telling her if Austin wins the Veto, she’s going on the block. She trusted Vanessa. Liz loses it. She’s upset now because the twins will be next to eachother on the block. Julia just apologizes and says she shouldn’t have listened to Vanessa. After Judas leaves the building, Austin barges in and demands answers from Julia. He tells Julia Vanessa played him. Austin says he thought it was a set up, and Julia got played on National TV. Julia says she’s not sure if Vanessa played her, now she has her sister mad at her, and she’s in a bad position. It sucks.

Julia confronts Vanessa. Julia says she feels like Vanessa played her. Vanessa tries to rationalize it but reminding her about who will now be up next to Liz. She asks Julia if that was the worst case scenario for Julia. Liz walks in on their conversation and both twins go at Vanessa. Liz explains why it was stupid of Julia not to pick JMac. Vanessa defends herself by throwing her “game expert” status at them. She tries to remind them Austin is only playing for himself. She doesn’t think he would’ve thrown it to Julia. Vanessa tries to defuse the situation. Both twins are coming at her trying to explain what the plan was. Vanessa starts crying, and swears on everything in the World while doing the poor me act she’s so good at. After kicking Steve out of the bathroom, she throws Austin under the bus. She hints to the twins that she has information they don’t about Austin.

Liz confronts Austin. She asks him if he’s hiding stuff from her. Austin starts making Liz feel bad. He says Vanessa is lying, and she’s throwing him under the bus with lies. Liz starts crying. She does the “I don’t know” routine. She asks if there’s something Vanessa knows that she doesn’t. Austin tells her no. He’s done everything he can to protect the 3 of them. It almost cost his game this week. Austin says they asked him if he would go nuts if they took out one of the girls this week. He explains he had to play ball with them, or risk his game. Liz starts feeling guilty now. Austin explains why he didn’t tell her sooner. Austin says Julia sealed her own fate. Liz is upset. She gets up and starts walking away. She says “She’s over it.” She’s “going to leave the game with integrity.” Then she stomps off sobbing again. Well, so much for fake Liz. She’s leaving with her head held high.

Liz goes back into the bathroom where Julia and Vanessa are talking. Liz thought Austin was so in love with her he would use the Veto on her. Liz is not sure what to think about Austin now. She learned Austin is selfish, and “he’s no Clay.” I’m trying to hold my laughter right now. Liz this isn’t the love connection. She adds “he’s not a knight in shining armor.” She “like literally never wants to talk to him again.”

JMac goes upto the HOH room. Steve asks him if he’s missing anything. JMac says everyone is arguing. JMac explains how Vanessa convinced Julia to pick Austin. He says Vanessa knew if Julia won the Veto, she would be the replacement nominee. Steve says he’s just staying out of it. He’s happy Vanessa convinced Julia to pick Austin, but she has her hand in a lot of cookie jars. She’s manipulative and persuasive. He says she’s not someone he wants to sit next to in F2. JMac says they don’t have to worry about a Vanessa/Austin F2 anymore. They hate eachother now.

Austin hears the twins and Vanessa talking about him in the bathroom, so he goes in there to confront the situation. Austin says it makes him sick to be a pawn, so his girlfriend could get taken out. He hates that Liz thinks Austin was trying to take the twins out. He says he had a gun to his head, so he had to play ball. Hopefully save himself, and the twins. He could’ve just walked out like Clay, but no one respects that. He takes Vanessa to the Cabana Room where there’s no audience to continue their conversation. Austin asks her what she’s telling the twins? Vanessa says she didn’t say anything. She just sat there listening. Vanessa says Liz defended him even though she thinks he’s a POS right now. Vanessa tries to explain how if Julia took Liz down, she was going up next to him. It would’ve been an attack on her. Austin asks if she thinks he’s against her. Vanessa tries to throw all the information she has in his face. She hints how she could’ve used the information, but she was trying to make the best decision for everyone involved. Austin tries to backpedal and say he was frustrated. He was trying to save everyone. Austin says in his DR since he’s staying in the house with Vanessa, he has to play nice in the BB sandbox. He tells Vanessa he isn’t mad at her. Austin says he isn’t telling Liz anything bad about Vanessa. He’s just trying to play peacemaker and savior. He says he has to look out for his own game too. Vanessa explains how Liz fantasized about Austin playing Prince Charming, and saving her from the block. Austin says he wishes he could. Austin says the last thing he wanted is for the twins to be next to eachother on the block. Vanessa jokes about Austin not using the Veto. He just throws her a look, and says it’s not happening.

Austin finds Liz in bed. Liz is mad. She doesn’t believe he was trying to protect her the entire game. She thinks it might be the end for them. They don’t need him. Austin tries to explain how he thought the house was against him. Liz wasn’t buying it. She called his BS. She says he’s full of crap. Austin says he ruined his life for her. Liz asks how. He says he chose her over a girl at home because he fell in love with her. He officially left his girlfriend for her. Liz says she thought they were on the rocks. Austin says they were, but he made the decision to be with her. They continue to go back and forth. She told him to walk away. He says he never lied to her. He sacrificed his game for her. He loves her with all his heart. After Liz buries herself in her pillow, Austin gives up and leaves.

Julia comes in to tell Liz how she called Austin out on being a douchebag. She asked Austin if he’s going to wear the necklace all day? Is he trying to rub it in? Julia says she’s sick of stepping on Austin’s stuff. She literally throws his stuff on the other side of the room. Liz starts laughing. She puts on his top hat and says “I’m Judas” while doing a little dance. She says she hates him. He’s disgusting.

Power of Veto Ceremony. No big deal here. Austin saves himself. Steve nominates Julia. No surprises.

Thursday is the live eviction. Will Liz or Julia leave? With such a short time left, it’s getting down to the wire!   


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