EXCLUSIVE: Nathan Griffith and Jenelle Evans Reunited: Trashy #TeenMom2 Romance BACK ON

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teen mom2_nathan-griffith-and-jenelle-evans

The rollercoaster continues for #TeenMom2 star Jenelle Evans and her baby, daddy Nathan Griffith. Climb aboard MTV fans, because the two dysfunctional lovebirds are back together, ready to give their trashy romance another go. 

A video was posted on Twitter of the reality parents canoodling in their workout wear, admiring each other’s buff physiques. YUCK!

A source has come forward and spilled the tea, explaining that Nathan’s rebound love affair is no more, and that Nathan’s new girlfriend, Jessica Henry is history. 

Allegedly, Jessica was caught cheating, and the couple crashed and burned. What’s a guy to do when he needs a bed to flop in, to recover from a broken heart? Supposedly the news is out, with Jenelle blasting the romantic reunion news to her friends. Will we see Jenelle lose her Jessica-chic makeover, as the couple starts anew?

How long will this round of careening passion last? Nathan was quoted post-breakup, demanding MTV to meet “his terms,” if he was return to the reality show. A strapping simpleton needs to sustain a gym membership, after all!  

Stay tuned.


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