RECAP: #TeenMom2 Leah Messer Skips Rehab After Learning She May Lose Custody of Twins [Episode 9]

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Teen Mom2

Kailyn Lowry

We are at Isaac’s first soccer game, when Teen Mom 2 kicks off this week.  Javi is the coach, and the family, including the newly relocated Vee, is coming to cheer Isaac on. Isaac is distracted, but awfully cute, and Kailyn never stops obnoxiously bellowing at the novice pee-wee. Later, Javi and Kailyn discuss the game, and Kailyn shares that she feels slighted by Vee. Javi believes that Vee is just peeved about the move, and Kailyn is ok with that, as long as they keep things civil. 

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Jo invites Kailyn to meet to discuss Isaac’s summer schedule, and they set up a time, throwing a kink into Kailyn’s plan to ignore that new couple that lives down the street. Jo and Kailyn meet up, and agree that it is easier having Jo around the corner. Jo wants all of his illegitimate children to be in one family, but Kailyn points out that their second children will not be related. They agree to not disrupt the custody arrangement for the summer, and Jo comments that living closer to his son has put quite a burdening load on his shoulders. Driving his son to school and activities is rough, and it would be simply unreasonable to ask for more of that hard labor, especially with no mention of any sort of real job. Kailyn wants more child support, and Jo agrees to talk about sharing his MTV check with Isaac. Kailyn tells Javi about the meeting, and Javi is peeved that Jo came to the house, when he was absent. Kailyn doesn’t get why Javi is spooked, so she stubbornly refuses to agree.

Teen Mom2

Jenelle Evans

Nathan had his domestic violence case hearing, and all of the charges were dropped. The bad news continues, as Jenelle spills that Nathan has found another winner, and doesn’t want to get back together. Jenelle meets with Krista and complains about her always dire mental state. Home wreckers are Nathan’s type, but Jenelle wants monogamy with one loser forever and ever.  Jenelle accuses Nathan of being verbally abusive, but insists that he is a fabulous father. Huh?  Krista sharply thinks that Jenelle needs to revaluate her toxic mess of a life.  Nathan and his friend Josh discuss the court case, and the wishy washy “confusions” that define Nathan and Jenelle’s relationship. She brings out the worst in him, and that hot other girl sure looks good, right about now.

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Later, we sit in on Jenelle calling Nathan, looking uncharacteristically pretty, maybe because she is speaking, and not screeching. Jenelle asks him about paying for Kaiser’s daycare, and Nathan responds, assuring her that he will indeed be an impeccably responsible dad, on the days that he’s not flat broke.  That other floozy is taking her place in Nathan’s wallet, because Nathan hates himself when he has to watch himself being hauled off in handcuffs.

Jenelle begins to cry about Nathan beating her in snagging a new bed partner in record time.  Jenelle is having panic attacks because Nathan’s skin is absent, and Nathan insists that even though he indeed has the comfort of another’s skin, life isn’t easy for him either.  Nathan planned to stay with Jenelle for up to a record-breaking fifteen years, but their battle to the death fights cut the inspiring strategy short, by about thirteen years.  Next thing we know, Nathan needs a babysitter, and expects his old ball and chain to step up and take her shift with Kaiser. Jenelle refuses his phone calls, so the couple begins playing car tag.  She finally answers her phone, and Nathan begins to lose it over his date with the gym being interrupted by his baby.  Nathan wants his workout more than his child, and Jenelle hopes that Kaiser may sink Romeo’s game with whatever tramp he is at the gym with. Nathan asks for full custody, but no one really seems to want the only innocent, or bearable one in this mess. 

Chelsea Houska

We check in with Chelsea who is chilling with her mom and Pete the pig. Adam texts and accuses Chelsea of keeping him uninformed of Aubree’s graduation plans, and Chelsea refutes his claim by shooting him proof of her innocence.  It’s the big day, Aubree is the graduating princess, and Adam may not show. Chelsea is proud of herself, for getting her feisty princess to such a milestone. Go Chelsea! The family gathers at the school, and Adam manages to show up.  The kiddos look precious, and Aubree officially moves on up to kindergarten. The event is adorable, and everyone is proud.

Teen Mom 2

Later on, Chelsea and Aubree are chilling with Chelsea’s friends Callie and Landon, where they chat about Aubree’s grad night, and her loser dad, A-D-A-M.  Chelsea distracts Aubree with her phone, while muttering about A-dumb not taking note of her crucial parenting text messages. Adam is still an idiot, and Cole is still nice enough, so Chelsea and her hunk of love are going to shack up to celebrate their 10 month anniversary. So much for puttin’ a ring on it, and as the cherry on top, Aubree is asking to call Cole, Dad.  YIKES!

Leah Calvert

Leah is staying in a hotel, before she detoxes out her anxiety in a secret locale.  Leah’s mom is dropping the twins with Corey and asks about taking them to see their mom in her life makeover facility.  Corey wants to know where his daughters are going, and Dawn tells him that the place will remain undisclosed, but it’s where all overwhelmed, puking double-divorcees go to get better.  It’s a Mothers Day visit, but Corey insists that he needs to know where his girls are, at all times. Dawn doesn’t understand, just like she doesn’t understand that her daughter is a delusional junkie. Dawn responds by calling Leah and dumping the upset on her perpetually overwhelmed daughter. Corey isn’t supporting Leah’s “medical issues” and loads it on thick, predicting that Corey probably won’t return the twins, ever. Way to go, Dawn. 

Corey_Teen Mom2

The twins and Corey chat about Leah getting strong again, as we jump over to Leah sleepily talking to Amber about Corey refusing to let the girls come to see her getting well.  Her lawyer advises her to come home, in case Corey decides to pull a whammy and accuse Leah of abandonment. Leah flies home, and the next thing we know, Leah is wrestling her three tots in a parking lot, looking as anxiously overwhelmed as ever. Leah wants to hotfoot it back to her hotel, so the lawyers agree to talk, and make sure that all custody arrangements don’t budge. 

leah-messer_Teen Mom2

Corey talks to his dad about the encounter with Dawn, and what is happening with Leah, and the confusion that it caused the girls. Corey accurately accuses Dawn of screwing everything up, including his children. Leah meets Corey to swap the girls, and they talk about their solid arrangement, and the confusion that brought her back. They agree that she getting better is the best thing, and the couple mumbles a lot about nothing.

Tune in next week, where the post-teen mumbling continues, along with the always predictable drama…don’t miss it! 


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