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RECAP: #BigBrother17 — R.IP. Scamper Squad [Episode 33]

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Ready. Set. Get ready for the best recap ever. The beginning of the downfall. Who’s downfall? Well read on and find out.

Right after the Double Eviction and James walking out the door after Meg. Liz reassures JMac he was never her target. JMac just goes along with it like he always does. Liz compared the Double Eviction to a level 5 hurricane. Nevermind. Too easy. Moving on, Liz says she had to win HOH to protect her sister. Vanessa acts like she’s all upset, but it’s an act. Like always. Vanessa says she couldn’t have scripted the Double Eviction better herself because James her number 1 target is gone. He was the only person she wasn’t working with, and the only person targeted her. She can breathe easy going into F6, and she feels completely safe. (Because she has a f2 deal with almost everyone left in the house.) Steve says the Double Eviction blindsided him. Steve is also happy James is gone because James is the only person he didn’t have some type of alliance with. It was a relief. JMac and his adorable DR’s. He thanked Liz and Julia for evicting someone who was aligned with no one, and keep him who’s aligned with Vanessa and Steve. It’s time for a blood bath right now! Liz, the most self-centered person in the house, is crying. Austin reassures her it was the right thing to do. It’s not because she evicted James. It’s because she put JMac up as a pawn. This only makes sense to her. Austin says JMac won’t retaliate because they helped JMac out a lot in this game. (By nominating him then evicting him not less than 1 week ago.) Then Liz smiles because James is gone. Austin tells her he’s going to try and get them upstairs. (Win HOH)

Austin consults Steve about the right move to make next. He says he doesn’t know what he’ll do if he wins HOH. It’s a scary week for him. He doesn’t want to put up anyone in the 50 alliances he has in the house. (Exaggeration but we all know Austin has alliances with everyone) Austin says “situations are coming.” He doesn’t want to put up Steve or Julia.

Austin explains to us what his dilemma is. He’s aligned with 5 out of the 6 people left in the house. If he wins HOH, he’s going to have to put up someone he’s aligned with and get blood on his hands. He doesn’t know if it’s in his best interest to win HOH this week. He asks Vanessa what JMac or Steve would do if they won HOH. He asks Vanessa “Twins?” She says “Probably.” Vanessa asks if it scares him. He says he’s thinking more about himself. How he would survive. Austin’s such a romantic. Vanessa advises him to throw it. Vanessa says it’s not in her best interest for Austin to win HOH this week. He’s never going to put up the twins. It is in her best interest if Steve or JMac wins HOH this week. Austin worries about JMac winning. Vanessa tries to tell Austin she’s going to steer JMac away from Austin. If he does go up, she’ll make sure he has the votes. Austin doesn’t believe it. Vanessa says “That’s what I do.” Austin says fine. That’s a really good point.

It’s time for Vanessa to talk to her other alliance. (JMac and Steve) Vanessa tells JMac she’s scared Steve won’t do what needs to be done. (Put up Aus-Twins) Vanessa says he’s going to have to do it. He has no other options. JMac and Vanessa start celebrating. She asks JMac “Do you feel blessed right now?” She walks off with Steve and tells him Austin wants to throw the HOH. Steve says “sounds good.” The numbers are on their side. Steve says this worked out well. Vanessa says one of them will need a peptalk if they win HOH. Steve asks why? Vanessa says it’s going to be tough. They agree they just have to do it. Vanessa says now’s the time to take a shot at Austin and the twins. Steve asks about Austin planning to throw it. Vanessa says he’s considering it. Steve says Austin’s an idiot. Vanessa is adamant. Do not tell Austin not to throw the HOH. Steve is pumped. He says they’re in a really good spot right now. Aus-twins you are screwed!

Steve says to the camera “Austin, Liz and Julia: You are idiots, idiots for keeping John. The biggest mistake of the game, and twins I’m putting your asses up.”

Now it’s HOH comp time. Liz is hosting. Julia says to Liz “Ew those pants are disgusting!” In each round, the competing hgs will be shown a line up of BB17 trading cards at a rapid pace. The line up of trading cards will gradually slow down so they can get a better look at who’s in the line up. When they figure out which houseguest trading card is not in the line up, arrange their cube puzzle into the face of the missing player. Once they solved the puzzle, hit the button. If the buzzer light turns green, they will advance to the next round. If it turns red, they are wrong. They aren’t eliminated, and may try again. In each round the last person to solve the puzzle correctly is eliminated. Last player standing is HOH. It’s down to JMac and Steve. JMac says he needs to play HOH next week. He wants Steve to win this HOH. Steve wins HOH. Steve says it feels good. It’s down to F6, loyalties are going out the window, and everyone needs to do what’s best for their game. Steve names his target: Aus-Twins. Vanessa’s happy to sit back, let Steve get all the blood on his hands, and watch the fireworks.

