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RECAP: #BigBrother17 — Big Brother Gets Messy! [Episode 31]

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Well, here we are again. The most annoying side of the house is in power. So, can Meg and James redeem themselves and save us from muting the entire show?

We start out right after Nominations. Vanessa says she nominated Meg and James because they’re a power couple, not on her side of the house, she’s not sure she can trust them, and it gets the least blood on her hands. Meg isn’t taking it well. She says once again she’s on the block with her best friend, all her friends have been taken from her, and she’s just plain pissed off. She says it’s been the hardest week so far. (Maybe because Meg thinks the BB house is Summer Camp. Not a game) James is more positive. He says it sucks, but one of them just has to win the Veto and save themselves. Oh and gets revenge.

Here comes Vanessa with her “explanations.” She offers to talk to James about why she nominated them. Vanessa explains “it’s a game move. She has no particular target in mind.” James tells her it’s all good, but Meg just rolls her eyes.

James checks on Meg. He asks her if she’s ok. Meg says yeah. James tells Meg “they just Clay and Shelli’d us” He says Vanessa told him she has no particular target, but he’s pretty sure she wants him gone. Meg just says one of them has to win Veto, or they’ll be right next to eachother on Thursday. Meg breaks down and cries. James tells her it’s ok. Meg says one of them is going home. James says oh yeah. Meg says either she goes home or she stays without him. James says at least he’ll see the jury house, and get the full Big Brother effect. James asks her if she wants to talk to Vanessa. Maybe hash out anything Austin or someone told her. Meg just says yes. Meg throws shade and says “Funny. We kept her.” James says he knows. Meg says it’s frustrating. They fought to keep her over Shelli, and now it’s coming back to haunt them.

Vanessa comes in and tells Meg she’s giving Meg the benefit of understanding why she’s being nominated. How nice of you Vanessa. Then she starts giving the “it’s a game move” speech. Nothing personal. Yada yada yada. They’ll always be true to eachother. She’s on the bottom of a totem pole. She tries to empathize with them. She wouldn’t know what that’s like. She’s had no one to rely on in this game. (She pulls out the victim card) Meg starts crying and says they have never targeted her, or been a part of any plans. Meg just feels like she’s been played like a fool. Vanessa says she doesn’t feel good about it..again she’s the victim. James comforts Meg who’s still crying. Meg says (after Vanessa leaves) you have to win Veto. That’s the only chance we have. James says the most important Veto ever.

Vanessa crawls back up to the HOH room and talks to Steve. She asks if Meg has come out of the HN room. Steve says he thinks she’s still in there. She asks if he’s spoken to them. Steve says very little. She asks Steve what the best move would be. She asks the scenario: If James wins Veto. Steve asks her intentions. Vanessa says to win the game. Should she try and get Meg out. She thinks it’s almost impossible. Should she nominate someone else? Steve says her only options are JMac, him or Aus-Twins. Vanessa says James can’t win the Veto and risk her position in this house. If she puts up Aus-Twins she pisses off every person in the house. She also points out she’s played a pivotal part in almost every eviction. She says she has so much blood on her hands. She’s screwed. Steve asks if she trusts Aus-Twins to take them to F5. Vanessa says she does. Steve just says ok. Vanessa continues to Yammer off.

Players for Veto Comp are picked. Vanessa, Meg, James, Liz, Julia, and Austin. Meg thinks it sucks. James and Meg are playing for themselves. Everyone else would keep noms the same. Vanessa is happy with the picks. She says the Aus-Twins being picked is good for her because she can trust them to fight for the Veto. She’s pretty sure they would keep noms the same. James  tells Meg that couldn’t have gone worse. Meg says Aus-Twins wouldn’t use the Veto because they fear getting backdoored. Also they don’t want to go against Vanessa. James says if he doesn’t win Veto, he deserves to go home. Meg asks what he thinks the comp will be. James says he hopes it’s something physical. Something dirty. Meg says she doesn’t. James says he’s thinking of coming out right before Veto comp dressed up in a blanket and glasses. (Think depressed Audrey)Meg starts giggling. She says we should both do that. James says their backs are against the wall and they absolutely need to win it.

