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RECAP: #BigBrother17 — It’s Double Eviction Night [Episode 32]

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BB17- Epi32

James is off the block. So, let’s get ready for Double Eviction night baby! Chenbot has informed us we’re less than 3 weeks away from crowning the winner of BB17.

Julie says since the twins have entered as individual players, they have avoided the block. Until tonight. Julia sits on the block next to Meg. Will the houseguests break up The Aus-Twins?

Right after Veto meeting, Meg says there are plenty of people seen as threats that could’ve been replacement nominees. Thank you Vanessa. For nothing. JMac just talks about Vanessa wanting him in the house. Last week he was in the BB afterlife talking to Julie. Now he’s resurrected, and he’s not in danger. (Yeah, that’s typical JMac for you!) James says the bad news is Meg is on the block. The good news is Julia is sitting next to her. If the hgs don’t look at this as an opportunity to take out Julia then they’re missing out on a chance to break up The Aus-Twin trio. Julia says her sister and her are big targets, so they may take this opportunity to get rid of me. Meanwhile Vanessa’s playing the “I didn’t wanna do this” card. Making the others feel bad for her. Like always, but in her DR she says something different. She says she used Julia as a pawn because she knows Austin, Liz and Steve will keep her. She feels good about her decision.

James checks on Meg after everyone’s scattered. Meg says she’s just livid. James says he knows it looks hopeless, but there are people who have had their backs up against the wall and survived. James tells Meg they don’t know what JMac and Steve are thinking. They could see this as an opportunity to break up the threesome. Meg just says I know.

JMac tells Vanessa they’re in a good spot, but he needs to piss some people off on the jury. Vanessa laughs. He needs to make deals and break them. His reasoning is simple. If the other hgs think he has a lot of friends on the jury, it will make him a target sooner. Vanessa says she’s in the opposite position. She needs friends on the jury. Vanessa reminds JMac she went up against the Aus-Twins this week. They wanted him to go up, so basically he owes her. JMac says they’re F2. It’s the only thing that works for him. Vanessa says they’re covert. Nobody knows. JMac says Steve thinks they don’t get along. Vanessa says she thinks that’s best. Vanessa says they don’t see it coming. JMac smiles and says “we’re close.” Vanessa gets excited. JMac says the end is near. Vanessa says it’s insane.

Meg and James talk to JMac about their plan to flip some votes, and evict Julia. James says they only need 3 votes. They need to get a team together. James says they aren’t going to make it if they don’t team up. JMac just goes along with it. James says they control the votes. If Meg leaves they don’t have a chance. Meg says she thinks the threesome needs to get split up. They might save themselves for a few weeks. James adds give them a fighting chance. JMac says there aren’t too many options. JMac says he’s been wanting to do something like this. Let’s go! The Aus-Twins put him up, and voted him out. Vanessa wants Meg out, so it could also sink his game. He doesn’t know what to do. Meg says they can flip the house. James says it could be a game changer.

JMac goes to Steve and says they need to talk. Steve asks do we? JMac asks do we need to flip it? Steve says he doesn’t know. JMac says if one of The Aus-Twins win, one of them is going up with James. They might go home. (I’m guessing if James won the Veto it’s a possibility) Steve says the answer seems obvious. This is why he loves this game. JMac and Steve split up with JMac talking about his favorite dinosaur.

Steve goes up to the HOH to discuss things with Vanessa. He says there are pros and cons to getting rid of Julia. The big pro is breaking up The Aus-Twins who are a big force in the game. It might be the time to make a big move. Steve starts by telling Vanessa he has her back 100% and trusts her. She says I believe you. Steve says if they went to finals with Scamper the numbers wouldn’t be on their side. Vanessa says leaving James and Meg in the game is a risky move. (Only for her game) If James wins HOH, they could go up on the block. Steve tries to convince Vanessa if they leave Meg in the game, James wouldn’t target her. Oh bless his heart. Steve says the twins need to be split up or the numbers aren’t on their side. Steve says he wants to go with the F5 that will take them to F2. Vanessa shuts him down saying they can’t do it. If he thinks James and Meg would work with them, he’s lost his mind.

Steve goes into the bedroom and flops on the bed saying I don’t know. It’s a huge game changing decision. The more he thinks about it the more he’s in over his head. He hears his mom yelling split up the Aus-Twins. Split up Liz and Julia. He’s sick right now, and he has no idea. Then he pukes in the sink.