Everyone is excited to see Steve’s HOH room. (or acting like it.) Steve says the number 1 thing he wants is a picture of his nephew. Vanessa once again says Steve’s getting the blood on his hands, and going after the Aus-Twins. She’s going to be sitting pretty between 2 duos who are likely targeting eachother, and not her. Vanessa and Steve do a little celebrating followed by Vanessa acting like she’s disappointed she didn’t win. Steve says he needed to win this week because he won’t be able to win whatever comp comes next week.

Time for Vanessa to play dumb. Julia says thank God JMac didn’t win. Vanessa asks what Steve plans on doing. Vanessa says he’s not putting up John. Julia doesn’t seem to believe it. Vanessa says she’d be shocked! Julia thinks Steve won’t put them up because he’s in their alliance. Vanessa says JMac is his buddy. Julia says they have a strained relationship, but Vanessa acts like she has no idea what Steve plans on doing. Julia says Steve better not put the twins up on the block together because the 1 twin that stays will go after him with a vengeance. “Lord help any Mister who comes between her and her sister.” Vanessa gets the twins all scared.

Austin tells Steve anything he needs, just let him know. Austin hints that if Steve wants to honor Scamper Squad till F5, he’ll do anything. Steve says he knows he’s at the bottom of the totem pole of Scamper Squad. Austin tries to save himself by saying he’s not at the bottom with him. Austin then realizes he’s not going to honor the Scamper Squad. He’s going to take a shot at them. Most likely he’ll target himself or the twins. Austin tries to hint that if Steve puts the twins on the block, he’ll try and keep the other twin off Steve’s trail. Austin realizes now he can’t save the twins all the time. He’s an individual player, so he has to stop playing savior for the twins and realize he has to save himself. He wants to save Liz, and that means Julia might have to go. Austin says he has his word, Steve will not go up next week. He’ll go after the others first. They shake on it. Steve brings up Austin’s HOH promise to him. (He wouldn’t go up next to JMac. The deal he broke.) Austin tries to rationalize it by saying they didn’t shake on it. Steve asks what he wants. Austin says he doesn’t go this week, and he’ll do what Steve wants. Steve asks if he puts the twins up, Austin can keep the other twin from coming after him? Austin says he’s the only one who could. Austin asks to keep the conversation just between them. Steve says Austin’s promises are too good to be true. He says he doesn’t believe Austin will throw away his game next week to keep him safe. It makes no sense. He doesn’t believe Austin.

Liz tells Austin she’s afraid Steve’s going to put him up. Austin says he’s not going to put him up. Liz asks who he’s putting up. Austin says John/Julia or her and Julia. Austin says he’s afraid he’s going to go after the twins. He knows Steve isn’t putting him up. Liz says “he better not put me up.” Austin says he’s going to talk to Steve later and see where his heads at. Hopefully he honors Scamper Squad. Liz says putting her up makes no sense.

Julia tells Liz she thinks they’re good. Liz goes over her conversation with Austin. Julia and Liz talk about it, and Austin doesn’t have their back. Liz says her conversation with Austin solidifies no one will have her back like Julia. Liz says if Austin’s up to something with Steve, she has no problem cutting him off. (Like she wants to cut off his ponytail beard.) Julia brings up the deal they made on before the eviction. Steve asked the twins if they win HOH, they won’t put him up. They gave their word. They also say Austin has never been on the block.

Steve comes out. “Who wants to see my HOH room?” Liz says “not me, but ok.” This is the part where the twins act interested in Steve’s pictures and teddy bear. JMac  says he’s sitting back, and he’s watching the twins be all about Steve. JMac mocks them. “Oh Steve! You’re HOH, so we love you now!” JMac continues to mock them “Steve! Father our babies!” JMac says the twins “Lady charm” works on Austin, but it won’t work on Steve.

Vanessa asks Steve what he’s thinking. Vanessa asks what he’s thinking. Steve says “the twins.” Vanessa thinks it’s a bad idea. If Austin wins, he’s going to take down Liz. Vanessa says if that happens JMac or her are going home. They only need 2 to control the votes. Vanessa says leave the weakest twin (Julia) off the block. She’s least likely to win Veto. Vanessa explains Aus-Twins are 3 people. The only way they aren’t broken up is if the Aus-Twin not on the block wins Veto and takes one of The Aus-Twins off the block. In order for that not to happen, they need to leave the weakest of the 3 (Julia) off the block. Steve says if Julia wins Veto, she’ll take Liz down. Then they control the votes. Vanessa says if Julia wins she thinks she can convince Julia not to use the Veto if they keep Liz. Vanessa lays it on thick about Austin going up with Liz. Vanessa somehow convinces Steve she’s right. I think Vanessa possesses voodoo powers or something.