There’s a really cute segment about James’ daughter. Meg asks when he found out he was having her. He says he just came back from the bar… James then describes in the DR about how she came into the World. James says he had too much fun one night. 9 months later he had a bunch of missed calls and voice messages. They told him you might wanna come meet your daughter. James thought it was a joke. He says when he got to the hospital he looked white as a ghost. He says they asked him if he’s ok. He says he told them he has a daughter. They told him oh that’s great. He told them he found out 2 hours ago. They told him ohhhh…He says it was a lesson in disguise. He loves his little girl, and he’s doing all this for her. He says he’s happy she’s here, but it was like whoa.

Veto comp time! Liz explains the backyard is a retro game showwwww….Liz says she loves game shows. She was a 90’s kid. Then she does this little Vanna move about the Veto being behind door #3. (Someone tell Liz the era of game shows wasn’t the 90’s) The comp is called “Hide and Go Veto.” Each of them will be separated. Unable to communicate. 1 at a time they’ll have 3 minutes to hide their Veto card. Once all the Veto cards have been hidden, one at a time you must search to find your opponent’s Veto card. All the Veto cards will look the same, so they won’t know who’s Veto card they’re bringing out. They must search quickly because they’re turn only lasts 2 minutes. The houseguest who has the last hidden Veto card wins the Veto. Meg gets to hide her card 1st. She says it’s a critical Veto for James and her, so they have to hide their cards the best. The winner is the Veto card that isn’t found. They each hide their Veto cards. Then they ransack the house 1 by 1 looking for Veto cards. Austin decides to just flip everything in the purple room. James just decides to destroy the kitchen. Round 1 ends with Vanessa bringing back a Veto card. Round 2- Liz has a heart attack at the sight of the house. She explains she’s OCD and hates messes. Julia finds a Veto Card. Round 3 ends with Meg bringing back a Veto card. Round 4- James sees his Veto card hasn’t been touched so he throws a bunch of stuff in front of the couch so they have to take everything off to get under the rug and find his Veto card. Austin just continues to tear up the purple room. 4th Veto card is brought back by James. Vanessa finds the 5th Veto card. Time to reveal who’s veto cards were found. 1st card found by Vanessa. She eliminated Liz. Julia found the 2nd card. She eliminated Vanessa. Meg found the 3rd Veto card. She eliminated Julia. James found the 4th Veto card. He eliminated Meg. James says it’s down to him and Austin. Final Veto is about to be revealed. It’s down to Austin and James. James says it’s always down to him and Austin. Maybe it’s a gag joke. He’s tired of being up against sasquatch. Vanessa says it’s her worst and best case scenario. 5th Veto card was found by Vanessa. She eliminated Austin. James wins the Veto! James is pumped. He says Vanessa you tried to take me out. This country boy is here to stay! He dedicates it to his daughter. Meg says she didn’t win the Veto, but she still might have a chance with James staying. Vanessa is upset James won it. Now she has to nominate someone else and she has no idea what she’s going to do. After the Veto, everyone goes into the house which looks like a tornado hit it. Liz whines about cereal being thrown. Meg blames James. He says it wasn’t him. He walks into the HN room, looks at the camera and dedicates his win to his daughter.

Vanessa scampers her way up to HOH room and starts freaking out about not finding James Veto card. Vanessa says she knows James will be gunning for her. She fears James winning the next HOH and putting her on the block.

Meg asks James if he’s happy. James says it feels right. They didn’t deserve to go on the block. Meg says she’s curious who Vanessa plans on putting up. Meg says James winning the Veto is the best case scenario for them to both stay in the house. She’s hoping Vanessa figures out Meg isn’t a threat and finds a new target. James tells Meg she’s going to try and make a deal to save her. Vanessa’s a sitting duck next week. James says now that he won the Veto, it’s time for him to come up with a plan to save Meg. He says he’s going to promise Vanessa he won’t come after her. (Basically he’s going to tell her that to her face. He has no intentions of honoring it) No more playing Mr. Nice guy.

Julia comes up to the HOH room where Vanessa is still flipping out. She says how awful is it she found Austin? Julia says if Vanessa wants Meg to go, they’ll vote to evict her. Julia asks who she would put up Steve or JMac? Vanessa says it’s going to be difficult to put someone up that ensures Meg goes. Anyone she puts up will look like a bigger threat, and the votes can be flipped. Vanessa starts ranting about flipping the vote if she puts up JMac. She knows JMac is coming after Aus-Twins, and the Vanessa’s World is crumbling around her.