Ok, time for the first eviction. First Julie “surprises them” by telling them this is a double eviction. Meg starts by wishing her daddy-o a Happy Birthday, and he misses other people. Meg says she’s been honored this week by being called someone’s Queen, but the fact is she’s lost a lot of friends in this game. She’s played as an independent individual, and she hopes they vote that way. Also as the house “Activity’s coordinator” if they like BB Bowling or Pot Ball vote for her. Julia sends love to her family also. Julia thinks entering the game playing as somone else was the most challenging aspect of this game. The minute she entered as Julia, she’s loved getting to know everyone in the house. She wants to prove Zingbot wrong, and she still has fight in her. Please vote for her. Live vote began. Everyone except of course James voted to evict Meg. Meg was evicted. Meg got big cheers from the audience.

BB17- Epi32

Meg meets Julie as her face fades to black and white. Julie asks who she felt “played” by. (After nominated, she said she felt played) Meg says Vanessa is one of her favorite girls. There was a whole plan to get James out of the house and she’s so happy he’s still in the house, but she feels like she was a whoops this week. Julie says 4 weeks ago her alliance fought to keep Vanessa and dump Shelli. Does she regret it? Meg says she doesn’t regret it. If Shelli stayed they would be in the same position. It was ironic. Julie says Meg told Vanessa she wasn’t her target. Was that the truth? Meg says Vanessa scares her, so of course she’s going to tell her she’s not her (Meg’s) target. Meg wanted Vanessa out because Vanessa listens to every word you say. Julie asks if James has a shot at being more than Meg’s BFF. Meg says no. She adds don’t give him any ideas Julie. No fireworks there. Final thoughts. Meg says she’s thankful for the opportunity, and she had a blast. She also said it’s a lot harder in there than she thought.

HOH Comp time. “BB Road Trip” This is how this comp goes. The first 6 houseguests faded on the memory wall, but they are making their mark across the country on a BB roadtrip. They will view pairs of photos from their journey. After each pair of photos, Julie will ask them a series of True or False questions about what they just saw in the photo. Answer wrong=Eliminated. The last hg standing will be HOH. After a bunch of interesting photos, Liz became the HOH. After about 2 minutes of consideration, Liz nominated JMac and James. (Liz was whispering to JMac about not being a target) 

Veto Comp time. Vanessa was the only one who didn’t play Veto. The Veto Comp is called “Boomerang” Each one of them will get 2 shots to roll their ball around the boomerang into the number slots. The Sum of both shots will be their score. The person with the highest score will win the POV. Steve goes first. His score is zero. JMac goes next. His score is zero. Austin goes next. His score is 15. Liz is next. Her score is also 15. Julia is next. Her score is 17. James is last. His score is zero. Julia has won the POV. Each nominee makes short speeches. James says if he’s sent home, he appreciates them and their love of the game. He considers them friends. He totally understands if the Veto isn’t used on him. JMac just makes a I’d like you to use the POV on me. Julia says she’s honoring her sisters nominations. She doesn’t want blood on her hands. She doesn’t use the POV.

Final speeches from nominees. James goes first. He says he doesn’t hold grudges. He came here for his daughter. He respects them even if they evict him. JMac says he doesn’t have anything funny. Vote for him. He wants to stay. The end. The vote was 4-0. James was evicted.

James goes out and meets Julie. Julie says after he lost the Veto Comp, he did not campaign. He threw in the towel. How come? James says he knew he was a big threat. He knew he was a big target when they put him up with Meg. He knew he was leaving regardless of what he said. He says he wanted to win an HOH and split the duo up. Julia asks which duo? Julia and Liz or Liz and Austin. James says he doesn’t even know. They’re all working together. He was out of the loop when he was on the block with Meg. He was trying to support her. He found out Steve was working with them at the end. Julie said he made bold moves as HOH. (nom Clay and Shelli after promising them safety) When he wasn’t in power, he kicked back and watched his friends get picked off one by one. Why didn’t he play more aggressively? He said the more aggressive players were being taken out of the game. He learned in the military out of sight out of mind. (The aggressive players were stirring the pot, and telling secrets) He used that concept. It was a tough game. Julie asks if he thinks he can take his relationship with Meg out of the friendzone? He says he’s been trying for 71 days long days. If he hasn’t gotten it by now, may as well throw in the towel. Julie says how realistic of you. She says he’s off to the jury, but he’ll be back to crown the winner.

On Sunday we learn who won the HOH comp, and who that person nominated. Less than 3 weeks left folks. The live 24/7 feeds are still going. Just not as dramatic. (Who will Vanessa blame now for all her woes?)


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