The twins decide to play nice with Steve. (Or in their words steeeeeeeeeeeevah) They ask if he’s ever been in love. Steve says yes. They ask if he ever told that girl he loved her. Steve said no. They ask why he didn’t tell her. Steve says it wasn’t right. They ask if it was an unrequited love. Steve says it has been. Then they make fun of Steve’s love of his “mommy.” Steve says he does love his mom. Steve says a Sigmund Freud way. Liz asks what that is. Steve asks if she knows who Sigmund Freud is. Liz says “Yeah the lion guys? They have a show in Las Vegas.” The twins continue on about the lion guys in Vegas. Austin just looks around, biting his tongue. He mouths “wow.” And looks up. Austin finally corrects them. The girls just laugh it off.

The twins gossip about Austin. One of the twins (I think Julia) says Austin sometimes looks like Jesus. Liz says between me and you, he’s not the best kisser. He likes to make out a lot. Julia says ew! Liz whines “Not ew Juliaaaaaa.” Liz says she’s told him, so there’s not much she can do anymore. Sounds like a lasting relationship to me. Julia asks when they kiss if he chafes her cheeks. Julia asks if he’s a sloppy kisser. Liz says he doesn’t know what to do with the tongue. Julia asks what he does with it. Julia keeps asking about it until Austin wonders over and asks what they’re talking about. They tell him girl talk.

JMac and Steve check in. Steve says he needs to make sure the 3 of them survive this week. Steve tells JMac what Vanessa’s thoughts are on nominations. JMac agrees. Austin and Liz nom with Julia as a replacement. Steve asks if putting Austin up is the best course to take. JMac says it’s better for both of them personally. JMac wants Austin to go. If the next HOH is physical, he rather fight the twins over Austin. JMac says if one of the twins leaves, there’s a potential for Austin and Vanessa to hook up. Steve says the best thing is to cut that off? JMac says whatever he wants to do, but they have to think about next week. Steve says JMac has a good point. Getting rid of Austin ensures Steve is her #1. Not Austin. Steve tells JMac he’s right about targeting Austin. He tells JMac “Thank you for talking to me. I’m going to sit here and cry.”

Steve says he’s been working with Austin for along time. He feels bad about putting him up, but he also feels like he should warn Austin before nominations. It might not go as he planned. He walks in the bedroom to warn Austin, but Austin’s knocked out. Steve debates what to do for 20 minutes before Austin wakes up. Steve and Austin walk into the Cabana Room to talk. Steve says he doesn’t think he can put the twins up together. Austin asks if Steve’s putting him up? Steve says he has the votes. Austin says him and Liz? Steve nods. Austin asks if Liz is his target. Steve gives an evasive answer. Steve tells Austin he doesn’t want Austin to go. Austin says Steve is trying to tell him he’s trying to take Liz out of the game. Unfortunately, it’s at a point in the game where he has to think about himself first. At the end of the day, if they’re meant to be Liz will understand. Hopefully he can leave with both the money AND Liz. Austin just shrugged, and says ok. Steve says he had to warn him. Austin asks about Vanessa. Steve just says he has the votes. Austin says it’s sad. Steve says in his DR how Austin is a big friend, but he’s a big threat. He hasn’t even been on the block and they’re in F6. Steve confirms his target is Austin.

Nomination Ceremony time. Julia says if Steve puts up 2 people from Scamper Squad, Steve is most loyal to JMac. They plan on going to F2 together. Austin says he doesn’t feel good. Steve’s about to put him on the block. He doesn’t think he’s the target, but this is Big Brother. You never know. He hopes to ensure his safety, and hopefully keep a twin safe too. Liz says she thinks she’s going up with her sister. She just has to take it like a big girl. Steve nominates Liz and Austin. He tells them his best times in the house are with them. Those were genuine times. He’s doing what’s best for his game. He’s sorry. Liz gets up and walks away crying. Austin threatens Steve. If he wins veto, the boy will have to become a man quick because his mommy’s not here. Only Judas is. Liz says she feels betrayed by Steve. Her sister and her have made Steve not feel like such an awkward nerd. Then she cries in the DR. Steve says he’s killing Scamper Squad. Vanessa says she loves Austin and Liz, but strategically this is best for her.

Who will win Veto on Weds? Will Austin or Liz be saved? There will also be a special guest on Weds! Time is running down. Less than 3 weeks left. Watch the live 24/7 feeds!


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