Shocking! Jenelle Evans’ Twitter Goons Issue Death Threats to #TeenMom2 Insider

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Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans is in a class of her own, an unmatched train wreck in the world of teen reality TV.  She has reached an elite status of hot mess TV teens, and has amassed an impressive pile of mugshots. Sixteen and counting, all with their own criminal-chic flair. She is also a tabloid poster girl, due to the unbelievable rollercoaster of careening twists that is indeed this reality star’s life. 

A few assault polaroids mixed with a slap for drug possession is kids’ stuff, compared to what emerged on the Twitter account of whom many consider to be the most expert of Teen Mom 2 insiders, Smarty Jones (@misssmartyjones). “Smarty” has recently become the target of Twitter thugs, aiming to wipe her out. The bullied target posted the death threats on her timeline, and while “Smarty” didn’t allow Jenelle’s Twitter GOONS to rattle her, the tone of the messages was disturbing.

Jenelle Evans Goons Death Threats

Is there a connection to these gangster wannabes and the trashy popularity of Jenelle Evans? Some digging revealed an unsettling social media oriented pattern, with certain followers organized and ready to defend their MTV heroine. Allegedly, Jenelle Evans appears to have a mini-army of minions who do her dirty work, while she lays back and enjoys her sleazy and lucrative quasi-stardom. Many believe that Jenelle’s flunkies are the ones responsible for feeding the tabloids false-positive spins on the single mom, which are routinely vomited out to the public. A source close to the seedy manipulation has come forward, to put some of the core operators on blast. 

According to our snitch, Jennifer Holt is a reported key player in Jenelle’s game. She proudly calls herself Jenelle’s best Twitter pal, runs her Teen Mom oriented accounts, which continuously pump out sparkly Jenelle stories. Holt allegedly seeks to intimidate and threaten those who dare refuse the sweet Jenelle kool-aid.

Ryan Dolph appear to be the online muscle, behind the troubled single mom. According to our insider, Dolph allegedly jumps to action when anyone dares to speak out to expose Evans’ vicious tendencies. 

You may remember the early in the season proposal vacation where Jenelle and Nathan trekked to St. Thomas with family and friends. This was the same jaunt where Jenelle was heard screaming military combat death wishes at Nathan’s brother. Patrick and Candy Hennessey were entrenched in the spectacle, and later exposed the nightmarish trip from hell on their social media accounts. Our source says,

“Ryan obtained their home phone number, and proceeded to send the couple vile messages, including mocking Candace’s heartbreaking miscarriage.”

The Hennesseys talked…and they paid the price for messing with the beloved miscreant of MTV. On a creepier note, our insider shares about an older and seemingly obsessed fan, named James Duffy. He supposedly claims a past intimate relationship with Evans, and has a unique skill set. The tipster spilled,    

“Duffy specializes in tormenting any “soulmate” of Jenelle’s that dared to escape a relationship with her.”

On August 25, Duffy tweeted a stern warning,

James Duffy tweets_Teen Mom 2__

These are just a few of the alleged players in Jenelle’s ominous operation. She can relax and focus on her trademark on-camera smirk, because Jenelle’s stooges purportedly have everything from the publicity train, to sinister intimidation, under control. 

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