James decides to wear the Veto around the house. He says he’s been walking on eggshells with Vanessa for 70 something days and it’s done him no good. He says “Vanessa you know I like to make big moves. Now you better watch your back.” James tells Austin straight up. I’ll tell Vanessa to her face, I win HOH and I’m putting her up on the block. She’s put me up twice, and she targeted them this week because of some bull, and he’s tired of it. Austin starts to talk..and James says he has to protect his girl. I’m trying to protect…we aren’t a showmance but..and Meg says I’m your queen apparently. She starts laughing.

Austin brings his beast looking booty up to the HOH room to tattle about his conversation with Meg and James. Austin says James told him he has to target you now. Vanessa says now she has to get rid of Meg. She has to go. Austin says ok. Vanessa says James throwing her name out there boils her blood. You thinks she’s going Meg in the game now? Vanessa says she’s going to take a direct shot and take out his number 2. Vanessa whines, and Austin just encourages her to make the best out of it.

Liz makes her way up to HOH now and says she’s pissed. He should’ve been the last person to win. Vanessa whines about being screwed again. Vanessa says now she’s in a pickle. She has to find a replacement nominee with limited options. All her options are people she’s working with. She decides to drink with Liztin, and talk out her options. Vanessa starts talking to The Aus-Twins about her options. (She says pawns go home) She says putting up Liz or Austin is bad because they’re big targets. She then says her only option (to make sure Meg goes) is to put up Julia. Vanessa says she knows she (Julia) has the votes, and she’s safe. She asks how Julia feels about it. Julia says she’s a big target too because people want to break up the threesome. (Aus-Twins) Julia says everyone who has gone up with Meg went home. Vanessa says James and Meg together is strong. Vanessa says she wants to talk it through as a group. Vanessa says if she wants Meg gone, her only option is to put up Julia. Vanessa says Liz and Austin (Liz interjects snotty like won too many comps) Vanessa continues won too many comps and Steve can flip. If it’s Julia, Steve won’t flip. Liz asks who Vanessa’s more afraid to win HOH, Meg or JMac? Vanessa says JMac. Liz says okay. She’s not scared of Meg at all. She can beat her at anything and everything. JMac, she can’t say the same. Vanessa says Aus-Twins won’t let up about JMac, but she has a side deal with him they know nothing about. She can’t let them realize she wants JMac to stay in the game. Vanessa continues trying to convince them, Meg has to go. Vanessa says she’ll float to the finals. She says she’s made it clear her target is Meg, but the pressure The Aus-Twins are putting on her is making her question her decision.

James says he doesn’t want to, but he has to talk to Vanessa. For Meg’s sake. In order to give Meg a chance he has to. James asks if she wants to hash it out. James asks Vanessa if she has something against her. Vanessa babbles on about it not being personal. They could’ve worked together, but it never happened. James says something about Vanessa reading too much into the game. She’s playing too hard. Vanessa thinks he’s insulting her, and she continues on with the James is insulting me line. Vanessa starts screaming at him has he won the game. How does he know? Vanessa tells him all he’s doing is making her want to send his number 1 home. The more he pisses her off, the more he locks her fate. James says Meg is being punished because of him.

Finally, we’re at the Veto ceremony. (And almost through a week of Vanessa’s insanity) Meg says her fate is in Vanessa’s hands. She has no idea what Vanessa’s going to do. Vanessa goes over James winning POV is the worst case. Now she has to find someone to go up that will ensure Meg goes home. After James Vetos himself, Vanessa congratulates him on his win. It was a tough comp. She explains she had to find a replacement nominee that benefits her game. She puts up Julia.  Julia says she has to campaign now because everyone who’s gone up with Meg has gone home. James says now that Julia is up on the block, he has to pull the right strings. Maybe they can finally break up The Aus-Twins. 

Thursday is Double Eviction night! An entire week of game in 1 night! We only have a few weeks till finale night! Don’t forget about the live 24/7 unedited feeds!


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