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Cold-Blooded! Toya Bush-Harris Shows Mariah Huq Zero Compassion Over Her Miscarriage

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Mariah_Married to Medicine

Married To Medicine. I love this show. And I, for one, have missed Miss Mariah, our former Queen Bee who speaks about herself in the third person with such fierce confidence that it comes off (sometimes rightly) as egotistical bragging. Mariah took her diva realness overboard last season—we all remember when she took over a simple children’s princess party and turned it into a royal pain by making it all about her—and after a coup, was overthrown by the other women, dethroned and sent packing from Island Fabulous.

But Mariah has returned. See, after last season shit got real. Mariah suffered a miscarriage (twins) and had a cancer scare. She was reportedly in the hospital three times in a matter of months, and no one, save crazy Jill, acknowledged Mariah’s real life tragedy. This bothers me very much.

In a circle of acquaintances, when someone goes through deep emotional or physical pain, isn’t it a tacit agreement that you put the petty on pause and act like a goddamned human being? You call, you text, you send flowers. In my neck of the woods, you take food to their house and offer to watch their kids for a weekend. Because that’s what normal, caring people with a soul do!

As far as Toya, whose head is so far in the clouds or up her own ass, I didn’t expect much. This is the conversation All About The Tea, Mariah, and I shared over the matter via Twitter:

Mariah Huq tweet_Married to Medicine

Toya’s lack of caring was downright ruthless. And I hate to tell you this sweetheart, but karma is a dirty b*tch, and you will reap the whirlwind. When you need help the most, Toya, you’d better hope people treat you with more kindness than you treated Mariah. Toya’s cold heart spilled onto Twitter, where she “favorited” the following callous tweets bashing Mariah during the episode. 

Toya_Married to Medicine Favorited tweets

I guess the real shocker was Dr. Simone and Dr. Jackie. According to Mariah, they didn’t reach out to her. That makes me sad. I expected more of them. They know better. They see miscarriages on a consistent basis in their line of work. Why didn’t they send a freaking Hallmark card? I won’t even bother to mention Heavenly. She was twice as callous as the rest of them.

This episode made me deeply grateful for the friends I have. You Married To Medicine ladies have shown your true colors, and I for one do not like them one bit. I’m always the first person to try and see both sides, but on this one, I’m #TeamMariah all the way.


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