Jenelle Evans is Back in The Saddle…..On Tinder After Break up with Nathan Griffith

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Jenelle Evans_Teen Mom2

Teen Mom 2 drama rolls on tonight, when Jenelle Evans continues to deal with the fallout of being apart from her fiancee, Nathan Griffith. The MTV viewers watched Evans sign a domestic violence complaint against Griffith a couple of episodes ago, triggering his arrest. Griffith denied any violence against Evans, and Jenelle later admitted that indeed no abuse took place. 

Nathan and Jenelle reportedly boomeranged back and forth in their relationship in the following months, but in real time, the couple is officially finished. Recently, Jenelle has gone brunette and tramped up her look, returning from a glitzy VMA Award weekend in LA, earlier this week.   

As we previously reported, Jenelle has been in contact with old boyfriends since the breakup.  She appears to be in a losing battle with aloneness, a needy girl’s worst enemy.  Jenelle shared that she is hot on the trail for her next love interest, via her Twitter account.

Nothing like a little man-hunting with your morning cup of joe!  Viewers watched Jenelle land Nathan via an app…and look how fabulous that turned out!  Her followers chimed in with their always passionate input.

THIS is where Jenelle is continuously flailing, and the ongoing struggle is REAL!  Others took shots at the troubled mom, and were not so gentle. 

Another follower likely hit a nerve, when she nailed Jenelle’s pattern for waving bye-bye to her loves, as they ride away in police cars. 

Stay tuned, to see where this drama-queen mom of two lands next.  It undoubtedly won’t be long, before the next guy emerges.    



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