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Tensions Run High With Mariah Huq and The Ladies of #MarriedtoMedicine As They Arrive in The Bahamas

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The charming ladies of Married to Medicine return tonight and that awful fight between Dr. Heavenly and Jill Conners rears it’s ugly head again in tonight’s all-new episode.

Last week, Jill held a wild Prohibition Party where things got out of control when her husband was accused of disrespecting Dr. Heavenly, and Mariah showed up to reclaim her seat at the throne. With all the drama surrounding the group, Dr. Simone decides a couples’ trip to the Bahamas will be the best way to put the fractured crew back together.

On tonight’s episode, with the upcoming trip to the Bahamas on the horizon, the ladies have a number of things to settle at home before departing for an island in the sun. The trip starts out on a festive note as the couples are met at the hotel by a band but by dinner, Mariah just can’t let go of the past, and Jill and Dr. Heavenly go head to head for round two of their disagreement.

As the vacation begins, not everyone is happy with their accommodations.

But Mariah has a different opinion on what makes a family.


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